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HMRC Online Chat Is Open For The Following Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 08:00 am – 7:30 pm
Saturday: 08:00 am – 04:00 pm
Sunday: Closed

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The HMRC online chat service runs on its website to help answer your questions. The support team will not have access to your account. And provide you with the best possible information regarding accounts, services, payments, and general inquiries.

The HMRC Live Chat option is available in the middle of the page once you scroll down. Click on the Chat button under the heading “Web Chat” and it will redirect you to a chat box to talk with a member of the support team unless the advisers of web chat are busy. You can wait until an adviser is available to chat. Please make sure you open the link within the opening hours written here in this article.

To access the HMRC online chat you can click on the image below

HMRC online chat

If the live chat is unavailable or all the agents are busy, we suggest you message them via Twitter at @HMRCcustomers  or via Facebook at HMRC Customer Service Facebook

Need help with probate application? Use probate webchat instead.
Need help with tax credit? Use the tax credit webchat.
Need help with PAYE as an employer? Use the PAYE webchat.

HMRC Contact Number:

For self-assessment queries, dial 0300 200 3310. You can get help for changing your address, penalty queries, and late tax returns.

Other HMRC contact numbers:

HMRC Email Address & Post

HMRC does not offer customer service through email so you cannot contact them using an email address. You can drop them a message on Twitter instead using this link: @HMRCcustomers

If you want to send a post to HMRC for self-assessment queries, you can send it to their address:

Self Assessment
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom

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  1. Olga Borbath

    I received a cheque with my refund in 2021, it expired, I tried to receive another, but it’s impossible! Somebody promised, but nothing….It’s nearly impossible to contact HMRC from abroad….


    I’ve got a letter today from the tax credits team wanted to know if I’m still single and the answer to the question is YES IM STILL A SINGLE MUM.
    So can you please tell CHRIS HOWARTH the COMPLIANCE OFFICER this for me
    Miss Sophie Higgins NI Num JW680005B

  3. Malcolm Gwynne

    Mother died, so received a large inheritance. How do I report this so that I know if my Self-employed Working Tax credits will or not be cancelled?


  4. Anne Flink

    I do not live in UK, but HMRC owes me taxes since I have worked in UK overseas territories (Antarctica). HMRC has send me a check for the money they owe 2 years in a row, but I have been unable to get this money, since no bank in Sweden accepts the kind of cheques that HMRC uses (I have been in contact with all of the bank. And trust me none of them accept this cheque). I therefore want this money to be payd to me in another form, like online bak transaction. I have tried to contact HMRC multiple times on phone and spend several days trying to contact via the webchat, but there is never anyone available there. I have also send several emails, but without receiving any help.
    I don’t have a national insurance number or UK adress and cannot use the log in option either. It seems completely imposible to get in contact with HMRC and I am starting to believe it will be easier to sue HMRC in an international court than get hold of anyone there who can solve this problem.

  5. Roy Crook

    Hi, Received a p800 showing an overpayment of tax HMRC owes £949.42, they then say a cheque for this amount will be sent to CALVIS ESTATE PLANNERS LTD.I believe this company is a scam as I have been trying to find them but have not been successful.
    Would you please get in touch with me to arrange the money to go into my account. Thank you very much

  6. Ravi Kumar Mulagada

    I have been back from UK Onsite on 5th Aug-20 and I am trying to reach HMRC for claiming of overpaid tax for FY2020-21, I am not sure about the exact process and have gone through the weblinks for the information but unable to reach HMRC.

  7. Robert Charles Fiander

    Attempting to pay voluntary contributions, letter from your office says I must use my NI number. Barclays on-line banking will not accept this as a reference. Please advise.

  8. J White

    Have just applied for my civil service pension without taking any lump sum. I have just receive my first payment which is 6 years back dated. I have now been taxed on the whole amount as one years payment rather than spread over the 6 years. I have been working part time but now have been made redundant. My past wages were below the tax limit so am I entitled to any form of refund.

  9. Maria

    I would like to find out how much my “carry forward” amount is from the last 3 years on my workplace pension for me to make an additional pension contribution. Would you please advise the total amount.

