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Evri (Hermes) Live Chat

Evri (Hermes) Live Chat is open for the following hours:

8am – 6pm Monday to Friday

hermes & evri Live Chat


The team of representatives at their live chat team are available during office hours to help and support you. The web chat agents are able to help you with any queries, concerns, or questions relating to your parcel. This includes delivery tracking and shipping costs. changes to the delivery address, receiving a parcel from a retailer, or any other query that you may have.

The web chat button can be found at the bottom of the screen during opening hours. Outside of these times, there is a chatbot that is available to support basic queries. Follow the link below to connect to an agent.

To start a live chat, click on the image below:

evri live chat

Most Common Queries:

Evri Tracking Number Issues

How to Return an Evri Delivery?

Evri Parcel Shows Delivered but I haven’t Received it

How Long Does Evri Take to Deliver?

Parcel Delayed with Evri

Track Your Package:

To track your parcel delivery, use our tracking tool:

Evri Tracking

For claiming lost or damaged parcels compensation, you still need to contact the Evri chat.

How To Contact Evri (Hermes) Customer Service?

You can contact the Evri Customer service team via live chat, or phone. The phone and live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time.

Evri (Hermes) Contact Number:

You can contact Evri using their phone number. In order to call them, dial +44 330 333 6556. Their call center is available from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday

Evri (Hermes) Email Address

Evri does not offer customer service through email.

How to speak to someone at Evri?

You can connect to an agent from Hermes/Evri customer support team by trying the live chat link. The chatbot is available 24/7, but live chat is only available for limited hours, from 8:00 to 16:00 during working days.

The most popular issues that cause customers to contact Evri live chat are:

  • finding the order tracking number: couriers usually leave them by your package at the time of delivery
  • tracking an ordered package
  • Delivery is planned but the customer is not available at home: Hermes suggests that you trust the delivery companies and let them leave the items outside for you
  • Missed deliveries: no worries! your courier will try to deliver your package 3 times. Once the delivery fails, they will rearrange for another visit
  • Lost packages: to claim compensation for a lost package, use the link on Evri tracking page.

** Hermes has rebranded to Evri even though the services remain the same. You can use the information provided above for contacting. their customer service.

Why should you use LiveChatDirectory?

We understand how hard it can be at times to get a refund or cancel an order or get compensation for a lost package. We’ve had over 1.7 million users over the past year, trying to connect to more than 800 brands in the UK, we can help you get the help you need as soon as possible. Looking for an answer to your Evri questions? Read Evri FAQs.


  1. tony foreman

    been chasing evri for 3 days H0******45 all i get on chat or phone is that you are looking into it and someone will be in touch. why cant i talk to a human, someone has waited in for 3 days now and still you have done nothing and i have lost half a days pay trying to get some anwers

  2. Amy

    I am very unhappy with this delivery service. I was waiting for the second part of my delivery and stopped received notifications. I had no idea there was a problem with the delivery until I went onto the website I placed the order through. Now I’ve found out that there is a problem and my parcel is being returned to the sender. I’ve tried to contact evri but I can’t get through via their phone line and their online chat is useless. I am so disappointed and I am unable to log a complaint because that service doesn’t work either.




    I am also sick and tired of parcels (photographs) of parcels being left in a hallway. I live in a multiple block of apartments and anyone can take parcels that have been left by them. Apart from residents in some 80 apartments there are visitors and workmen / ladies who come into the block daily.
    I was always led to believe that parcels should be delivered to the persons door or, when advised, leave it where the alternative has been designated. Where are humans nowadays? someone to speak with and vent frustrations. you can change the name of the company as many times as you want but this does not improve the crap service provided. Get a grip EVRI, HERMES or whoever you are.

  5. L. Das

    Evri is such an unprofessional company. It delivered my neighbour’s parcel through my door, without my permission. It was absolutely disgusting. How do you expect me to deliver your parcel to someone without my permission. Company like yours should be banned by the government. Your delivery people trespassed my property without my permission. Remember I am not bound to deliver your parcel which you left at my property. Shame on you.

  6. Mrs Mitchell

    Evri driver was reluctant to call individual flat numbers at door entry, didn’t call Flat 25 (but dropped parcel in insecure external box), at my insistence, called Flat 10 who opened the door, and then left a large parcel with the name & address ripped off in our reception area. Distinguishing codes – 80 AVO2 COUPA-PNET VAN 75 DROP 93 CROUND 8105. On other occasions, he does not observe our speed limit in the carpark and we have many vulnerable adult residents here. Manager Fosseway Court. Please call me on 0*******22 to establish who the parcel belongs to.

  7. E Allen

    My parcel was delivered today ( from Boden).Left on exposed doorstep OUTSIDE front porch in pouring rain. There is a sign on the porch door requesting all parcels to be left INSIDE the porch, Obviously this was ignored. Parcel soaked! Totally unacceptable service. And the situation so easily avoidable,

  8. CAU

    I constantly receive parcels that are meant for my neighbour! Despite his correct name and house number being on the parcel. I usually find them at my back door the next day. It is not a safe way to deliver. Tried every way to contact EVRI but have given up now. I expect I’ll be forever delivering my neighbour’s Evri orders!!

