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TUI Live Chat is available for the following hours:

Monday to Sunday, from 9am to 9pm

TUI Live chat

The experienced and friendly customer service representatives at TUI live chat are available to answer any queries or concerns you may have. Including, managing your booking, and booking new holidays. Any questions you have about your holiday or itinerary, payments, refunds, or customer complaints,  You are also able to discuss the process for flight delays and compensation claims.

The free web chat can be found at the bottom right side of the page. To launch the page, press the LIVE CHAT button, and you will be directed to the next available customer service agent.

To access the TUI live chat service click on the image below 

TUI live chat

Outside of working hours, you can use the TUI Email Address to contact them

Note: If you’re connected to a bot, proceed with typing your question and if the bot cannot help you, it will connect you to an advisor.

How To Contact TUI Customer Service?

You can contact the TUI Customer service team via live chat, phone, and email. The phone and live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Email requests can take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled.

TUI Contact Number: 0203 451 2688

TUI Customer Service Opening Times:

The customer support team is available from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 9pm. You can also contact the customer care team through the live chat service to reduce your waiting time.

Some other useful links for Tui are as follows. If you need extra information on travel updates and travel ban laws, visit here. You can also contact their customer service team in case you have any issues with your refunds or compensations for your past flights.

Why should you use LiveChatDirectory?

We understand how hard it can be at times to get a refund or cancel an order or get compensation for a lost package. We’ve had over 1.7 million users over the past year, trying to connect to more than 800 brands in the UK, we can help you get the help you need as soon as possible.


  1. Stephen Tycer

    Unfortunately i was unable to fly recently due to illness only hours before departure,
    I need a “no show certificate” for my holiday insurance,
    Can you help please,

    Booking Ref 20922619

  2. keith ripley

    my friend does not have an email address and we go away next wednesday for a weeks holiday with tui.Can we print off the QR documents for proof of vaccination in Spain rather than use his phone

  3. Kirsty Jane Fisher

    Further to my email earlier today i have this evening contacted your CEO Friedrich Joussen as yet again i have been ignored!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kirsty Jane Fisher

    To say that i am extremely disappointed and dissatisfied with your communication and customer service is an understatement. An incident occurred at one of your hotels when we stayed there in 2019. I was FOLLOWED back to my room by a male member of staff in the early hours of the morning whilst i was alone. This caused me great distress. After my partner contacted you in July 2019 your response was to simply write a letter to the hotel. This is NOT acceptable. You then kindly offered us a £200 voucher to spend on our next holiday by a staff member over the phone. We never received the code or reference number.
    Then through no fault of our and yours due to covid the voucher was not utilised. After both myself and my partner spending HOURS and HOURS on the phone in queues this week and last (Often waiting an hour and then getting cut off before speaking with anyone!!) to your customer contact centre i have dealt with two kind ladies who have tried to help me out. They state the voucher will end around the 10th feb 22.
    I am trying to book another holiday with yourselves and utilise this voucher however your customer service is making this almost impossible!!!!!!!!!!
    We are yet to be able to speak with any member of your staff who can provide us with our voucher number.
    As mentioned, we have both spent hours on the phone, my partner has emailed your complaints department TWICE and been IGNORED both times. We have spoken to one of your shops whose manager said that she will speak to your team, – we’ve heard NOTHING!!!!

    Quite frankly that in this current climate surrounding women and their safety i am astonished that you have dealt with this investigation like you have. I would now like to see a copy of your safeguarding contracts that you have with your hotels and any further information that you hold to ensure women’s safety in your resorts.
    If i don not receive an email or phone number with 12 hours of this email i will be contacting your CEO, any review system, social media platforms that you have and the press in relation to safety!!!!!!

  5. James Cheyne

    What locater forms do you need to complete to go Tenerife? As Tenerife is not coming up on the menu m. When trying to complete on line?

