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Royal Mail Live Chat

Royal Mail doesn’t offer a live chat feature on its website. You can contact them via phone or send them an email using Royal Mail email address.

royal mail live chat

You can track your parcels online, to track your packages, visit the Royal Mail tracking page.

Alternatively, you can submit your issues online here:

royal mail Live Chat

Disclaimer: The bot is still in beta mode and we encourage you to use the information it provides as a helpful resource while considering Royal Mail’s official sources for verification and guidance.

Deaf/Hard-of-hearing? Use the Relay UK service, dial 1800 0345 266 0075. Service is available from Monday to Friday 7am-8pm, Saturday from 8am to 6pm, and Sunday from 9am to 4pm.

Royal Mail Customer Service Hours:

The customer support team is available from Monday to Friday, from 8:30am to 5:30pm. The team is unavailable during weekends and public holidays.

Royal Mail Customer Service

You can contact Royal Mail by calling the phone number below:

03457 740 740

You can alternatively use the Royal Mail Email Addresses.

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  1. Laurence & Marjorie Denton

    I want to send a parcel to Australia … it is 37 x 30 x 29cm weighing 2.8Kg
    You sent
    I want to send it by International Tracked & Signed Heavier for £12.75
    You sent
    This is in support of a local charity that care for adults with learning disabilities can you please confirm the price for me please

  2. Navneet

    Hii,Miss/Sir,My name is Navneet Kaur.My reference number is RL328761416GB.My address os 24 Hillside Road,Southall UB1 2PD.I send this parcel to Rajdeep Singh.They didn’t get the parcel yet.His address was wrong.So,he called the customer service to change the address.I don’t know if they changed it or not.His address is Barauli,SAS Nagar,Mohali and pin code is 140103.But We are very tired now by chasing this parcel.It’s really too much now.It been 3 month now.Please can you help me with the parcel that will be so helpful.Please send this parcel to Rajdeep Singh.Please reply me as soon as you can.Thank you.

  3. Chatwadee Amornpat

    My sister sent me the gifts from Thailand for my birthday a few weeks ago. I still haven’t got the parcel yet. My tracking number is
    EE*******H. It showed on the website that it’s hold in SW London? Why no one delivery to the address? Can anyone contact me via email please? Hopefully it won’t get lost like others!!!





    i have 2 parcels that have been sitting in customs clearance completed waiting for Royal Mail to collect and these have not been collected since 07.09.23 and 12.09.23 when i go on royal mail tracking it keeps saying please check again tomorrow can you advise asap when these will be delivered to me.


  6. Daniela Dani

    I am contacting you regarding to a small parcel i sent yesterday to a local post office in Ealing area ,
    W5 5JY

    I paid 9.8£ for a special delivery next day via Royal Mail, my parcel was provided with a tracking number.
    I have been trying since yesterday to track my parcel but the message shows there is a problem
    What is wrong with my parcel , i don’t know what it has been done

    Reference number is :

  7. William Gilbert

    We are very concerned that we returned from holiday to find a “Something for you” card had been put through our letter box stating that we had signed for a delivery when clearly we had not – I have attached a copy for your attention – This is very poor as we do not know what you had tried to deliver.
    Fortunately we have cameras which has picked up one of your colleagues leaving a parcel on our front door step (MoonPig) in full sight of anyone passing by – This is surely a very unsatisfactory way of making a delivery via Royal Mail and an envelope had been put through our letter box supposedly signed for – VERY SLOPPY Service
    This is NOT the first time this has happened it has just been lucky for us AND you that we have either had a good neighbor contracting us advising of a parcel on our doorstep. We have on camera TWO previous recent instances of just leaving something on our doorstep – VERY concerning as I always thought that you operated a secure service – Unable to attach Copies

    Sincerely Willliam V Gibert

  8. Aurelie

    My package is since 1 june in belgium and still not at my home? How is this possible? I need it before 15june? It was send 25 may that is almost 3 weeks ago

  9. alba

    My order comes from Spain, both the Spanish mail and the Royal Mail tell me that it is already in the UK since the last 4th January, how long will it take to reach my address in the UK? If I have already left the country, does this package return to its sender?

  10. Susana

    My item was out for delivery yesterday but never arrived…today and tomorrow Royal Mail is on strike…will I ever get my item?

    If it doesn’t arrive by Friday I will be away and no one will be around to receive it.

  11. Iryna Sosiuk

    Hello, I have received a text from Royal mail about the international package on 26/11/22, that it is in the hands of Royal Mail now, however, I still have not received it or any other update on it. Can you please advise?

  12. Julia Warden

    I am waiting for a prescription that was despatched on 02/12/22. I have been provided with a tracking reference but I keep getting the below message:

    Sorry, we’re currently unable to confirm the status of your item with reference NJxxxxxxGB . Please try again tomorrow.

    I was under the impression that delivery of prescriptions would be made a priority, however I have been waiting for a week now and with the website not updating the status of my delivery my prescription will not reach me in time and now I have to contact my local practice to get an emergency prescription that I can collect. As advised by my doctors I gave plenty of notice (over 2 weeks). I have tried to call this morning but the recorded message advised a waiting time of over 60 minutes. While I appreciate the need for

  13. Jamie F

    My parcel was dispatched by the seller using 48hrs on the Friday 25th November, the tracking was then updated on the Saturday 3rd December, stating has arrived at Northampton peak parcel hub,
    Since then, no further updates
    Can you please advise

  14. Brian


    I shipped an item on Saturday, November 26, 2022. This item is for a railway ticket refund. (Prices around £50.)