  9. Vanessa Lewis

    I have sent 3 parcels back to Oh Polly. The parcels have not moved for 12 days. It’s impossible to speak to anyone about this. Your chatbot doesn’t even recognise the tracking numbers. Changing your name from Hermes to Evri has not changed your terrible service.

  10. Chris Richardson

    Got this today:
    We’re expecting it
    We’ve got it
    On its way
    Out for delivery
    “We tried to deliver your parcel today but you weren’t in.”
    I have had this message for the past three days promising to deliver on the next working day. The company that is sending the goods has sent aut a duplicate to me because those comedians couldn’t deliver the first one. Its been two weeks. I have had 5 of these notivications.How can they expect it and say its out for delivery again and again?
    The fact that my ‘business’ is a house with three kids a dog and an ever open door, I must assume that the drivers are lying because they could not find the post code that about 100 people have found in the past fortnight including the removal company that has just moved our furniture in.
    No phone number just a stupid robot with a set of pr programmed sentences.
    What galls me is that the product is most likely still on the truck so I could call someone to ask them to turn round and deliever it. I cant find a phone number anywhere.
    EVRI are just one of a bunch of incompetant companies that should not be in business. I wouild like that circus to look at the comments here and actually do something about their pathetic service..

  11. Patrick mcdaid

    Parcel was not deliverd by evri yet they had it with it was tracked phoned evri they said sorry to me today and they can not trace my parcel this is not good enough its obvious this driver for evri stile my parcel so why arent evri saying to me right we know what driver had my parcel .as it eas tracked..we are now pulling the thief into office.but no they dont care i wouldnt trust hermes.evri with a dead horse they are a pathetic company employing thiefs

  12. Jane beauchamp

    Evri delivery chucked on the floor in the pouring rain today , we live on a main road so could easily have been stolen , contents of package soaking wet – can not find the live chat or complaints section for Evri – how strange ! Website has been unable to track parcel all week as they apparently have a problem with their website

  13. Andrew chubb

    Evri…Please sort your so called Delivery service out!!!…AVOID AVOID AVOID..Evri, stands for Every Parcel we loose and you can’t get in touch with us as you don’t have an option to Email us…???…Nobody will contact you but you can speak to a robot which has been tell ing me the same thing for three weeks…”WE have your parcel…Anything else I can do for you”…Absolute Jokers….AVOID AVOID AVOID…My Parcel was very Precious to me and I never received it, but somebody else did..???…PLEASE AVOID !!!


    As to be the worst delivery company on this earth our post code belongs to us and us only yet they can’t deliver to us because they say they can’t find us, as for getting in touch that’s a laughable it’s all bots,
    The number of times I have tried to complain about this I have had to use a website called resolve,
    I just wish companies would stop using them as the saying goes you pay peanuts you get monkeys that’s why this company is so cheap

    • John Castagna

      It’s disgusting trying to contact them lost my parcel and the sent want seller to send message admited they lost it. And she said ask seller for replacement. Taken the mick. And hard to get hold of them.

  15. Neil Griffin

    I had a text to say Evri had tried to deliver a parcel on Saturday but got no answer. l was at home all day and was not expecting any parcels. Also no card was left so the phone system and live chat are useless as they require a ref number. How the hell am l supposed to find out if this was a scam or genuine ?

  16. Isaac Booker

    Disgusting and frankly a garbage company. Bots and bots and more bots to avoid having to actually commit to a job. My package has been sent back after one attempt. Updated to leave with a neighbor. Now the bots continue in a loop to say my postcode isn’t recognized even though it’s the only one on my account. As hopeful as a themeslink schedule, even worse. Basically this company makes money from scamming.

  17. Joanna Tochwin

    Its very bad costumer service ,cant contact with any human just robotos ,my parcel been lost and they cant found it ,its very poor service, still hope you found my parcel and delivering soon ,people be aware about this company as the contract with them is even than poor ,its not worth get this stress for use Evri, its cheap shit ,not recommended at all ,please stay away from Evri

  18. Gemma jones

    hi evri delivered my parcel right outside my house in my front garden,took a picture and left it there now it’s been stolen I’ve been ringing everyone yesterday and sports direct and emailed them,the driver didn’t leave in safe place and didn’t leave a calling card for a re delivery now I’m 130 pound down and no trainers for my kids or working boots,I would like a refund as it’s not acceptable leaving my parcel on my grass where everyone sees walking past.

  19. Anne Hughes

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    It is with frustration that I am forced to contact Evri again as my issue is not being dealt with and resolved. Here are the details;

    Company: Cai Niao
    Order No: 3216
    Tracking Number: H02********3
    Collected From: One******************f

    1. Items arrived and are far too big
    2. Visited the Evri Website to establish the returns procedure.
    3. Was informed that I would need to download the Evri App to source the Return QRCode
    4. App was downloaded but I have been unable to log in to my account as it is claimed that my login details are incorrect. I have requested a new password in excess of 10 times and am yet to receive a new password.
    5. I then engaged in an online chat with one of your customer service representatives, Esra, but the conversation didn’t give me the options that I required to resolve the issue.