  6. Boris Motovsky

    Hello, July 1 TUI canceled my paid vacation BOOKING REF: 13499449. I was informed that the order to transfer money to my account was executed 1.7. and will be credited to my account within 5 days. It didn’t happen. 9.7. I contacted the TUI client center, where I was assured that the money would be credited to my account no later than 15.7. It didn’t happen. Do I ever expect my money? I am asking you for a binding answer, I am legally documenting this communication for the purposes of possible arbitrary recovery of my property. Well thank you. B. Motovský

  7. Carolyn Stella Collison

    Holiday Ref 12530578. My holiday was cancelled in March, flying from Norwich so I rebooked to go from Stansted airport. I should have received a refund on 17 March 2021 of £244.33, straight onto my credit card but it was never received. Perhaps you can tell me why

  8. Mrs Diane Husband

    We are due to fly to Cyprus on a package holiday on 13th June. So just about 3 weeks away. I presume Cyprus is on the red list. When will I hear from you that the holiday is cancelled as I presume it will be. I have already pushed this holiday back from last year and changed my destination so do not want to change it again. This is all making me very anxious. Please can you respond to my email address. Thank you.

  9. peter gregory

    i transferred last year holiday to this year(1st july) i am going to croatia who are on amber list can i transfer this holiday to next year

  10. Laura

    Me and my partner is 25 we are flying to spain in mid August and we haven’t have any vaccines offered yet. If we haven’t had both vaccines by then (its looking highly likely.) can we still go away or should we cancel?

  11. Vitor Freitas

    I am Portuguese, if I want to travel to Portugal, I can travel without a test, because I saw in the restrictions of Portugal that if I am a Portuguese citizen I could travel without the test, but I would have to do it on Portuguese soil. It is true?

  12. John Washer

    I’ve a holiday booked via hays travel departing June 6th to parga in Greece. I would sooner cancel than move it on 12 months due to the pandemic.Can you advise

    • Francis Clarke

      Will I get a refund because I travel to Greece on the 18 may but can’t isolate when I come back because of work

  13. Erin Collins

    Got a holiday booked for July 2nd to go to turkey, we booked via TUI but flights are with Turkish airlines, when and how will I get tickets and when and how to book seats?

  14. John. Walker

    Could you please tell me how to go about claiming a shortfall in my holiday payment made to TUI last year. All TUI offices appear to be closed. ABTA has refunded me the amount of money TUI paid to Cruise and Maritime Voyages but there is a shortfall of over £200. I have been dealing with the Dundee Branch of TUI. Thank you.

  15. Mrs Jennifer Jones

    I have a balance for my holiday. Before I pay it I need to check that I can move my holiday to 2022 as I have to go in hospital.
    I do not want to default and still want my TU I holiday in 2022 to go ahead after recovery.
    Please contact me for advice . I have tried to telephone and understand you are very busy.

  16. Amie kelly

    Our first direct debit for our holiday in 2021 is due out monday, but due to us having to isolate we can’t get the money in the bank until Wednesday. Will our holiday be cancelled, it r could we ring and pay it on Wednesday.

  17. Gisela Goemans

    Leider musste ich zu meinem Bedauern feststellen, dass Sie meinen Flug, am 05.10. ab Düsseldorf, Buchungsnummer X5QGJY aus Ihrem Flugplan herausgenommen haben.Ich bitte daher um eine schnelle Mitteilung wie es für mich weitergeht.

  18. Elizabeth Shellard

    Hi I requested my refund voucher yesterday as cash back but after realised my bank details have changed so it will go into my wrong old account? Can someone get back in contact with me please? Many thanks

    • Julie Summerfield

      I need to make an amendment to my tui 2021 holiday but every time I try to manage my booking on the app it says i must have booked at an office. Not true, and I have used the app to pay for it. I feel I am being conned, phone lines rammed and offices shut.

