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Virgin Money Live Chat

The Virgin Money Live Chat is open for the following hours: 

8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4pm Saturday and 10am to 3pm Sunday.


Virgin Money live chat

The Virgin Money Webchat facility allows the user to speak to a representative on the following areas, Online banking, Savings, and Investments.

To access the Virgin Money live chat click the image below

Virgin Money Live Chat

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  1. John R. Kendall

    I am the treasurer of our local Church and our local Virgin Bank is closing. I need to be able to pay cash into the vank vie the post office and need 50 Pre-printed Giro slips

  2. Ashraf Ahmed

    How do I contact Virgin Money ONLINE as I am abroad and cant call. I cant seem to find ANY email address also to discuss my account

  3. Danielle Herron

    Hi I currently live in Vietnam and none of the numbers for abroad work to call Virgin Money.
    I need to unlock my credit card , update my address and signup for the app. As the online account no longer works.

    Kind regards,
    danielle Herron

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