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British Gas Live Chat

British Gas live chat is open for the following hours:

Monday to Friday: from 7am to 10pm,
Saturday and Sunday: from 8am to 6pm

British Gas Live Chat

You can speak to a representative online for most queries (apart from emergencies.) This includes account queries, breakdowns, bills and payments, meters, moving home, and technical support. Pick the category you require and then select the live chat option. If all the agents are busy or you want to contact them outside working hours, use the British Gas Email Address instead.

To access the British Gas live chat click on the image below.

British gas live chat

For emergencies, you need to contact them via phone for 24/7 support. Find the phone numbers below.

Most Common Queries:

British Gas Complaints

How to Submit a Meter Reading to British Gas?

How to Cancel British Gas HomeCare Policy?

Will British Gas Refund My Credit?

Guest Top-up British Gas Troubleshooting

How To Contact British Gas Customer Service?

You can contact the British Gas customer service team via live chat, phone, and email. The phone and live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Email requests will take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled.

Home Service Contact Number: 0333 009 5784

Energy Contact Number: 0330 100 0056

Phone numbers are available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Outside of working hours, you can only contact them for emergencies.

British Gas Customer Service Hours:

The phone customer support team is available from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. The team is unavailable during weekends and public holidays, except for emergencies which will be handled 24 hours a day, seven days a week

How do I speak to a person at British Gas?

You will be connected to a live customer service agent from British Gas by opening a live chat using the link. Live chat is available from Monday to Friday and on weekends within their working hours. 

Why should you use LiveChatDirectory?

We understand how hard it can be at times to get a refund or cancel an order or get compensation for a lost package or cancel a renewal on your contract. We’ve had over 1.7 million users over the past year, trying to connect to more than 800 brands in the UK, we can help you get the help you need as soon as possible.

british gas faq page


  1. Marshall Wade

    I am currently in the blue with British Gas and the amount totalling my credit is
    £489. where can I obtain my credit returned to my bank account.

  2. Safiullah Samar

    Hello good afternoon my name is safiullah samar my phone number is 07*****8 date of birth 10/05/1992 I can’t go online to top up my old email address is permanently blocked I want to change password is not giving me permission to go ahead

  3. Rita McKechnie

    I am trying to give my final readings on a house that I have sold but cannot get to speak to anyone! Tried live chat and it is asking me for my bank details to use this service! I have tried phoning several times over the past 2 weeks and cannot get to speak with some one. Can you advise how I give these readings please, I do not have an online account

    • jean davies

      rita i use facebook messenger,when i want to give my gas and electric meter readings,or on your bill there is an automated service,which you can ring,trouble is with facebook messenger it does take a while for them to reply,dont forget to give them your name,address,date of birth and your customer account number,hope this as helped you .jean davies

  4. William Hall

    My smart meter is not working, I have followed all the advise I received the last time the meter did not work. The meter will not connect to my network and the advise is I should contact you. This has not been working for the last month even when put under the meter. I have another question which might be connected why was my last readings estimated, I did not receive any information stating there was a problem with the readings not being used and could I read my own readings

    William Hall

  5. Abimbola Femi Adebowale

    I just moved into the apartment (12a Honeybourne Road, Birmingham – B33 0RP) on September 29, but the last month’s energy Bill was sent to my Landlords name. I want to change the name on the bill to mine and make payment as well

    • karen wyles

      I have a complaint about the way we have been dealt with by British Gas.
      I’ve been on the phone for over three hours today. Spoke to 3 different advisor’s to be told something completely different. To be on the line waiting to speak with an advisor to then get told the office is now closed and call got terminated.
      My elderly parents in their 80s are still WITHOUT heating and not one of your colleagues have done anything about it.
      I need a call back urgently on 07xxxxxx7

      • Phyllis Barns

        My plumber never turned up yesterday 21 dec although he sent texts during the day saying he was coming I’m left with no shower I’m 88 years of age and with health problems I’ve been waiting on and off since Nov to get these problems resolved in my bathroom

  6. Mrs R Hellier

    HELP I’ve been trying to set in touch with British Gas for the pass 2 weeks. Calls are never answered emails are returned with the inbox message stating full. If this is the way British Gas (which has the the monopoly on supplying energy to numerous customers) behaves then it needs to be looked into by Ofcom.