  19. Jenny

    Was hoping to book Kontokali Hotel, Corfu but found some very concerning information regarding lack of prevention for Covid. Gloves being used for dirty plates and then serving. No social distancing at the buffet, (I did not think buffets were allowed at presnt) beach furniture not cleaned. Few people serving so clients just touch things anyway.
    Has this been addressed?

  20. Haden cartwright

    I am due to fly out to turkey in 19 days time and i cannot get my lead passenger name and date of travel recognized so ad i can put my API details in keeps coming up error i need to get on it so as i can check in and print boarding tickets off when closer to the date

  21. E McDonald

    We have holiday booked for September booked through tui but traveling on easyjet flight as easyjet no longer flying from Newcastle when will we be notified we don’t have a holiday tried contacting tui everyday but just kept on hold no one answering phone

  22. Allister Main

    We had our July 2020 Florida holiday cancelled,and we are getting fed up trying to speak to any TUI person to ask if we can fransfer the deposit from that to our anniversary cruise 2021… or can we expect a refund.
    £1600 is quite a bit of money for tui to keep

  23. Mrs L POLLARD

    Our package holiday (booked in TUI store/due to fly in April) was cancelled due to COVID-19. After many unsuccessful telephone calls to TUI we eventually got a refund at the beginning of June, however, I had also booked seats through TUI Online but have not received the refund for these. When the TUI rep spoke to me about the holiday refund I asked about the seat bookings and she said I would receive a refund cheque for these – that was 2 months ago and still nothing. The amount of time I have spent holding on the line to speak to TUI has probably cost me as much as the seats did. I’ve emailed customer services too but no replies. What do I have to do to resolve this issue???

  24. Steven Hinks

    We are still awaiting a flight delay refund from Tui back in February 2020. We received an email to say we would be paid a cheque of £504.00. After numerous phone calls and sending a letter to head office. We are still waiting to receive this money. We have had no contact from Tui after waiting for hours to get through on the phone and still no reply from sending a recorded letter to head office. We are now thinking of going to the small claims court to get our refund back due to the disgusting behaviour of the way TUI treats it’s customers.

  25. Carole Street

    I have tried to email – it bounces back. I have tried to phone – no answer after hanging on over an hour. We finally did speak to Michelle at Swansea who told us we would be contacted re our holiday. Guess what? No contact. We were finally told via email that our holiday was cancelled owing to COVID-19,
    but have not received any refund of our deposit.
    We were unable to pa the balance of our holiday prior to it being cancelled as the shop was closed and was told that if we had booked in store, then we had to pay the balance in store and as the store was and still is closed, then we would not lose our deposit. We urgently need that deposit back.

  26. Roy Jackson

    Booked excursions in early April for cruise on Marella due to depart 16th April
    Still waiting for these refunds. Have rang numerous times still nothing

  27. Dasa Miklosovicoba

    Booking Reference 12133263 refund confirmation received on 11 July 2020. When can I expect the refund on my account?

  28. Stuart Baker

    We were due to go on a ingams holiday on 23rd September booked at your Chesterfield branch final pyment day as past but have not been contacted by you.Inghams say the hotel is closed for the rest of the year,we would like to change the same holiday to 26th June 2021 but Inghams say we have make the change through yourselves. I have tried and tried to get in touch with you on the phone but to no avail. As we changed the holiday from a June booking over the telephone with one of your staff I do not have any paperwork for the September holiday.Inghams say we can change at not extra cost,we do not want to loose our deposit or the holiday for next year.Can someone please contact me on my email or my home telephone please.

  29. Fuller

    Have been trying to contact tui for a few weeks have spent over 5 hours hanging on the telephone NOT GOOD ENOUGH. We know via FB that our hotel has been closed and will not be open for the 2020 season. Tui however still maintain there is no problem with our holiday according to an email I received? I need to know what is going on with my holiday. Not prepared to take off not knowing where I am going to stay how can tui expect us to settle for this poor service they are quite happy to have out money for over a year but cannot act professionally and contact their customers.

