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EON Email Address

eon email address

EON has stopped offering customer service through email and the only possible method to connect to their customer service is either through the EON live chat or a call.

EON Email Address for Complaints:

You can still use the EON email address to submit a complaint to the company. More than 64% of the complaints are taken care of within 1 working day, however, in some cases, it might take up to 1 working week depending on the complexity of your case. To submit a complaint over email, send a letter to:

EON Next Email Address:

To submit a complaint to EON next, send an email to this email address:


  1. andrea barnsdale

    hi im living at 2** mons rd basement falt lincoln we are having problems with our meter but we dont have any account details of who name the electric key is in we are having alot of problems and the landy we have issues with please could someone contact me ASAP thankyou

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