  7. Sandhya Muraleedharan Nair

    Hi I am Sandhya.I would like to become a customer of British gas.could you please provide the details

    • Sandhya Muraleedharan Nair

      I have been trying to connect you since yesterday.please help me with the details.i have moved to a new accomodation.Cv23dd

  8. Kathleen

    Please can some get intouch with me .I am trying to sort my brother bill out .I was on the phone for 1 hour and 35 minutes. But you cut me of

  9. L Berova

    I have tried to set up an online account so that I can set up direct debit from there. I am not sure if an online account has been set up. When I confirmed my e-mail from the message you’ve sent me, I got ‘Something went wrong’. If I try t login I get the same message. Please advise how to sort out the problem. Thank you.

  10. joan neil clark

    i have received a letter from you saying you are taking over my gas supply i do not wish to do so as I have been with octopus energy for many years and have just renewed my account with them for another 18 months so will not require your services thank you

    • Amalia Reynoldson

      My hubby put £20 on eletric meter this morning. It didn’t get through, apparently you were having problem onyour side, he is at work, so therefore , i want it sorted please! Thank you.

  11. Hanley

    One of your vehicle s has been on our car park for 6 weeks due to staff taking ill.
    Aspatria RUFC car park in Cumbria.
    Can you help to remove please.

  12. Mr M Wise

    Customer number 851016612835 – 1 Irvine Drive, Stoke Mandeville HP22 5Un

    When I moved into the property on 6 May I looked to change providers to British Gas. This was due to start on 1 June when I entered my readings to you. The first reading on that date for gas (44872) has been used to start the bill, but the electricity reading I submitted (70495) has been ignored and my bill states it was estimated at 70392. Please arrange for the bill to be revised to allow for your miscalculation; otherwise I will be changing my provider as I expect something better form British Gas.

  13. Colin Graham Hill

    Annual boiler service booked for today between 8 and 1pm
    Text at 12.02 saying our engineer is aiming to get to you by 12
    nothing since and no one turned up its now 16.15pm

  14. herbert william march

    I booked a boiler service for today 22 june 0800-1300 no engineer turned up I got text at 1030 on his way it is now 3pm and no sign I tried to contact BG and got fobbed off this service should have been done last feb why am I paying you all this money per month if you cant keep your part of bargain.

  15. Pauline Fisher

    Absolutely disgusted with trying to get hold of British Gas. Twice I have been cut off by phone. Live chat does not happen. An erroneous take over. British Gas have admitted it is a mistake. Then I have a letter saying they are no longer going to supply me after June 13th. How do they manage to be so inefficient. Pauline Fisher. 12.15 Saturday 5thJune. I have no more means of trying to contact them. Hopeless.

  16. Umer Hanif

    Free Eon Boiler Cover scheme pretty much does as it says on the tin: it’s an insurance policy that you buy to cover the cost of having your boiler back up and running if it fails.

  17. Angela Robertson

    Can’t get through to British Gas on phone and “live chat” seems non-existent. I’m querying Homecare and would like someone to contact me

  18. Lisa jeffries

    I am Irene jeffries carer Lisa jeffries and I look after all mums bills as she as diematia.. I would like to get an up to date bill for my mums electricity plz as I’ve put of mum’s bank you’ve taken abit more than usual plz can you send me a bill so I can look into this.. Customer no 850013146411..mrs Irene jeffries at 12 foljambe drive Dalton Rotherham s654hg
    Thank you Lisa mums carer…

  19. David Trowbridge

    I want to improve the electrical bonding at my house. We plan to install an electrical car charging point. We have found a card left by an engineer to say the gas installation pipe to our premises does not appear to be fitted with main equipotential bonding. The British Gas Freephone number to arrange for this fault to be rectified has been discontinued. I would like information about who I can contact to have this work carried out.

