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Royal Mail Email Address

You can get in touch with Royal Mail through an email address. They reply to emails within 3 working days.

royal mail email address uk

Depending on your query, use one of the email addresses below:

The majority of email requests are replied to within 3 working days, however, depending on the case, it might take more.

If you are facing delays in delivery, you cannot use the email address and you will need to either call them or use the chat service. Use the Royal Mail Live Chat if you prefer chats.

  1. Use a Clear Subject Line: Make sure the subject line of your email gives a concise summary of your complaint. For example, “Issue with Order #12345” or “Concern about Product Quality.”
  2. Be Polite and Professional: Even if you’re frustrated, it’s essential to remain calm and courteous. Avoid using aggressive or accusatory language.
  3. State the Facts: Clearly and concisely explain the issue. Include relevant details such as dates, times, order numbers, or any other pertinent information.
  4. Be Specific: Clearly state what you’re unhappy about. Instead of saying, “Your service was terrible,” you might say, “I waited for over 45 minutes on hold without getting a response.”
  5. Include Evidence: If possible, attach photos, screenshots, or any other evidence that can support your claim.
  6. State What You Want: Be clear about the resolution you’re seeking. Whether it’s a refund, replacement, apology, or some other action, specify your desired outcome.
  7. Include Your Contact Information: Make sure the company can reach you if they need further information or want to discuss a resolution. Provide your phone number or an alternative email address if necessary.

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  1. S Gibb

    Can you advise if royal mail vehicles should be parked on a public street all night.
    [Very narrow street and we have too many vans / big vehicles as it is]
    I would have thought vans would be required to be back at the depot / sorting office.

  2. Neil Morrison

    I posted a parcel from UK to UAE on 20th of November but I haven’t heard anything since. When I track it it I get the following message. Looks like it might be stuck?

    Tracking number:
    Service used:
    International Tracked and Signed
    United Arab Emirates
    Tracking history
    Monday 20 November 2023
    Item received at
    South Midlands MC
    Sender preparing item
    Accepted at Post Office
    Kettering Post Office [NN16 8AA]

  3. Jane Maloney

    Got a text from Royal Mail on the 5/10 2023 saying my parcel was delivered I have not received my parcel my tracking number is LV*******CN

  4. Jeremy Tubb

    This item was sent back on the date shown it has not arrived yet it must be here by the 29th as it has just been sold needs to be posted by the 3rd if not i will have to put in a claim for £50+ i have a photo of the receipt posted on the 23rd

  5. Gabriele Canfora

    Hello Royal Mail, today I read the information from ebay that my package VE****GB was received by German customs. The confirmation I received that it was delivered to me at home on 6/2/23 was wrong ! Signing a signature on delivery with only a cross was improper and against the guidelines. Thanks in advance for possible assistance.

    Your sincerely

  6. Mike Naughton

    I posted a small package to Dublin from a post office in Leeds on Friday 24th of February at 9.30am. I paid £8.65 for your fastest delivery with track and trace. It is now Saturday 4th of March and the package has yet to leave this country. It arrived in your Jubilee Mail Centre on Monday 27th of February and appears to have not moved since then. How come?

  7. Petya

    They posted my item on 2nd December, 2nd class signed for. It is now the 15th and no information can be viewed on the tracking system, other than when it was posted. NVxxxxxx3GB. I tried calling you but your robotic assistant could not get the digits right after multiple attempts, despite my very clear articulation and speech, the phone call was dropped by you. And you want more pay? You don’t deserve it!

  8. Austin Ananenu Emeana

    I sent a mail on the 07/12/2022 next day delivery sign for, but up on till it has not been delivered. The purpose for sign for was to make sure it was delivered on time, at no point was I told that it not reach the intended address, the letter contains important time sensitive document which it surpose to been use,as it now the letter has not been delivered or sign for and the intended person is now in complete limbo, therefore I demand that the Royalmail take full responsibility for their unprofessional approach which they me and the party concern to lose out, we paid £78.00 the sport, now we can not make head way except we do it again.
    The Royal mail must pay the £78 sport time sensitive for the intended action.its with great regret that I depended on dismay service of yours of the damn service which has cost me a great deal of displeasure to say the least. What a joke

    Very disappointed customer, I hope some company take your place.

  9. Marisa

    Postman tried to deliver on Friday,I wasn’t home so I got it redelivered for today Monday.Still waiting at 4pm and no delivery how long do I need to wait?

  10. ben

    i got an order shipped nearlly 3 months ago and it still hasnt arrived, ive spoke to the seller and he has stated that its been in uk for the past 2 months but still hasnt been derliverd, the payment will automatically gets realesed to him on january 4th even if i havnt recived the parcel. he also told me he sent it with you, can i get an update where my parcel is plz thanks

  11. Joanne langley

    Got an email from royal mail saying my parcel was delivered today 3rd November but I haven’t received it my tracking number is XL2xxxxxx8GB

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