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Hermes Live Chat

MyHermes Live Chat is open for the following hours:

8am -6pm Monday to Friday

Hermes Live Chat

The friendly team of representatives at their Live chat are available during office hours to help and support you.  The web chat agents are able to help you with any queries, concerns or questions relating to your parcel. This includes, delivery tracking, shipping costs. changes to delivery address, recieving a parcel from a retailer or any other query that you may have.

The web chat button can be found in the bottom right hand corner of the screen during opening hours.  Outside of these times there is a chat bot who is available to support with basic queries.

To access the Hermes Live Chat please click on the image below 

hermes live chat

The most popular issues that cause customers to contact myhermers live chat are:

  • finding the order tracking number: couriers usually leave them by your package at the time of delivery
  • tracking an ordered package
  • Delivery is planned but the customer is not available at home: Hermes suggests that you trust the delivery companies and let them leave the items outside for you
  • Missed deliveries: no worries! your courier will try to deliver your package 3 times. Once the delivery fails, they will rearrange for another visit

Recently, hermes started providing a divert service for their customers in UK, when if you are not going to be at home at the time of delivery, you can simply request to change the delivery postcode.


Our website is slowly becoming the biggest directory of all live chat services around the UK and we are constantly improving our platform and experience. If during your visit you encountered any issues, we would love to hear it from you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. Julie Deborah Edwards

    My courier is collecting a parcel at my address saying May 8th delivery times 8a.m. To 8p.m. I was just checking to see what time will it be

  2. Steve

    Not live chat it’s a computer telling me something I know. Told it would be delivered 1 to 3pm never arrived went out in evening for 15min informed tried to deliver then. Cannot get in contact with them to say will not be in when revised delivery.

    • Nicky

      I have around 20 parcels waiting for collection since 26 January and unhappy customers left right and centre. I’ve been trying to contact Hermes for days but absolutely no way of getting it resolved at all. After opening a query with them about it their resolve was to contact the seller – I am the seller !! Currently doing my best to keep the top of my head from coming off !!!!!!

  3. Anne jarvis

    Cannot speak to anyone as everything has to be via the AI or Holly who if not able to answer your enquiry just cuts you off. My parcel said to be delivered but has not.

  4. C Beaumont

    Cant get in touch with anyone at Hermes, need to cancel a delivery and receive a refund, I have paid for but not dropped yet. Tracking number is 1000276248063382

    • Adele knapper

      Been waiting for parcels to be delivered from 16 April omg if I order everything off any company I make sure I look who the delivery company is before I order . never no a company like it (Hermes .) telling me try to deliver at 6 o’clock in the morning to my address looked on my camera nothing parcels been sent back to depo. Going to the bank if not now me in 24 hours and speak to the ombudsmen . get a full refund . what a joke . and if I do not get this sorted email rip of Britain . pick on wrong Customer .

  5. MFoster

    My local shop had no receipts for giving to customers so
    could not leave 4 parcels there
    had to go to another shop a mile away
    The assistant gave me the receipt : never filled in the date or how many parcels I had left
    Asked for a pen . done it myself . not at all friendly or helpful
    then the assistant said the driver wont like this
    he moans about to many parcels left….
    Came home feeling put out. as I was the one who should have been complaning
    always have problems with MYHERMES ::: service terrible sorry what service
    if they dont want to help the public . sell up & put it in more capable hands

  6. Trevor Oddie

    My parcels have not been delivered, i have been in touch with my supplier and they are asking me to ask for a Certificate stating that Hermes delivered my products that i myself did not receive.

  7. david scott

    hi my name is davyscott24 my track number is 5721792249557384cott24 hotmail .com my order was mistakenly put as work address. 20 westbank street but is closed. i paid for redirect. but still seems to go to my work. would like it delivered to. eh4 2sa 63 groathill road north edinburgh thanks

  8. Paula Shorten

    My parcel was allegedly delivered on 1at September. The photo taken as proof of delivery was not our property. How do we trace it? It’s not at neighbouring addresses.

  9. C Morris

    My parcel has not been delivered but an email tells me delivery was attempted but no one was in. There was someone here all day and no attempted delivery card has been put through the door. They must have attempted delivery to the wrong house. It is impossible to speak to anyone in Hermes about this.

  10. Alastair Lindsay

    Today we received a parcel meant for someone else.We have been trying to contact Hermes. without success. Please help.

  11. Ann cook

    I was given 3 different times yesterday then received an email saying they tried to deliver but I was not there my front door was open all day because of the best they totally lied trying to call them is impossible I despair of robots and this company needs to be shown up I want a refund fo r their bad service

  12. A. Howels

    Delivery of my parcel was determined by Hermes as being between 12pm & 2pm yesterday. It did not arrive? Upon investigation in a live chat with a robot it told me delivery was attempted at 23:06pm and that there was an access problem?
    Today (06/08/2020) Hermes determined a delivery slot between 9am & 11am! It is now 11:30am and no sign whatsoever of a delivery vehicle!
    Appalling courier service!

  13. Mandy Albon

    My parcel hasn’t been delivered but both the email and text message say that it Has!…Nobody even knocked on my door because I’ve been waiting for the parcel..

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