    Kind Regards


    Hi I have been trying to file my self assessment online for the last seven days with Government Gateway. The system keeps on showing me addresses that I don’t know and asked me if I am associated with them. I spent several days and hours on the phone, also emailed my queries to HMRC, in vain. These voice mails are not always helpful. As a result I cannot file my self assessment and will miss the deadline. All I wish is to speak to a real person to explain this issue. This is frustrating.

  11. Bill Simpson

    Hi I have received a refund of the tax I recently paid. However my self assessment still shows tax is due.
    Why have I received a refund?

    Kind Regards


  12. Linda Healy

    I received an access code to enter the Government Gateway service today. It gave me a code with which I accessed my details okay. However it was after I did so I noticed that instead of the usual number of 60886, this one came from HaH which I thought a bit suspicious. Can you confirm if this is genuine or not please.

  13. Mark rMeasday

    I received a call from someone purporting to be from HMRC saying I was guilty of tax fraud as I had registered somewhere as self-employed, despite being unemployed. I am registered unemployed due to diabetes and associated ailments, diabetic retinopathy, heart failure, leg neuropathy and restricted mobility. I have been trying to get work as an online teacher of English, Without success. They will not grant me a DBS, probably on age grounds..

    • Roberta Holmes

      Hi. I had a strange call this morning regarding my National Insurance number. I have tried to contact you for the past hour but have been unsuccessful

  14. Dorothy ANITA Henry

    I received an automated call, apparently from HMRC, telling me that if I did not press 1, an immediate warrant would be issued for my imminent arrest on charges of fraud. I did not press 1 as I thought it might be a scam but i urgently require confirmation that there is no such fraud case as I am completely unaware of any action against me. The call came from 00 44 20 3170 2216.

  15. kim ebling

    This morning I have received a recorded call reportedly form HMRC, calling from 02038741965 – stating there was a tax fraud case against my name and I should press 1 – tried calling back and the number was unavailable. To whom do I report this?

  16. Graham P. Harris

    This morning, I received a recorded message call on my i-phone purporting to be from HMRC, and stating that my phone number was associated with a tax-fraud case. It went on to request that I should press 1 on my keyboard for further info. Believing this to be a scam, I hung up, noted the senders phone number as 01332 601109 (Derby land line) and called it back – it was unavailable.
    To whom should I report this?

  17. Jane employer at G.M Luff Ltd ex Michael Miller

    an employee is being told by HMRC that she is not employed when she is
    we issued a P45 on one company and immediately put her on an other company
    she needs her pension to be tax code BR but is being told this can’t happened until
    we the employer gets into contact with you

  18. Rosalind Taylor

    I successfully helped Michael Taylor apply for help through the self employed support scheme today on my laptop , but he was unable to apply for the first tranche of assistance as his computer died and he had no email . He clearly should have been able to access help . Is it to late for his application for the first payment to be reviewed in these circumstances?

  19. Yvonne wills

    Good morning I am with 4th Broadstairs Scout group.
    I submitted a gift aid form as a charity repayment claim at the beginning of may2020, but as yet I have not heard back from HMRC.
    I appreciate thing’s are not as they were due to the Pandemic but I am enquiring as to how far our claim has got to.

  20. J Y Gall

    I have just realised that I under declared my last year’s Self Assessment by £80 – can I simply add the figure to the Self Assessment for 2019-2020?

  21. Lin Lamont

    Morning, I hope you can help – I am not sure what to do for the best – I re-instated our direct debit on the 24th June but I have just realised that the 1/4ly payment has not been taken from our account this month. I don’t know whether there is a problem with the bank or the HMRC have been too busy to claim it. I don’t know whether to make a manual payment or not to the HMRC or wait for it to be claimed. What would you advise please?
    Kind regards.

  22. Dimitri Sarantis


    I have just been offered a company car for work and I believe this might of change my tax code, PW882172A. I use to have my own car but now changed to company car which I believe there’s a tax implication for this benefit and wanted to update the HMRC.

    How do I go about going this ?

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