  30. Chantelle wortley

    My holiday was cancelled cause of the Corona virus so I should have had all my money back but you took my deposit and everyone else I spoke to who booked a holiday with you got there deposit back.

  31. Mary

    Just had a phone call from TUI asking for my bank details, so they can put my refund back in to account, didn’t give them is this a scam. Only been waiting since March.

  32. OxanaL

    I am not receiving any refubd code by email as well! Very disperated for nothing response ! I will never take holiday or flight with that company!

  33. Martin Moroney

    Hi I have had to call tui on six occasions about refund on my cancelled holiday and my phone bill for these calls has came to £35 which I think is disgraceful as tui cancelled my holiday and not me

    Martin moroney

  34. Mark crescent

    Tui are selling holidays under false pretences- they are acting like back street Dell Boys who are hiding behind the virus ! There going out of business – and won’t as much money in as they can !

    • Mark crescent

      Even the music on the TUI phone line is designed to make you hang up – why won’t you pick up 4 hours ! And this is the 3rd time we’ve tried- I will never ever ever book with this back street Dell boy company ever again !

      • Dan Plested

        hi I’ve got a holiday booked reference 11538123 on the 2nd of October. It was cancelled earlier this week. Why is it being cancelled so far in advance?


    Pick up your phones – have a chat room try and be a professional company , your quick to take the money but. Supply NO service

    • Theresa Sharp

      Ref 11648881 I booked in Jan 20 for holiday 4/5/20 recieved a refund voucher 16/6/ told would be in my bank in 28days still waiting…husband sheilded now I’m redundant…and to cap it all bombarded with emails saying up and running book your next holiday….really

  36. Emma Page

    I booked a holiday with yourselves, I have not received a voucher to re-book. I have phoned but keep getting put to to someone else. I have been on the phone for nearly 2 hours, please help

  37. Gary fagan

    Booking ref: 12240959 applied for refund with acknowledgment on the 1st June 2020!!! Still have not received my refund seven weeks later

    • Pauline church

      My holiday was cancelled due to go lanzarote on the 15 june 20 20 I am still waiting for refund I was told I would receive it within 28 days still nothing cant get though on phone no shop open and members of my family was due to go the same place a day later them me and thay have had there refund

    • Malcolm Stoddart

      I am impressed by all your covid cover etc and would like to go kefallonia for 7 days.
      But if there is a positive test for covid from a fellow passenger is the holiday confinement in your room and balcony?

  38. Janice Stafford

    I booked a holiday online November 2019 to travel to Hurghada 11th December 2020 flying from Newcastle Airport for our Golden Wedding – I now see that you are not flying from Newcastle Airport to Hurghada but I have not been informed – as it is a very special date in our lives I need to know if this holiday has been cancelled so I can make alternative arrangements.

  39. Mrs Porter

    I am desperately waiting for a refund code for our holiday from 15/5/20, I waited on hold on the telephone for over can hour, being promised that I would receivece a code within 72hours, that was over a week ago!!
    Very poor customer service, I am anbnhs front line worker, it’s awful

  40. Elena choularton

    My son and family were due to go on holiday to Italy on 21/08/20 the hotel has said tui have cancelled his reservation but tui have not contacted him yet to tell him.

  41. Elena choularton

    I want to know why when the first email you sent to say you’ve cancelled my holiday you said i’d get a full refund of the holiday which cost £959 then you sent another email saying you are only repaying £854.where”s the other £105 gone.

  42. Luis Pinto

    Good morning
    I am a portuguese travel agent and need an email of your reservation department .
    Thank you

    • Richard Botten

      Booking ref 12451478. My flight was cancelled by TUI for operational reasons 14 days ago and was told I would get a full refund within 14 days of that email, but no refund has been made.

  43. Mrs Sandra dentith

    Hoilday ref 11739251
    Still waiting for a refund code, could you please update me as to when we will receive this code

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