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EE Live Chat

EE Live Chat Is Open For The Following Hours:

Every day of the week: 8:00 am – 10:30 pm

The EE Live chat service is manned by an experienced and highly trained support team. This service is for its own contract customers only. It allows customers to get in touch instantly.
The support team is skilled in account management, billing, and technical inquiries regarding your mobile phone. They can also help customers with upgrades too. Please note that they don’t handle Home Broadband, TV, landline inquiries, and business accounts.

EE Free Web Chat option can be found across the help part of the website. Open the link provided below and scroll down to the “message us” segment. If you open the page during their working hours, a “start a conversation” will pop up and you can get connected to a customer service representative right away.

To access the EE Live chat you can click on the image below

EE live chat

If the live chat button is not available, you can use the contact numbers provided below.

How do I speak to EE customer service?

The easiest way to get a solution to your EE issues is by using their live chat service. The service is open from 8am to 10:30 pm every day, even on weekends. To connect to an agent, click on the link provided on this page and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can use the EE Email Address.

EE Contact Number (from any EE landline): 0800 079 8586

EE Contact Number for non-EE providers: 0800 956 6000

Deaf or Hard of Hearing?

You can use the relay service instead. To do so, dial 18001 in front of this contact number: 07953 966 250

EE Customer Service Hours:

The customer support team is available between Monday to Friday, from 8am to 9pm and from 8am to 8pm on the weekends. You can also contact them online using their online chat to get an instant reply.


  1. Na

    I’d like to reactivate my old phone number temporarily because i have a social media account linked to that number and i cannot log back in without getting a otp to that number

  2. Luiz Tolentino

    Hi dear people at EE. To understand what’s going on, I previously wrote a quick story which I’m copying here. I’ve been a customer since 2017 and I used to have a direct debit account with EE with broadband etc. Since 2020 I’ve been spending longer periods in Brazil and only about a month or so in London. Because of that I became a pay as you go customer in 2020. The thing is, at the moment I haven’t been able to send texts, check my credit or top up and I really need to keep my number as I still do business there. I still have a British bank account as well as an address in England. Not long ago I had some trouble topping up but a nice and patient member of your staff managed to help me through live chat and I know I’ve got about £30 credit. I only started having this problem since I came back to Brazil last July, never before. I’ve got 2 chips (one English and one Brazilian). I’ve been to a Brazilian shop to check if something was going wrong with my phone and they concluded that everything is fine with it. I came to the conclusion that there is something going wrong with my connection with EE. I don’t need roaming to just text and to keep my number, do I? I’ve been trying the live chat but I can’t access it .How can you help me? Thanks, Luiz.

  3. chris jurd

    cant activate new sim card,,,,very old fone,,,,not a smart fone ,,please help ,,,,other wise i shall have to cancel contract,,,,,unless my fone wwill ontinue to work ok on old sim,,,,,help please,,,,,

  4. James McKay

    Guys, this is not good. I’m currently in the US for business and I’m trying to contact my credit card issuer. However, whenever I try to dial ‘calling from abroad number, it just hangs up. Same when I try to contact EE. If ever there was a time where I would think to switch provider, now would be it. – Please call back… James

  5. Rebecca Wright

    Hi there I was wondering if you can help me I’ve got a few companies and one of them has a Direct debit with yourselves and wanted to know what it was for I have a few reference number for the last months Q824xxxx316474625 and Q84xxxx42324550159.

  6. Barbara

    Hi! My name is Barbara. I am currently outside the UK, please tell me how I can turn on ROAMING, I am waiting for an important SMS but I can not get it because nothing comes to me

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