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What is the Live Chat Directory?

Live chat directory

Are you fed up with waiting on hold when tying to call a company? do you ave no time to draft a letter or an email? Do you need to find out information quickly? then that’s why we are here. In the digital technology world, web chat is now the go to communication method for people who want a fast, efficient and more importantly free way of speaking to organisations.

The Live Chat Directory is not a 3rd Party Software provider

So at the live chat directory we simply do one thing, and we do it really well, we provide you with a One Stop Shop to find ALL of the Web Chat Links in the UK under one Roof.

The technology we are referring to is known as Web Chat, or Live Chat. This technology uses a free and easy method to provide you the customer with a faster & more efficient customer satisfaction. 

The Live Chat Directory has been put together with the customer in mind and has been split into easy to navigate categories. Some of these categories also have sub categories to make it easier to find the company you are looking for. When you reach the correct company we aim to provide you with simple and easy to understand information, such as the web chat opening times and the services that they provide.

We have 2 ways of navigating this website.

Option 1 is to drill down through the categories until you find you the organisation you are looking for.

Why would you do this?

This option is perfect for new customers that are looking to switch, if a lice chat facility is important to you, then find out the companies that provide that service and make your decision. It is also a good option if you are looking for quick answers on a mass product, to compare answers. Such as insurance quotes or product prices

Check out our live chat categories below

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Option 2 is the A-Z Web Chat search

Why would you do this?

This option is great if you want fast and efficient access to the company you are looking for. Simply select the letter the company you are looking for starts with and we will drill down the search for you.

Check out our Web chat A-Z List Below

A-Z List

Most importantly we are about promoting a more modern, private and cheaper way of communication. Why should you pay to speak to a call centre? Why should you have to wait for an email reply or letter. Get the information you need straight away and in real time for zero cost.

Whilst it is our aim to list every company in the UK with a web chat service, we appreciate that we will not be able to capture everyone. So that’s where you, our readers come in. If you have used a live chat for a company that we haven’t listed. Let us know and we will add it on at our earliest opportunity.

Also, if you are an organisation that we have listed and we have provided incorrect information. Then let us know and we will get it changed for you.

We hope you like what we are doing and we also hope that you will bookmark us and share this website with your friends and family

Thanks for reading.

The live chat director

Live chat directory

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Do you know a company that we have missed? Are you a company that needs to change the live chat information? Then get in touch with us