    My request is simlpe, either I need a new password in order to access the Evri App, or I need a Returns QRCode directly to this email.

    I am confident that you are able to deal with this request, however, I must stress that this issue is causing frustration and anxiety and I sincerely hope that it will be addressed as soon as possible.

    Kind regards,
    Mrs Anne Hughes

  20. Christopher

    Pointless changing their name from Herpees. Still a S**T service and a bunch of liers. Amazon return was due for collection today and despite someone being in all day & CCTV they updated tracking to say that our friendly courier came today and failed to collect as nobody was in. Right!

  21. Craig

    Hi Evri,

    Evri lost this return Tracking ID: T0*******87
    Last track :
    Apr 12, 2023 02:23:20 AM GMT+01:00 Rugby, GB Parcel arrived at a carrier facility

    1 x 90*******D-41 Lost By Evri

    Please can you kindly assist us with claim forms as the chatbot is not working?


    Saunderson Security

  22. judith Colston

    Since Christmas 2022, we have NOT received numerous parcels sent from a variety of sources who use EVRI dileveries (Some Amazon sellers, Cotton Traders, and ebay sellers. All other carrier/delivery services continue to deliver to us on time.
    If I give EVRI directions to find our property, will you then renue your delivery service to us?

  23. Nigel Harper

    Hi, My parcel has not been delivered! The tracking number is – 0*******6 It was posted on 5th April and appears to have been delivered on the 7th. On the 12th April a enquiry was raised!

    The parcel address is to Priyanka Patel, 172 Hilary Road, London UB2 4GP

  24. Mike Myers

    Email the CEO every time
    They are the biggest waste of time ever. Had a parcel collected in early November 2022 which never arrived! Please send ALL of your emails to the CEO. I did get an answer from them, where they confirmed they had “lost” it (unbelievable!) and washed their hands of it. Best to bombard them with emails and force them to do a proper job instead of being a total joke of a company. Alternatively, send your parcel with a decent company in the first place.

  25. Mrs Sarah Ashton

    Having said my parcels was lost I’m now in my 5th attempted delivery I don’t want nor need these parcels (which are broken) and so while there is no way to speak to a person I can and will continue to refuse delivery if and it’s a big if EVRI read these comments continue on your path of harassment and I will take matter’s further

    • Dave

      The only way i managed to get a reply from EVRI/Hermes was to go to Help and choose “You asked me to contact you” at the end.of the robot chat it should ask you to choose “EMAIL or PHONE No” enter your phone No FIRST, it will then ask for your Email.
      After this you should get an Email incident acknowledgement.

      If you do not get a reply from EVRI by the next day do all the above again EVERY DAY until they finally get in contact.

      If EVRI/Hermes have ever sent you an Email try sending your complaint to that email address.

      • Andrew

        EVRI – Hermes,
        My tracking number: T01*******79
        According to EVRI, the parcel was delivered on 31/01/23 in my garage with the proof of picture of my garage showing a small box which has been found since.The parcel was supposed to be a big parcel. EVRI delivery drivers are clever and very experienced in stealing people parcels. I will try and let these online companies be aware of what EVRI is doing to customers.

  26. Dave W

    HERMES / EVRI have always been a joke.
    trouble is when you buy online you have no idea who the courier will be until its too late

    Personally i do not think this company employ real people in customer services just the useless robot

    Anothe fed up customer

  27. Mark Tracy

    I received a product from Amazon, delivered by Evri, that needs to be returned. I have been trying unsuccessfully to get Evri to collect the parcel – you never turn up. I have a 16 digit tracking number, but because it’s through Amazon I can’t talk to Evri about it (the automated system keeps telling me to contact Amazon, but they have done all they can by booking the return with you). How can I talk to someone to find out if and when it will be collected?

    • rhodes

      I cannot resolve even though i paid for extra insurance and have tracking numbers plus evri have confirmed it is lost.
      Of course, one wonders what exactly is meant by “lost”

      I am currently almost £100 down and in the process of contacting trading standards

      I WOULD NOT USE this firm agaiin Id rather Pay a bit more for a better service!

      • MG

        Hermes or everi is the most stupid courier company,
        customer services is zero. they don’t care about the parcel. they throw where ever they like. One cant get hold of customer to discuss concern.
        so frustrating, i really wish the management team review could review their customer service system

    • Amy

      They are driving me crazy! Been trying to speak to someone for days, but every time I just get told they are too busy, automated answers. Is there actually a way to get through to someone? I would never use this company again, although that’s not always so easy to decide as companies don’t tell you which courier they use.

