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ASDA Email Address

You can contact ASDA through their email form to provide feedback, complain about services, complain about drivers, returns, and refunds. Please read below for the list of their email addresses.

asda email address

Links below can be used if you want to get in touch with ASDA over email, in each form you will have to input some details about your query and you will receive a reply in your email.

ASDA Refund and exchange email address:

ASDA Driver Complaints email address:

Emails are usually responded to within 48 hours after being submitted. If you haven’t received a reply, you can use ASDA Live chat to connect to a live agent.

If you want to request to be removed from their marketing email list, use this form for submitting your request:



  1. Robert Choler

    ASDA, I just wanted to let you know that you are just the worst when it comes to any form of customer service. I have been charged for an installation that never took place, you promise that I will get a refund but each time I chase you for this I get “The Email is no longer in use”

    I get that this is your way of getting out of paying back the money you owe your customers but still, appalling

  2. Andrew C

    Hi, I am in Australia and have received an email from ASDA, which appears legit, saying I have set up an ASDA account using my email address. I definitely haven’t and am unsure what to do….I would rather not have to phone from Aus! I could try logging in using the ‘Forget Password’ option, but this doesn’t stop further changes by a scammer. I’m more concerned about any extra personal info that may have been submitted.
    Should I just do nothing?
    Andrew C

  3. Diane Verity

    I have downloaded the Asda rewards app back in 2022 and have had no issues at all until last Thursday 4 May 2023.

    The app would not let me back into my account and I had to re-enter my telephone number which it would not except, so I entered my husbands to gain a code for it to let me back in.

    Once I got back into my account my cash pot had been wiped clean i.e. it had gone back to £0.00 when I know the night before I had £12.01 in there.

    I have been trying to telephone you since Friday and have gone in store who could not help me.

    Can someone please look into this issue for me and let me know what has gone on.

  4. MargaretCollam

    I spent £81-00 in Asda last week, showed cashier my phone she told me do it at the end, showed at the end supposedly scanned it nothing came up, went back to cashier point blankedly told me she did not serve me, went to services told they can do nothing about it, why can Tesco, Sainsbury,s add point later, not at all happy with the service I received virtually called a liar, please contact me on this issue

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