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Thames Water Live Chat

Thames Water Live Chat is open for the following hours:

Monday – Friday:  08.00 AM – 08.00 PM

Saturday:  08.00 AM – 06.00 PM

Sunday:  Closed

Thames Water Live Chat

The customer service team at Thames Water are available to take any queries, concerns, or questions, including, talking about a problem with your water, reporting a leak, querying your bill, your account, or your water meter, discuss moving home, discuss an issue with your drains or sewers, or any other issue you can think of, The link below will take you directly to the web chat launch page.

To access the Thames Water Live Chat click on the link below

Thames water Live Chat

You can alternatively, chat with them using Facebook messenger using this link.

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  1. JENNY

    Good Morning. Im just a concern citizen about water leaking or rather flowing water on the road and its been a week continue flowing water along the road here in CHURCH Road near NHS.. For everyday passing on that road it getting worst.. Thank u

  2. Elliot

    Hi due to the current situation you set you a water sure formwith proof of everything you ack for for could you tell what going on please. All so possible if I could pay my bill on the 30 due morey situation . You’re mr meakins

  3. Halil poga

    Hi, I wanted to ask you about my bills ? I paid last week my bills £76.01 for two months and again I had a message, that I need two my bills 76.01.
    Can you please email my address ,

  4. Mary Raftery

    I haven’t had a bill from Thames Water since November 2019. I have checked my online account again today but it hasn’t been updated since then.

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