  28. jan adam

    what a sham of a company. If i knew when ordering, that this shower of muppets, were the delivery company, i would not have ordered. I think companies, need to inform people, which delivery company they are using, give people the choice to order or not. Cant contact Evri, how can you input the first 3 numbers, of you tracking, when its letters??????, can chat to a human. Changed the name, but still the worst company ever

  29. mark pearce

    so i received a text from Amazon , which i checked on their website

    it came back with
    Unfortunately, Hermes wasn’t able to complete your delivery and needs additional information to try again. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.
    3 people were in the house , plus CCTV was checked , nothing seen at the reported delivery time

    contacted hermes / evri , their chat is total rubbish – i was telling them what had happened , all they kept telling me was it was out for delivery !!! no point ringing , phone just rang and rang – so i now have no idea where the parcel is – will advise Amazon never to use this mob , at least i can get my money back

  30. Stewart Ronald Spencer

    I wish I’d never heard of Evri or Hermes, they clearly had no intention of delivering my parcel to France, just took the money and as everyone else has said it is impossible to speak to an agent as the consignment number is not accepted by the bot so you can never get past it to speak to an agent, doesn’t matter what number you put in!

  31. glyn Tate

    Well what can i say we attempted to deliver your parcel but you was not in wait a minute my business is 24/7 no calling card card left on app said we tried to deliver do not worry we will attemp delivery the next working day this was monday it is now Thursday
    What a joke never had this when it was hermes

    • Julie

      Evri said they knocked on my door and put a card through my letter box but, guess what this is false and now my parcel is stuck with me not knowing where or when it will be delivered. I’ve tried ringing but, the stupid automated person says wrong things on your tracking number.
      Come on Evri have humans answering the phone

  32. Nigel Blumenthal

    Their chatbots are useless. Their so-called “customer service” hours are a joke for a courier company. They are a good illustration of why the UK is going down the toilet – nobody can be bothered to help. I suspect all their staff are down the pub drinking rather than answering customers.

    A better new name for this company would be “Evil”.

    • Darren

      Total waste of time as you cannot get past the Chat it to online chat with an actual person. I needed information about a parcel that should have been returned to me at least 2 weeks ago after failed delivery, but don’t have time to call someone. So why not add an option to Actually speak to an agent without all the options beforehand.

      • Annie

        I agree, I had an email to say my item is being returned to me as undelivered to a local shop where my customer lives and would collect! They have taken a picture of the parcel outside of said shop duh why didn’t they go in it was open? Now it’s supposedly being returned to me and my customer didn’t get a chance in hell to collect, it’s crazy crazy 😳 losing the will here and that robot customer service crazy!! …

    • neil

      this company is corrupt i have been waiting for a parcel since 8th november 2022 its now 10th december 2022 i need to ring m&m direct back ( again ) and tell them i want a refund or should i just play it out and get in the guinness book of records for longest delivery ever if i wait untill next summer it could be a record , evri are stealing our stuff they seem to think evri day is christmas and our parcels are presents for the warehouse and drivers

  33. Peter Wardley

    A complete waste of time as a delivery company.
    No customer service ethic, no service feedback, totally oblivious to customers needs or complaints.
    You cannot speak to anyone within the company.
    Don’t waste you time and or money.
    Use Parcelforce and fingers crossed!!

  34. Stuart

    Left a simple message on the door telling delivery person where to leave parcel as EVRi changed the time of delivery.then to receive an email to state they were unable to leave parcel in the safe place.. OMG such a simple instruction that couldn’t be followed.

    • P chicken

      Total Sham of a Company

      They use none professional underpaid couriers in their own cars so as you can imagine the service varies from excellent to “I’ll kick you teeth in” a marvellous quote from a previous complainer.

      I am in the same position as many.

      1. No attempt to deliver. Confirmed by CCTV.
      2. Email received saying no place to leave safely. Which is a lie.
      3. Pathetic tracking info
      4. Unable to talk to a person and in an endless loop if you use on line chat.
      5. Thinking it would be best to collect this from a local collection point is proving useless as its now three days and it’s still not there

      Please do not use this company

  35. Demma

    Joke of a company, delivery driver threatened to “kick my face in” and told me “if you were a man, i would drag you out of that car” and went to throw a parcel at me. its impossible to complaint about this. its a joke.

  36. dawn

    totally waste of time this company te3lling the seller i have received my parcel but i have received nothing at all company will not give me a refund so lost a lot of money, this company need to be reported

    • Natalie

      Same issue here. Seller believes it’s been delivered even though photo of delivery makes it quite obvious to me that it’s been put in a random safe place at another address (not on my street as there are only 9 properties so I checked them all). No response from EVRI and the seller has asked me to get a crime reference number which doesn’t seem appropriate either.

  37. Ann

    Utterly useless company, reckon they knocked 3 times when you have to use intercom to get in specially at the time they was supposed to deliver. We was watching out the window and no delivery driver was to be seen. So here I was hoping to be able to contact a customer service agent seeing as you’ve rebranded your company but oh noooooo your still the most useless robotic company there is. I’ve tried every number and email address I could find and not one thing worked. The supposed live chat does nothing for anyone just another robot with no way of getting a real person. You say cheap parcel delivery on your home page but what that really means is your a cheap ass company that don’t really want to help anyone you just want all the money from your customers and not do the service your supposed to.

