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DPD Live Chat

The DPD Live Chat Is Open For The Following Hours:

24 hours a day – 7 days a week

DPD Live Chat

DPD live chat is available around the clock to help its customers regarding their parcels or packages. The web chat service allows its customers to speak to a customer service agent about any queries, concerns, or questions regarding parcel tracking, parcel prices, and shipping costs, edit their address details, and cancel their orders.  The team will also answer your questions on any other general queries that you may have.

The live chat feature can be accessed using the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

To access the DPD Live chat click on the image seen below 

DPD live chat

** To initiate a live chat, you will need your reference number and postcode.

To track your package online using your reference number, you can use the DPD tracking page.

How do I speak to a person at DPD?

the free DPD live chat is a service that allows you to connect to customer service agents online. The service is available to all UK users every day of the week, including weekends. To connect to an agent, you need to input your parcel number and personal email. You can alternatively contact them via email, for more information go to DPD email addresses.

DPD Customer Service

You can contact the DPD Customer service team via live chat, phone, and email. The phone and live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Email requests can take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled.

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Why should you use LiveChatDirectory?

We understand how hard it can be at times to get a refund or cancel an order or get compensation for a lost package or cancel a renewal on your contract. We’ve had over 1.7 million users over the past year, trying to connect to more than 800 brands in the UK, we can help you get the help you need as soon as possible.


  1. Tony Auguste

    Once again the incompetence of DPD knows no bounds. Courier is supposed to deliver between 11.39am & 12.39. I’m disabled so I’m at home. My carer arrives 11.20am, rings the bell, I let him in. No-one else rings my bell but at 11.50am I get an email saying “your driver missed you?” How? I was here. An upside down picture of the outside of my building is shown to “prove” attempted delivery. He DID NOT ring the bell. How many times does this have to happen? Time and again, it’s the same old. The most laughably incompent comapny in the country. I think I’m going to have to start asking businesses if they use DPD before I order from them and if they do, refuse to buy. I urge everyone to do the same. Sick of this. It’s been years if not decades of this nonsense. I’m done.

  2. J Smith

    Very poor service from DPD. Paid for pre-10.30 am delivery for a product I ordered at 9.30am the previous day. Chased with the company I ordered from today to be told DPD did not collect the parcel from them yesterday so will now be at least a day late. That order was super urgent and their incompetence is unforgivable. Luckily a different courier company has stepped up to the plate

  3. Emma

    Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. I’ve had a text message to my mobile saying sorry there’s a delay with delivery should be resolved within 24hrs.My amazon account says they tried to deliver but couldn’t rearrange delivery. I was in and no attempt made. If I had the choice I would cancel delivery altogether as it is to late now for needing it. Ridiculous!!!!

  4. Tim King

    Tried to order a parcel collection online, which I had to pay for before the paperwork could be sent.
    Unfortunately no label was sent so was unable to proceed with the parcel collection.
    Impossible to make contact with anyone from DPD to get label.
    Managed to get it sorted with another company.
    Now trying to get a refund for the service I never got from DPD.
    Not possible using all methods to get in touch with anyone from DPD to organise a cancellation or a refund.

  5. jon

    I have tried for 8 days to contact dpd Stockton. I have tried every way possible waited on the phone for a total of 8hours all added up over the 8 days. this company is reticula’s to contact. So I am going to make a journey to there offices to sort this out..

  6. Geoff wood

    I have had similar experience-dpd claim they tried to deliver twice but neither driver rang my bell-we have not been out for 3 days. Dpd state parcel not delivered as ‘ contact number not recognised ‘. I have been trying since yesterday to clarify and rearrange delivery but impossible to get through to customer service. I left an email on their site but it did not send ‘ problems with site ‘. Dpd automated system is not customer friendly and trying to speak directly to customer service does not seem possible. I am very unimpressed with this ‘ service ‘and certainly will not use or recommend them again.

  7. Malcolm Black

    Txt to me to say say parcel delivered. It was left wth “Francis” who I don’t know, and photo looked like it was a warehouse.

    I haven’t ordered anything, so it may be someone is sending me something

    Trying to contact DPD – good luck !!

    The number on the website, and the different number on the txt link, offers the option of inputting a contact phone number. But when they do, they say I should have inputted a parcel or consignment number. Which of course I don’t have – as I was not the person who ordered whatever it is, I am merely the recipient. They must have my phone number as they sent me a text ??

