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Monday to Friday: 08:00 am – 6:00 pm

TNT Live Chat

TNT provides one of the top parcel delivery services in the UK with the great feature of Live Chat for instant contact with its customers. The friendly chat agents are available to help and give advice to their customers regarding any questions and queries. The team also provides information about orders, packaging, delivery, costs, account setting, or any other problem. The service can also be used for any changes, cancellations, and complaints.

To access the TNT Live chat you can click on the image below

TNT live chat


  1. Natacha Kouadio

    Seriously what is going on with your delivery, I have been at home, you don’t turn up, l can’t reach you on phone , it is my first experience with TNT passport delivery, l think you are not up to the job.
    Just unbelievable, l don’t know why the passport office still employing TNT for the passport delivery, very poor service, no communication, hours and hours on the phone.

    • Rufaza Bibi

      TNT are disgusting…my passport delivery date keeps getting changed and then on one of the days its meant to be delivered? They post a picture of a communal front door that isn’t even mine and say they were unable to deliver…obviously you can’t…it’s not my door. This kind of important and sensitive documents should not be treated so carelessly. You call them? No answer

  2. Tom

    Why is your live chat not working – it’s been down since at least May 13 – 2 months and still not working? Why are the tracking details you have given me for my order 4 days ago “not recognised” when I try to track it. And why havent you picked up the order yet? Why have I been stuck on the phone for 25 minutes to talk to someone?
    What an absolute joke. TNT are the MOST frustrating company I have ever had to deal with.

  3. Robert

    Your Live Chat is not working. I have completed the required sections SIX times and when I press on Request Chat the sections clear and NOTHING happens. It is 2021 and you have this sort of problem. It is certainly NOT a good impression!!

  4. Awais Mushtaq

    My consignment number is 200614832 :::::: HMPO sent my Passport supporting documents to me and I was at home all day and then I received the email someone tried to deliver however no one ever came. I have rearranged delivery from TNT calendar on booking service next day and no one came and it has been 10 days still waiting for my passport and supporting documents. I am calling on 03456080630 since then and phone keeps ringing for hours but no one answer the call. Can someone please help

  5. Tony

    Useless service! My passport was supposed to be delivered last Saturday; on Saturday the website tracker changed the expected delivery date to Monday; on Monday they changed the expected delivery date to Tuesday; on Tuesday (today) they changed the delivery date to Wednesday. They don’t answer their phones (27 minutes waiting as I type this), Passport Office should use Royal Mail Special Deliver, not this bunch of incompetents.

  6. Pawel

    HMPO sent Passport to me and I was not at home.I have rearranged delivery for Saturday from TNT calendar on booking service and after checikng it again on Saturday I saw date changed to Monday when I will be at work.
    What a disgrace company. Clowns in circus.

  7. Cali Huseen

    Hi there
    MY supporting document from HM passport office were supposed to be delivered today but when i tfack it shows they have still not left your depot.
    Consignment no. 200608012

  8. caroline

    KEEP WELL AWAY! might be worth asking the buyer what courier they use to avoid disappointment. Received item 15/10 @ 12ish in a ‘safe please’ lol, I work full time, I’ve not been carded, my neighbour are elderly and they haven’t received item. You cannot speak to any human other that a robot ‘Holly’ who asks the basic ‘yes’, ‘no’. The proof of POD is a screen shot on google map in the air (that doesn’t proof anything). I’ve raised a complaint and had a general email ‘Mark’ will view the case and someone would come back to me. Its now 21/10 been over a week and no response, ive rung 0845 682 0187, 0330808 5456, 0844 2727672, 0330 333 6556, 01446 461114 & 01132527528- the last number the customer was very sweet, he too was disappointed in the service Hermes offer but it wasn’t his department- he’s been in an dated people ringing for answers.

    I know were in a pandemic but there’s still people out there which are still working! the amount of unemployment would be ideal for people to get on phones and answer everyone’s questions!

    I will never use you’re service again!!

    Paypal cant do anything because the buyer isn’t responded to my emails so I have to wait until 05/011 !


    Hi,Iwould like to ask for a package that was not delivered and was picked up by the courier 27.07.2020 Tracking number- P2G76049107 Justyna Szwed

  10. Daniel dewis

    I got an email from you saying my passport was to be delivered yesterday but Iv not had it why where is it ?? Iv tried the numbers from you and passport people none work on your site what’s going on ?

  11. Dilek

    My consignment number is 64265518
    Try to arrange my delivery it says call customer service. So I did but I don’t think anyone could abla to do that .
    Hope you can help me on this matter. I send an email as well no response.

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