    Now my parcel is being sent back to the seller and I won’t be able to get it redelivered in time for Christmas I hope someone someday can get your business shut down completely and make your pay

    • isabelle

      Totally agree. Hope EVERYONE will get compensation for all the aggravation. Highly unreliable, ineffective and unresponsive. I’ve lost money and got mental stress. They should not run a business. Hermes = Evri, what’s next. Government needs to stop 🛑

  38. Lee

    I would like to know why you cannot talk to a human being from this company it is stupid as I am trying to find out where my parcel is which has been over 10 days now and I still not received it this company is stupid for not having a customer service for you can talk to you to find out where your parcel is I would not be surprised if one of their drivers have took it for their own

  39. A pissed of customer

    Worst delivery company on the planet you can change you crap name but it’s still the same crap irritating company that can’t do a simple delivery service. I’ve waited over two days for a parcel to be delivered yet its the same crap story from you. If you really want to do something right. I would suggest you stop trading and just fuck off as customers we be better of delivering the parcels our self’s at least they would arrive. Evri just close your doors and don’t bother. Most shitty delivery company ever. If you want a name try using this. FxxxxxS DELIVERY SERVICE.

  40. Geoff

    Hermes, now Evri, name changed but service still crap!
    It seems impossible to speak to a human.
    Robot assistant, does not compute with English language.

  41. angela gething

    You are an absolute joke, still waiting on 2 parcels, how the hell are we supposed to contact you to actually speak to someone, you need reporting, your delivery service has got worse, you can change your name but not your reputation

    • Emma Parkin

      Evri is useless. I have a parcel for click and collect, they tried 4 times to deliver and the courier was outside the shop all he had to do was walk into shop and give it to them but apparently he couldn’t.
      The second parcel I had delivered to in laws instead in the hope the courier would be able to deliver. He delivered but the bag was ripped open and one off my dresses fully out of the in closed bag. All I want to do is speak to a human being about it and sort it out but it seems they only employ robots.

    • R. Lowe

      You are sooo rude!!
      Using my outside cupboard as the local evri locker for neighbours collection point!
      I’m not an evri drop off locker to keep everyone’s parcels. I have people coming to my door to collect things at night from my front door cupboard…. I live on my own in a bungalow You’re so bad! You didn’t even ask me, no note through my door, just a note through their door telling them whose outside store to collect their parcel from…. Shame on you!

  42. RD

    I’m beyond frustrated dealing with this parcel company. There communication is awful. The first day, they didn’t but 15 minutes notice (by email!) before delivery attempt. decent. I waited around all day yesterday because it said it was out for delivery. Today, they gave a window then one minute later said they can’t deliver today. There’s no way to actually communicate with them.

  43. Marjorie Webster

    Parcel was supposed to be picked up yesterday and there was someone in all day, but I got a message saying that we were not in! Chatbot useless!
    the person who picked up today said that if there is no courier available for pick up then that is the message you get. Evri – sort this out

  44. Mike Taylor

    I have decided to add all details….

    item/ref number: C0xxxxxxxx

    This item was picked up on Saturday and yet FOUR DAYS later .. nothing else. It is not showing up that it has been handed into any local depot or hub.

    Where is the van driver and where is my parcel

    • Louise Woods

      if I’m honest up to now,my parcels get dropped off,if I’m not in they put it in a cupboard right next to my front door..but on Friday,someone dropped a parcel off,didn’t have any notice…she tapped on the door,l never was aware.unstill l got noticed that the parcel.was delivery unsuccessfully..and taken back to the can’t speak to anyone..l have now rebooted for Monday,had to pay £1.99..l care for my parents so I’m not home till.4 or 5..what I’m going to do is tmw,write on a large piece of paper,in big letters,with instructions..hoping that the parcel will be put in my usual cupboard.. ive got two.more parcels coming next week,one for me,and one for my dad..what the l do if the deliver person,hasn’t gone back to my old delivery man..l.expect he’s got fed up and lefted..and he was brilliant..gave him so much good reviews

  45. Mike Taylor

    item/ref number: C00HHA0277*********
    The item was picked up on Saturday and yet .. nothing else. It is not showing up that it has been handed into any local depot or hub.

    Where is the van driver and where is my parcel. – simple enough – not quite.

    There are NO HUMANS working in customer services, no email and the live chat?.. isn’t, its a robot

    The service IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE and should be INVESTIGATED by a GOVERNMENT department.

  46. VP

    Different name, it was HERMES now it’s EVRI, but it still is one of the worst UK parcel delivery companies.

    And no, this is not related to the Covid disruptions or the Brexit lorry drivers’ shortages.

