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ASDA Live Chat | Customer Service

ASDA Live Chat is open during the following hours:

** ASDA no longer offers a live chat service, you can use alternative contact methods:

ASDA contact number: 0800 952 0101 – press 1 for groceries and 2 for George, 3 for in-store orders

Email contact: ASDA Email Address

Chat topics include amending or canceling orders, customer returns, or complaints. If your query is related to a specific order then please have your details on hand.

Get help from online agents:

asda online hlep


  1. Bob

    Made an enquiry why my sim card is not working abroad. cannot activate and want to request my own number how can i do this, you have all the details provided waiting for an answer

  2. Nimrah Bashir

    Asda staff too rude they never ask on till for asda reward card they give offer online they will give you reward but they didn’t give

  3. Nimrah Bashir

    Asda staff too rude they never ask on till for asda reward card they give offer online they will give you reward but they didn’t give

  4. No matter

    I paid £4.50 for delivery and you did not deliver in the time slot I reserved!! Now u ask me to pay £ 1 per question??? You are thiefs!!!! F ******ck ASDA!!!

  5. Roxan Balaga Ruiz

    Hello Sir/Ma’am,

    I am ROXAN BALAGA RUIZ and I’m from the Philippines.
    I have a question about the company if its true or scam, I was applying before at your company ASDA STORES LTD then after a days they message me and i get hired they send a contract and cover letter and also the person who will help me to process my entry clearance Mr. James Collins the consultant officer of the immigration, I dont know this guy but i want to make sure if this is legit because i dont want to be scam and take my money for no reason, they want me to pay the entry clearsnce before they process my visa, they give me a contract and the cover letter for the visa processing… Hope you can help to check the documents and also Mr. James Collins the immigration consultant. Thank you so much its a big help for me.

  6. George Bray

    Tried online chat but no reply. I cannot log into my Asda App, it is saying my mobile number which I have always used is already in use.

  7. william mcardle

    ASDA mobile customer services are a very bad joke. Its almost impossible to comprehend what its operatives are saying. they operate from outside the UK and their accents are impenetrable.

  8. Tony

    A worker was knocking on my house with stuff claiming she worked at asda trying to sell next thing I not she smoking class a drug in my flat communal area name was donna with number on id 8448 i want this dealt with clearly robbing you

  9. Tracey holland

    I have changed my phone number tried signing in with my email and old number and password no nothing says I need a valid email but it is it’s always been the same for years and on my account Asda used my email to reset so yes it is right what’s going on

    • Lynnette Collister

      2 chickens delivered today 27/10/2022 with a use by date of 28/10/2022. Fed up of getting short use by dates in my home delivery, please sort this out Asda.

  10. Tracey Bradley

    I brought a tub of chocolates heroes on Saturday 8th October because it said they were £4.00 but it was advertised that £1.00 would be paid into my cash pot on the app. I have since checked and I have had no £1.00 refund , can you tell me why when it was advertised?

  11. Joyce Sheila Rogers

    i have tried to place a food order on your website only it just says it does not recognize my payment card , phoned your helpline but could not understand a word she said so had to end the call

  12. Tracey Graham

    Trying to contact Asda is a joke I can’t get my delivery so wanted a refund but don’t know how long I have to wait to get my money back

  13. Diamond Elliott

    Hi I came is asda on Saturday 16th October and used the disbled toilet and don’t know if I leave some keys in there on a green flower landyard with a lot of keys on take my number it 07471181079


    I have placed an order on line but cannot log in to complete sale. I have asked for a password reset but no emails from argos. Oder is in trolley

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