    I guess the sender has been told, like me, that it has been delivered. But I can’t contact them as I don’t know who it is, and I can’t contact DPD as I don’t have a parel / consignment number. Live vhat also needs a parcel / consignment number.

    Really neat system eh ? Mind you I guess it cuts down on the number of complaints they receive, because if you are in this situation – you can’t contact them.

  8. Carol Gallagher

    I would like to know where my parcel is I keep getting stupid messages saying it’s delayed at morley then they said they tried to deliver it which is a blatant lie as I’m disabled and there’s always someone at the house this is a Christmas tree wanted for this year not 2023 stupid idiots

  9. Gaynor Taylor

    Almost impossible to get through to customer services either via chat or phone line. Eventually spoke to someone about when my parcel would be delivered as I had received notifications 4 days on the run saying package would be delivered that day promptly followed by notification saying unexpected issue with package and would be delivered next day. Customer services adviser then hung up on me. Great customer service NOT

    • Elaine

      Same with me Gaynor. DPD have messaged 3 days in a row to say parcel delayed due to unexpected issue in local area – normally resolved within 24 hours (NOT).

  10. Gabriel Politakis

    The DPD driver delivers a parcel; he quietly taps at the door whilst there’s a bell staring at him; places parcel at the door and takes picture; he was told the parcel was rejected; he takes parcel away and objects to being recorded by video; DPD then text to say ‘Your HelloFresh parcel has been delivered today by Graham…”; which was an outright lie in that there was no mention it was rejected; DPD was then phoned on the number they provide on their website 0121 275 0500; when the DPD spoke-person realised it was a complaint he made sure what he was saying could not be legibly heard. What a bunch of shysters.

  11. Mike Swales

    Waited in two days for a replacement phone supposedly to be delivered by DPD, customer service rubbish, twice received “sorry we missed you” messages, nothing on the CCTV back or front. Service very disappointing, DPD do not care, wouldn’t be surprised if parcel has been lost or gone missing.

    Totally unreliable & untruthful, find some integrity.

  12. Cyd Halliday

    My parcel was obviously delivered to another address who rightly refused to accept.
    On tracking found returned back to depot (Dartford). Did driver check for the CORRECT address on said parcel. NO. Was a second delivery opted for, perhaps next day. NO.
    Eventually discover said parcel was returned to sender (large Menswear co.) who suggest I now re order. What is the point of purchasing online and PAYING NEXT Day delivery on the non arrival of goods? Do drivers need eye tests or is DPD really a delivery co. Very disappointed as this was to be a surprise birthday gift. Will I get a delivery charge refund. Won’t hold my breath!

  13. Chris

    I live at house number 16 and we have just arrived back from a day out to find a parcel addressed to the lady who lives at number 1 left openly on our doorstep, how does that even work? Atrocious service

  14. Alejandro Castillo

    I’m still waiting for my parcel to arrive. The tracking number is 155xxxxxxx3B. It appears to have been received by someone else (‘1MILLBANK”) at 14:33 on Tue 25 Oct 2022. However, my address is quite clear (13 William Jessop Court; M1 2NE) and I have had no problems with previous deliveries. Please contact me as so far I have not been able to reach you by phone.

  15. Lawrence Mitchell

    Amazon gave DPD my parcel on Tuesday this week, and according to both companies said item was being delivered same day, Thursday and still waiting, DPD deny ever collecting it.
    So where is, also impossible to speak to anyone at dpd

  16. lulu tian

    The driver is really really rude. he’s responsible for delivery boxes to UCD.
    I want to report him, he tried to damage the boxes and shouting to the staff aggressively.

  17. Terri Doig

    Just got a message saying sorry i missed you i’m sat right by my front door as it’s in the living room i paid 6.00 for next day delivery total waste of my time and money


    i recieved a card to my address Flat 1, 28 victoria park road, leicester, le2 1xb.Informing me that someone has recieved a parcel ref.. 13642303 on the 5/8/2021 at 14.11 recievers name LUCIA but when i checked on-line the parcel was recieved on the 6/8/2021 at 11am.I have NOT ORDERED anything for myself or anyone else from my address on these dates.Also the image shown on-line of the delivery is not of my doorstep.So can someone pls tell me what is going on.

  19. Adele knapper

    Still waiting for parcels to be delivered contact chat email phone . I managed to get on chat . but still waiting . . never other any think that uses this company for deliver never never again what a joke . I may apply for driving job . get played for nothing .

  20. Janet Thompson

    My daughter’s parcel saying been delivered today,she has been in all morning no one been checked with neighbours but no one has it plus no card trough letterbox

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