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Eon Live Chat

Eon Live chat is open for the following hours:

8am to 8pm on weekdays, and 8am to 6pm on Saturdays.

E-on Live Chat

This web chat facility is available to all customers and allows you to discuss any subject including your bill, your smart meter, your account details, your tariffs and moving home. If chat is unavailable during opening hours keep refreshing the page until an agent becomes available.

To access Eon live chat click the image below.

eon Live Chat

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    I have not had our Bill for May after several phone calls lasting up to 15 minuets only to be told we do not recognize the name or account number and get cut off I am a customer for over 50 years your treatment to customers is appalling all we want is our Bill for MAY not to much to ask

  2. Kevin Edward Brown

    I am changing suppliers when my contract runs out on Monday 29th March.
    My a/c Number is 0164 5961 4510.

    I would also like to make a complaint i have been. I have been trying to get in touch, someone to speak too, for 2 weeks regarding my tariff, without success. i have left messages and got no reply, so enough is enough i am changing suppliers

  3. Gerald Anthony Atkinson

    I have a one bed flat which i rent out ,A past tenant changed the supply to Pure Planet which is not easy to solve problems as you can not talk to anyone only a robot with fixed ideas, so i want to go back to Eon but when i go online you are forced to get a quote £56 or so which they want D/D. I have worked there 22 days and have used 10 units and will be less now until i rent or sell it, hence not keen to pay out hundreds of pounds only to try and get it refunded. Surely I am not the only landlord Eon has for short spells ?

  4. Edward Chappell

    I am leaving e on after years of being with them because two reasons one my direct debt was put up from 95 pound to 109 pound two payments went out at 109 before my bank told me e on said we will put your bill back to 95 pound but i never got the extra 28 pound i paid then I was told my bill went up because I may have old items in my kitchen i-e cooker and like my items are only 3 years old very very poor servis to a very good customer but e on do not care

  5. Cheryl pepperell

    I am moving home on 7th Feb.i will need to close my account as the house I’m going to has another energy company.i know I have to take meter reading the day I leave and phone it you then send final to me.

  6. sandra ann hughes

    do not bother useless company call centre after a hour of waiting get non speaking english person not slow sending bills in with wrong account number and wrong final balance always in there favour

  7. Mark Gundry

    I have tried to contact you to give meter reading electric is 6966 I haven’t got one for the gas my account number is 016626796380

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