    I do receive hundreds of parcels on a regular basis from many couriers (personal shopping and business reasons) and I can say for a fact that this company is really the worst, with the most incompetent drivers I have ever seen. Over the past couple of years, I could see a significant increase in below standards performances/poor service and totally unacceptable drivers’ behaviour (parcels left unattended, lost or stolen – most of the time stolen by warehouse staff or delivery drivers).

    HERMES should really review the hiring/training process. Further investigations and disciplinary actions against your drivers are required.

    Also, the lack of support from Hermes Customer Care assistants is appalling. They totally-completely ignore your requests.

  47. Stephen Coates

    This service is terrible ! I sent an a5 envelope over a week and half ago from Scotland to Newcastle , important papers ! , still not arrived ! , you can’t get an answer on tje ‘chat line ‘ you call and it costs you £6 min , go round in circles on the chat line as there is no option other than what there want to answer . Never use this service !!

  48. Tracey Read

    These people are awful you cnt talk to any on the live chat is rubbish and you cnt get anything resovled they dnt buzz call leave things good places this is not acceptable

  49. Ann porter

    A parcel was at our local depot in the 6 th out fir delivery on the 11 th changed now to the 14 th total disgrace .The tracking number is not what they wanting so go round in circles .You cannot speak to a human Also last year your driver broke my letterbox and parcel was not even for us and walked away without even an apology

  50. Sandra Bowes-Rennox

    Absolute rubbish and I don’t know why companies still use this zero company your an insult and can’t be bothered to speak directly to customers you cowards.

  51. Richard

    You can change the name but you can’t change the awful service and the total lack of customer care. Ridiculous that the only “help” you can get is from a bot that tells you nothing you don’t already know. Start putting PEOPLE on the chat to sort out your issues.

  52. Munaza Hussain

    Really terrible service I sent parcel 12 days ago not delivered still status showing at hub,no one to contact only Automotive service no one physically present to talk to going round and round in circles would never recommend Evri companie to anyone they changed name from Hermes but still there service absolutely terrible.

    • Emma

      They seem to have a lot of thieves working for them! I’ve had multiple parcels go ‘missing’ at the depot stage, they really should DBS check their employees considering they are dealing with other peoples/companies items, some of which are expensive items.

  53. Thomas O’Brien

    Received an E mail today 15/9/22 saying unable to deliver as there was no answer , this is incorrect I’ve be in all day , unable to get through to a real person to complain

    • sally beningfield

      Delivery person allegedly tried to deliver last night, we were in, black photo and location map of somewhere about 7 miles away. Cannot speak with anyone and no reply to messages

  54. Fabricio

    I am trying to sort out a return. I gave the parcel to the evriparcel August 30. I tried to contact Evri but very difficult and the chat robot do not give to me options to discuss my return. Today is September 19 and my parcel did not come to the right place. Rubbish service.

  55. Pete Jones

    Evri customer service is extremely poor. Their customer care phrase is ‘We’re here to help’. Whoever thought that one up was having a laugh. It is practically impossible to get past the damned chat bot and actually get your message through if your issue isn’t about a delivery. I just wanted to cancel three deliveries as their automated printer wasn’t working correctly at my parcel shop. Getting a message through to somebody is like getting blood from a stone. VERY, VERY POOR.

  56. suzan shaw

    I am trying to sort out a return, someone was suppose to collect it Monday. I tried to contact Evri but very difficult and using the chat does not give me the options to discuss a return, rubbish service though the delivery people are nice

    • Kelvin Barrs

      They are the most unreliable couriers I have ever known.
      The chat service is pathetic.
      To talk to someone will cost £6+
      Get a life, if I had the money I would take them to court.

  57. Richard

    Tried to contact Evri but web chat does not cater for enquirers who have not received a 8 or 16 digit reference. Tried the contact number, recorded message said the number had changed. I dialled the new number to be told that it was not Evri. From what the person said it seemed I was not the first person who had tried this wrong number

    • Mrs Brenda Mcivor

      You have the wrong address my parcel is being delivered today to the address you have got is 57 caiesdykes crescent Ab125jl the right address is 57 caiesdykes road Ab125hb

    • Katherine Thrower

      How do i make a formal complaint about your courier for my area? A parcel was delivered to my neighbour, meant for me at my address, and he was very rude to her. All she did was to state that it wasnt for her it was for me, and he snatched it out of her hands! When he reappeared at her door she took it in for me, but a calling card was not posted through my door to say a parcel attempt had been made, or where it was left. I only found out when my neighbour brought my parcel to me this evening when I got home from work. Very disappointed as this is not the first time I have been let down by your delivery service

  58. Joanne Brody

    Evri have had my LIVE PLANTS at their hub for SIX DAYS with no sign of delivery. Website says it is processing the parcels. In the heat we are having Ive no doubt the plants are dead. No one to talk to at Evri except a digital chat. I phoned the number on the website and the robot cannot understand a word I say when giving the tracking number. I am a very well educated English person and I speak very clearly but the robot still could not understand me and told me to call back and try again!!!!!! I would not recommend Evri for all the money in China

    • Andrew Griffin

      I have been sat by the door for an 11:00 to 13:00 delivery. I get an email timed 11:34 saying there was no answer… They are liars as my active Ring doorbell has no recordings of an attempted delivery which also explains the total lack of a ‘Failure to Deliver’ notice… a notice that has an essential number on it that is required to get through the automated phone system. I have always had problems with Hermes/Evri and if I discover that an on-line company use them as couriers then I will not order from them. This time the courier was suppossed to be DHL but sudenly became Evri once it was too late.

