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Virgin Money Live Chat | Customer Service

The Virgin Money Live Chat is open for the following hours: 

8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4pm Saturday, and 10am to 3pm Sunday.


Virgin Money live chat

The Virgin Money Webchat facility allows the user to speak to a representative on the following areas, Online banking, Savings, and Investments. In order to get connected to the Virgin Money Online Chat, you need to download their mobile banking application and the live chat can be found through:

>More options >> help and contact >>> Chat

Virgin Money banking app: the contact us section.

To access the Virgin Money live chat click the image below 

Virgin Money Live Chat

If the live chat option is offline/not available, you can contact them using the Virgin Money Email Address

How To Contact Virgin Money Customer Service?

You can contact the Virgin Money Customer service team via live chat, phone, and email. The phone and live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Email requests can take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled.

Virgin Money Contact Numbers

For non-emergency credit card issues, you can contact 0800 328 3579, the service is open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to- Friday, and from 9am to 3pm on Saturdays. For lost or stolen cards and emergencies, you can contact 0800 011 3210 for 24/7 service.


  1. Sharon walker

    You should have a 24 hours chat line or phone number. I needed to transfer money when there was a fault with the bank and couldn’t.

  2. Ad Webb

    Shocking wait times, no call back Service. You should be able to have the queue phone you back, waiting on the phone for the third time (waiting for 30 minutes). This is to report fraudulent activity, any other cards you can act on this within minutes!!!

  3. Kim

    beenwiating 45 mins on the phone now – 5th time I have tried and each time I’ve given up after 30 mins. Thought I’d stay on thios time until someone answers. What dreadful service…

  4. Mike Whyton

    Is it possible to transfer my Virgin fixed rate cash isa to another fixed rate isa with Virgin money. If so would there be a charge?

  5. Chris Mills

    I cannot access my account because I changed my mobile number 3 years ago ! Therefore cannot get the authentication SMS number. My cash ISA matures on 24.10.2022

  6. M CAIN

    Trying to transfer my maturing e-ISA to a new, two year equivalent account but I’m only being given the option of a one year?

    • Paul Finnegan

      I have the same issue,my mobile banking app has been locked and I’m trying to reset my passcode but because I’ve changed mobile number I don’t receive the code.


    We opened a current account with Yorkshire Bank about 20 years ago. We moved to the Philippines in 2008, But we will relocate back to the UK after we sell our property here in the Philippines we already tried to send money to our virgin account, but it was rejected by VIRGIN. We wish to re-activate our YORKSHIRE Bank Account now (VIRGIN). Can you help us?

  8. Diane lammie

    I have cancel with the company and they have could £21 out my bank again how can I stop them from doing that I have told them twice to cancel it and my grandauther £21 has been taking out again with the company please help me

  9. Hilary Morgan

    All I want is for someone to help with a monthly payment on my credit card. This is NOT the MONTHLY payment to virgin . This has now become URGENT

  10. Allan Thomas jones

    Iam still waiting for my debit card since February 2022 I live in the Philippines what’s going on at Virgin money? I don’t have any money to live on for God’s sake get a grip shocking service to people.

  11. Michelle platt

    Hi I need some help transfer if some money to an account my online won’t let me transfer it I have tryed telephone if but not answering I need to speak to someone

  12. Elena Griffiths

    I cannot login to my online account page ! , I am looking for an email / online web chat to contact them but can’t find any !!!

  13. John R. Kendall

    I am the treasurer of our local Church and our local Virgin Bank is closing. I need to be able to pay cash into the vank vie the post office and need 50 Pre-printed Giro slips

  14. Ashraf Ahmed

    How do I contact Virgin Money ONLINE as I am abroad and cant call. I cant seem to find ANY email address also to discuss my account

  15. Danielle Herron

    Hi I currently live in Vietnam and none of the numbers for abroad work to call Virgin Money.
    I need to unlock my credit card , update my address and signup for the app. As the online account no longer works.

    Kind regards,
    danielle Herron

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