    I still don’t see any updates to the tracking system. Can I know where my item is?

    Tracking number:
    Service used:
    Royal Mail Signed For™

    Best regards,

    • Vlad

      I shipped 14 parcel on November 26 at Royal Mail Kitts Green Delivery Office, all scanned at the office but no further scan at the sorting office. All 14 parcels stuck for over a week now with no updates and no delivery!!! This is just one of them: TQxxxxxxB

  15. Joy Osayomore

    Jules sent a uniform for kids through royal mail since October end till now at number 26th East Park parade Northampton Nn14lb,no package has come from you guys not even a note,please can I have my package thanks

  16. Sandra Shields

    An email from Royal mail said my parcel had arrived in Glasgow on 16th Nov and would be delivered on 17th
    I have still not received it and as Dunoon is not that far from Glasgiw
    Would ask what us the status of delivery thank you

  17. John

    Today I received an email saying my prescription medicine had been delivered. Nothing had arrived and when I rang up they said they can see it has been delivered to a completely different address, and that I would have to reorder. They couldn’t tell me where it had been delivered and could only raise a search query where I might find out whether it has been binned or returned to Royal Mail in 5 days time. Whoever delivered to the wrong address should go back and retrieve the parcel and then re-deliver. I have had problems with Royal Mail 3 or 4 times this year and it is a very poor service. I see they are striking for more pay, but on the basis of performance, they should be being docked pay and certainly not rewarded – I feel sorry for the good people that do work for Royal Mail as unfortunately they are all being tarred with the same brush.

  18. eric williamson

    When since royal mail starts to tell lies i was due a hub from BT today and tracking said it would be here on the 12th between 10.12 and 12.12 after waiting in i then get a new message saying we tried to deliver your parcel today total lies as i try to go online it says service temporarily out off service why are they striking as they cant do there job as it is

  19. Carmen Quesada

    Last Monday the 17th, a very important letter was sent to me from Spain that I urgently needed, since inside it contains a SIM card of an important number. Since October 20 the package has not been moved, It is now the 26th and I still have no new news about it. Could I know what is happening to my letter? I need it urgently and I’ve been waiting for 10 days.

  20. Marie Ogles

    I ordered items from Amazon and it was supposed to be delivered yesterday via Royal Mail. We got an email saying an attempted delivery was made at 3.06pm but we were in and nobody knocked. We checked our ring doorbell and no delivery was attempted at any time during the day. These items are needed urgently so I would like them delivered urgently please.

  21. Roman

    Hello! The parcel should be already delivered few days ago to me, but it wasn’t.
    It had “Ready for Delivery” from 05.10.2022 and promised me to be delivered by 7.30pm 05.10.
    Today is 07.10, and I didn’t get the parcel.
    Can you please help me better understand what is the status of my parcel. Thank you in advance!

  22. Lee

    Hello my parcel something ploblem
    Driver is say delivery attemped -no answer
    But im stay home no royal mail delivery didnt come and didnt any message .
    Please let me know

  23. Mark

    800gms Small Parcel to the USA and we want to use stamps, not a printed label

    Our RM price guide only goes up to 750 gms

    1) Is there an upper limit on the size/weight of items I can send using stamps
    2) How do I find the stamp postage cost for items heavier than 750gms?

  24. Beverly newland

    I had a email from royal mail/dpd saying that they has a parcel for me and I have to pay £1.99 for delivery and organise my delivery and ro pay preds pay and deliver but I only get error 404 I have a no for tracking but nothing ???

  25. mikka

    My item has said that its has been delivered today at this morning but I was here all morning nothing was came at all so where is my item?! as ive been contract all the post office phone n tracking assistant which was waste of time none of them helpful ! the Service is very poor !!

  26. Thomas Montgomery

    I have just called royal mail..and got the most polite gentleman on the phone..your customer service. .is the best ive ever had..what a gentleman. .thank you…yours Thomas Montgomery

  27. Julie Abaring

    Someone from your company send me the details/information regarding my package from England I don’t know if it’s true or a scammer

    Waiting for your response
    Thank you

  28. Deborah Colman

    I went to collect a parcel at my local depot in Barnby Rd NW1 in London and I was told they have 3 more parcels addressed to me there. I never got any cards through the door to tell me this. However they wouldn’t give them to me because I didn’t have a missed delivery card!! I had my id complete with the address on the parcels but the guy wouldn’t give them to me.
    Can this be right??? How am i supposed to get my parcels?

  29. Gintare

    Good morning, I have a parcel 90cm- 90cm -24 cm. It is a large parcel, I can’t find how can I purchase a label and arrangement collection, could you please help me or should I go straight to post office? Thank you.

  30. Judith Milton

    Hi I have a small parcel
    Sent to me a couple of weeks ago but just discovered that although they but my correct post code TR18 4LH but did not put Cornwall
    Instead they put London! Can you help
    me please?

  31. Dylan Jones

    Hello I had a royal mail letter from the UK sent to my UK address 1st class recorded and its been 3 working days and still nothing I basically paid £5 for recorded for nothing

  32. Louise Gray

    My Tracked 48 parcel return was accepted at post office on Friday. It has still not been delivered back to very today. Where is it,? It has not been updated since 04.24 am yesterday. Where is it? When will it be delivered or updated? Its never been this late.

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