  59. David Lovejoy

    Hermes contarcted to collect a parcel from my house, asking only for the weight, not the dimensions. It’s a tube 2.5m long and weighing only 3kgs. They have now refused to collect as it wouldn’t fit into the origioan collectors little car. That origional collector said a van would be sent out. Nothing has happened

    Hermes has failed to fullfil their side of the contract and has taken my money.


  60. Chris Speckley

    Received the following text now three times … the legitimate delivery happened … I received an email advising as per usual. Thought perhaps you’d like to investigate if someone within your organisation is running a fraudulent operation? Needless to say I did not follow said instruction.

    Tracking number

    PO: Jamie tried to deliver your parcel today but nobody was in. Please schedule etc.etc. +44 75xx xxx147

  61. Alanna Mc Lean

    I have been waiting for my parcel since 24th December 2021 guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas for my kids to give to the grandfather. got notice to say they couldn’t deliver it and showed a picture of shop shutter below my house when my door is clearly visible on the side street do you think I live in a shop ?? or just cant be bothered to get out of your van to go look. this is the second time with Hermes unreliable. My children were very disappointed they couldn’t give the grandfather a Christmas present which one of my children has special needs only 5 didn’t under stand why we couldn’t give papa his present utterly disappointed and disgusted with Hermes but I expected as much when the company said Hermes with going to deliver it.Thanks for spoiling Christmas, reading this mornings update 28/12/21 its out for delivery well wont hold my breath.

  62. Jenny

    I have been waiting for two packages containing goods I ordered from Holland and Barrett on 7 December. As of 0817 on Monday, 13 December 2021 I have not received my parcels which I understand Hermes were/are to deliver. Also, despite numerous e-mails and contact with Holland and Barrett requesting what the problem is with Hermes, there has been no update on my parcels. Fortunately, I did not order bread or such items of a perishable nature such as bread and I do hope the items I did order will have a long use-by date. I’ve found it impossible to get a response as to what the delay/problem is. If it relates to Coronavirus/Omecron I feel Hermes shoud ensure no package would be affected insofar as the Virus being passed on.

    I request Hermes now deal with this and provide an update and explanation for the delay.

  63. brian andrew Lipscombe

    Hermes should not be in business totally useless, no point in saving postage in the item is lost , stolen or binnedd. I was due a delivery on 2 November 2021- ” Your parcel is at our local depot and on its way to you” Several days later still nothing and a useless telephone call with a robot. Which should do a survey of this company and show them up as the rubbish they are


    you are a joke you take the parcel to lose it then there is no way of contacting you. about it..your service for this kind of thing is not fit for the purpose you need yo get your finger out and get something sorted out. you are a joke I have now got to repay this person money back for his parcel not being delivered

  65. santiago Plicio Plicio

    I sent a parcel on the 27 of August P2G93660923 it never was deliver then I was told that the parcel will be return to me in a week’s time, so far the parcel has not been delivered and it was protected

  66. howard james

    I would not use Hermes ever again, Even if i did not have to pay,Trying to talk to someone, You got more chance of winning the lottery

  67. Frances Bratton

    I received a package yesterday it was sent to my address but not to me. The name on it is Miss Kirsty Saunderson. Ref No. 34724559.
    I have been trying to return it to your company My Hermes with no success, by phone no. 03308085456 and by internet on the computer. If you want this parcel back please contact me as you have my postal details. My name is Ms. F. BRATTON. Why would Miss Kirsty Saunderson use my postal details? She does not live here, & I do not know her.

  68. Teresa Holt

    Ordered 2 eBikes. One delivered. Hermes told the seller that they had tried to delivery but we weren’t in. Rubbish and even if they did, they did not have the sense to ring the bell, they didn’t bother to leave a card. The seller told me I should have received an SMS message. No I didn’t.
    I don’t know anyone who would use this dreadful company so why are they still in business. its time someone did something about it

  69. M Adkins

    Awaiting a parcel from Hermes and i was in all day,when i checked where it was i had a nice picture of my back gate and a message saying attempted delivery,no safe place to leave parcel ???!!!.Perhaps if the driver had a brain he would ring the DOOR BELL !!!.USELESS COMPANY,trying to find out what,s going on and i am speaking to Holly the robot,unable to speak to a human being,best i don,t really as it wouldn,t be a very pleasant conversation for someone,although i would enjoy it immensely !!!!!

