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EDF Energy Live Chat | Customer Service

EDF live chat is open for the following hours:

24 hours a day – 7 days a week

EDF energy Live Chat


The web chat feature is open to all customers and will answer questions on any query, including, tariffs, moving home, switching to or leaving the company, accounts, and bill payments. Simply pick the topic that applies to you and click the chat now button. You will be required to enter your name and email address prior to speaking to a representative.

Some customers have reported issues with the EDF online chat, if this is the case for you, you can contact them via Whatsapp instead.

Whatsapp link: Open Whatsapp 
Whatsapp support operating hours: Monday to Friday 7am – 11pm; weekends 8am – 8pm
Whatsapp wait time: 6 hours on average

If you wish to access the EDF energy live chat website, click on the image below and look for the “chat” option at the middle of the page.

EDF Energy  Live Chat

Alternatively, if the chat is not available, you can use the EDF Email Addresses


  1. Ebenezer Abroso n Mercy chimsi

    Still struggling n want to have my bill monthly to control my consumption. I also want my direct debit brought down to £260 for now.Half yearly bills not helpful to me.

  2. Margaret Allan

    I was with utility point and moved to another company on 13/8/2021 I had credit over £300 and still have not been credited this amount,as utility point customers were taken over by edf I was told to contact you about this

  3. arif

    Ecovair Energy is working closely with helping customers by reducing their Energy Bills through Energy Efficient improvements such as Boiler Replacement, Loft Insulation & Underfloor Insulation.

    • Check GINO JENNINGS Yolo

      Edf u a damn rip off . Charging me on the meter . Bcos I don’t use it in summer. I know need it in winter we shud be getting paid more from work and bills reduced in costs. I’m leaving edf asap for Scottish Power or someone way cheaper. Man. God mh against yoll all.

  4. Raymond Arthur Weston

    I have a repair to my house roof waiting to be done but the contractor says my overhead supply cables must be covered to enable him to erect scaffolding, how do I get customer services to comply with my request ?.

  5. Janet okeefe

    I phoned up this morning to say my electric has been cut off and they said they will be back to me in 10 minutes and it’s been two hours

    • fiona robertson

      hi good evening i was with edf energy but i left and joined up with utility wear house but it was the worst thing that i did when i joined them a was promised a cash back card but never received it i couldent get any where with them so i left and went back to edf energy mind you they arent mutch use ither they quoted me £68 pound a month but i received a letter saying that my electricity billa month is now £35 :00 but they havent told me what my gas bill will be a month i know that edf energy was waiting for utility wear house to send over my gas supply but i still dont know whither they have it or not im waiting for an agent to call me at some time tomorow

  6. Zuhara

    I have just had a sudden power cut but things like chargers are still working
    I think there may be a problem with my meter.

  7. Elizabeth Brenda Middleton

    I have been advised that my account with Green Energy has been transferred to EDF and that you will in touch with me with details of my account and tariff However, as an old customer, I am receiving messages from you saying that I will get a discount if I return to you! I am therefore wondering if My account has been transferred to you, and , if so, when will I receive this information so that I can set up my account and can check it on line?
    I look forward to hearing from you in the near future

    My details are as follows:-
    Mrs Elizabeth Brenda Middleton
    12 Merrion close
    SR3 2QP

  8. Sarah Brosnan

    In the middle of changing over to EDF. Receiving a £100 credit. However received an email to day, say I’ve not been in contact, and if I move before 30thJune I would get £150 credit for moving over. Please let me know if I should cancel the transfer and begin again to get the better offer.

  9. Andrew Pettinger

    account 673 129 005 182
    I am concerned that I am not paying enough monthly to cover electricity being used.
    meter reading today 03.03.21:
    meter no. ..961 5564
    meter no …201 off peak 12252
    I had wanted to speak to adviser to discuss, but no one answering on two occasions, 15 mins plus

  10. jennifer Lynn laaraibi

    customer account number 67xxxxxxx1 I have a EDF key but recently moved my gas to you as a sole provider but have recieved no card to replace by British gas card am self isolating and have no gas.

  11. Richard

    I had a smart meter fitted on 11 Sep 2020 and have since found out that the economy 7 switching time is wrong. According to one of your advisors It should switch at 1230 am. but it is not switching until 0130. My storage heater begins to charge at 1230, this means that I am being charged day unit rates. I reported this fault on 23 Sep but have had no feedback from EDF as to when this problem will be corrected. I understand that timings can be changed remotely so why is it taking so long? I am concerned that my next bill will be wildly innacurate.

    • Alan Care

      Why does my geo smart meter show “no network” and has done so and not worked since the day about 3 years ago when it was installed ? I was told at the time of installation it would work at sometime just keep trying. I hsve for over 4 years from time to time. I note there is a pin code but I do not have this.

  12. john Moses

    Hi, Guy came to fit a smart meter last week. Could not get the display device to work as he said he could not get a signal and said we should contact you to arrange for some one to come and have another try.
    We do not have the display device as he took it away.
    He did make all of the connections to the consumer unit so we just need someone to bring a display unit and make it work please.
    Can we make a date for this to happen .

  13. Brenda J Hollamby

    You’ve sent me a reminder that a reading is due, once again, a month early. This keeps happening even though I keep ringing you to stop it happening.
    Please therefore, amend your records, which your colleagues keep reassuring me that you have done so
    I will give you my next reading at the end of October when it is actually due..three month intervals and NOT TWO!!!

    Ms Brenda J Hollamby

  14. Maryam Athman

    Iam not happy with edf they left me on the dark so im leaving them and go back to my old supplier I had a bad experience with Edf as I’m typing this message now im in the dark. Thank you edf for what you’ve put me through

  15. Jean Thomson

    I changed my electrical supplier to Eon last year but am being billed by EDF my previous supplier. Could you look into this
    And tell me what has happened as I seem to be paying twice. I have just come home from Jamaica where I was isolated
    For several months and desire to know what has gone wrong. I trust you can look into the situation for me and let me know
    As soon as possible.

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