  20. Michael

    Next of kin has died. I am overseas and nedd to transfer payments from deceased to my account. Called the helpline and automated response says 1hr + wait, can leave a message to call back – fine accept ovderseas calls not accepted. Try using bereavement service and leaving an email and phone number – except phone number not accepted. Hello British Gas ! . we have COVID epidemic and people overseas with family bereavements

  21. Ian James Rennie

    Received several calls purporting to be part of your empire (Homeserve) and wishing
    to talk to us regarding continuous insurance for our appliances as they claim to be
    the ones carrying out the service. When this was queried the phone ends abruptly.
    Is this a call generated by yourselves or is it something we should ignore as a scam.?
    Homecare Number 91xxxx6207.Thankyou.

  22. mrs grace forder

    Hello, my question is this. I am fully paid up for an annual service which is overdue and am told by electronic voice that no one can enter my property because of covid. Does this mean that I will get an extension on my annual payments or will it be hard luck and will I be expected to pay up on the same annual date?

  23. Kulupanage Weerasekara

    A/C 851009646947, Kulupanage Weerasekara/ PL2 3ED
    On17-10-20 the gas metre automatically locked on it self. I had call an engineer who came around and fixed it. However, before he fixed it there was £19 for gas and £76 for Electricity – he said that 24 hours later it should be credited; but it has not and the meters is currently running on minus numbers, few times I phoned to smart meter team, but they cut the phone line before the issue could be solved. Could you sort out this problem for me please.

  24. Stephen Hoey

    Have recently moved in and am staying with original supplier at old address. Have final bill from you. How do I pay online without setting up an account which seems pointless for a one off payment.

  25. Me Norman hayton

    Hi can you please tell me why I’m using £6.27hr when I don’t cook with gas got no heating on and my fire was disconnected 2yrs ago plz as for the love of me I don’t know where this money is going plz.

  26. Martyn Gumbley

    I do not want an on line account. I want to book an engineer for our Annual Service, which was due in July, and can’t make any contact by phone. How else can I do this?

  27. Georgina Cave

    I received a message on my smart meter to contact britishgas some time during the past weeks when I was away. I rang the 08000906161 number but it aborted twice. So what was the message britishgas wanted to tell me?

  28. Edwin Dwek

    I am selling a building that has 4 flats, each with its own British Gas account number. I have the latest meter readings. Can I E mail them to you, to enable you to send me the final Paper Bills The address of the building is 145 Goldhurst Terrace, London NW6 3EU

  29. Marlene Webster

    I have tried to book an annual service on line, not to be informed that one has been booked. No one has informed me of a date or time,could you please let me know.


  30. Alistair Mackinnon

    Hi, can you please change the name on my gas bill too.
    Mr Alistair Mackinnon & Lifeng Zhang.
    We need her name on a utility bill to open a bank account, and which has to be the same name that is on her passport.
    could you please post something to us stating new names. I am willing to pay any administration costs.
    Thank You.
    Alistair Mackinnon

  31. GUY NARCISSE Tagatio

    my app is blocked, and i can’t top up my gas on my phone and running on emergency, i don’t have good health and I can’t leave the home because of frell health

  32. Pauline Roberts

    I’ve given you my last reading and I have now left my address where gas account was held

    I wondered if you now have a final bill and my account can be closed
    Mrs Pauline Roberts
    Old address
    16A Marguerite Drive
    Leigh on sea
    SS9 1NW

  33. Janice Fuller

    Trying to change supplier. Received a letter saying cannot change supplier as I have an outstanding debt. This is untrue as we moved here October 2015. When I first topped up the prepayment meter I noticed a payment of £12 taken off for outstanding credit. Phoned and explained that we were new tenants and the debt was not ours. You sorted this quickly sent a new card and refunded the money taken off wrongly. Now 5 years later I get a letter telling me that my change of supplier cannot happen as I have an outstanding debt of over £300. I do not owe this money it was the previous tenants, Not me.


    I have just received my bill for the new boiler that has just been fitted
    I am willing to pay but you have the wrong phone no,
    The phone no is 079xxxx203,I am trying to pay on line.

  35. marcia terry

    you have left an email stating my account is overdue I pay this by direct debit each month account number 8xxxxxxxxx5 also on the email the account number is different
    Regards Mrs M Terry

  36. Ian burson

    Hi I have for the last two payments to you been added to my account micallanous document costing me £5 or more a time can you please explain what this means

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