  70. Maureen Shephard

    My parcel was due to be delivered yesterday and your site says out for delivery PL112HU
    Then later in the day it changed to On way back to sender.
    Why is this? Lack of couriers ? Please explain
    My address and postcode were correct so no excuse

  71. martin nicholson

    totally useless i got a “tried to deliver” twice message as no one in duh
    i got a big message on my door and a video bell link
    and a key safe on door ,

    seems this driver cant read or use a door bell he not left a card to be able to call him and all i get on customer live help what a joke a live chat is a bot telling me that my item not delivered as no one home when there is if he bothers to ring the bell or read the message on door , totally useless company

    • G Henderson

      I totally agree with you. I’ve had exactly the same experience. Live chat service not fit for purpose. HERMES BLATANTLY LIE about attempted deliveries, I was in my kitchen watching out for the driver, DELIVERY WAS DEFINITELY NOT ATTEMPTED within the time slot allocated.


    Dear this is the first time I have ever used the Midlands Courier service & it stinks
    Hermes Midlands should be subject to same as Hermes London & that is SET COMPENSATION (A) Return of initial payment to deliver plus £50.
    You would be surprised how this improves the service & HEADS ROLL
    Report Hermes to your local MP & the ball will (I promise you ) rolling/Disgusted
    John Francis

  73. Julie Deborah Edwards

    My courier is collecting a parcel at my address saying May 8th delivery times 8a.m. To 8p.m. I was just checking to see what time will it be

  74. Steve

    Not live chat it’s a computer telling me something I know. Told it would be delivered 1 to 3pm never arrived went out in evening for 15min informed tried to deliver then. Cannot get in contact with them to say will not be in when revised delivery.

    • Nicky

      I have around 20 parcels waiting for collection since 26 January and unhappy customers left right and centre. I’ve been trying to contact Hermes for days but absolutely no way of getting it resolved at all. After opening a query with them about it their resolve was to contact the seller – I am the seller !! Currently doing my best to keep the top of my head from coming off !!!!!!

  75. Anne jarvis

    Cannot speak to anyone as everything has to be via the AI or Holly who if not able to answer your enquiry just cuts you off. My parcel said to be delivered but has not.

  76. C Beaumont

    Cant get in touch with anyone at Hermes, need to cancel a delivery and receive a refund, I have paid for but not dropped yet. Tracking number is 1000276248063382

    • Adele knapper

      Been waiting for parcels to be delivered from 16 April omg if I order everything off any company I make sure I look who the delivery company is before I order . never no a company like it (Hermes .) telling me try to deliver at 6 o’clock in the morning to my address looked on my camera nothing parcels been sent back to depo. Going to the bank if not now me in 24 hours and speak to the ombudsmen . get a full refund . what a joke . and if I do not get this sorted email rip of Britain . pick on wrong Customer .

  77. MFoster

    My local shop had no receipts for giving to customers so
    could not leave 4 parcels there
    had to go to another shop a mile away
    The assistant gave me the receipt : never filled in the date or how many parcels I had left
    Asked for a pen . done it myself . not at all friendly or helpful
    then the assistant said the driver wont like this
    he moans about to many parcels left….
    Came home feeling put out. as I was the one who should have been complaning
    always have problems with MYHERMES ::: service terrible sorry what service
    if they dont want to help the public . sell up & put it in more capable hands

  78. Trevor Oddie

    My parcels have not been delivered, i have been in touch with my supplier and they are asking me to ask for a Certificate stating that Hermes delivered my products that i myself did not receive.

  79. david scott

    hi my name is davyscott24 my track number is 5721792249557384cott24 hotmail .com my order was mistakenly put as work address. 20 westbank street but is closed. i paid for redirect. but still seems to go to my work. would like it delivered to. eh4 2sa 63 groathill road north edinburgh thanks

  80. Paula Shorten

    My parcel was allegedly delivered on 1at September. The photo taken as proof of delivery was not our property. How do we trace it? It’s not at neighbouring addresses.

  81. C Morris

    My parcel has not been delivered but an email tells me delivery was attempted but no one was in. There was someone here all day and no attempted delivery card has been put through the door. They must have attempted delivery to the wrong house. It is impossible to speak to anyone in Hermes about this.

  82. Alastair Lindsay

    Today we received a parcel meant for someone else.We have been trying to contact Hermes. without success. Please help.

  83. Ann cook

    I was given 3 different times yesterday then received an email saying they tried to deliver but I was not there my front door was open all day because of the best they totally lied trying to call them is impossible I despair of robots and this company needs to be shown up I want a refund fo r their bad service

  84. A. Howels

    Delivery of my parcel was determined by Hermes as being between 12pm & 2pm yesterday. It did not arrive? Upon investigation in a live chat with a robot it told me delivery was attempted at 23:06pm and that there was an access problem?
    Today (06/08/2020) Hermes determined a delivery slot between 9am & 11am! It is now 11:30am and no sign whatsoever of a delivery vehicle!
    Appalling courier service!

  85. Mandy Albon

    My parcel hasn’t been delivered but both the email and text message say that it Has!…Nobody even knocked on my door because I’ve been waiting for the parcel..

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