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Argos Live Chat

Argos Live Chat is available every day between 7am and 9:45pm

Argos Live Chat

The online chat with Argos is the quickest way to speak to someone about your order. Have your receipt to hand as if you need to speak to them about your order as you are required to enter this beforehand.

Access the live chat using the button below


Other ways to talk to Argos support:

In case you can not get an answer from them through chat, you can also try tweeting them or messaging them on Facebook. Also you can try calling them.

For delivery inquiries please call: 0345 640 2020
For Store queries: 0345 640 3030
Argos phone support is available every day from 7am-10pm.

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Live Chat Directory of All UK Companies

Here we list all UK companies with a free live chat service. If we have missed a company, or you would like your company added to the live chat directory then please get in contact with us. 

As you know it can be a frustrating and complicated business trying to get through to the right department to discuss your needs or issues, or wait for a reply to an email or letter that you sent days ago. With live web chat, this problem is solved and is FREE. Whether it’s a refund or exchange, a product inquiry or a compliant or general question, the following list of retail stores, both high street and online makes communicating them a little easier and a lot cheaper. 


  1. Cmm

    Hi I am wanting to return an item I got from home delivery,I was told to take it to a store within Sainsbury’s ,only to find when I got all the way to the store in question for them to tell me they don’t except parcels there and the information I was given was wrong! I think the staff need to be kept up to date about these things before given false information out,

  2. Tony Needham

    I want to return a faulty Computer, the sound is faulty, which has totally put me off the producer. . I’ve tried to contact you by phone for the second time & after waiting for a quarter of an hour, I was finally be cut off. I’ve emailed the manufacturer for a return slip, but had no response , so I’m now wanting it collected for a refund.

  3. kimberley atkinson

    hi i have been advised to contact yous as i purchased a fridgemaster mc55240md white fridge freezer on the 10 02 20 del 13 02 20 when we went into lockdown the water troff as snapped 0rder number 240208701 my foods lastin a day if that as got hole thro door

  4. Barbara Faulkner

    Hi last week was advised by you to get an independent engineer to say that the Bush oven that I purchased from you had a manufacturer fault! I have done this, my order number is 241520909 I now need to know what do next!

  5. Mrs. P Woodgate

    I am still waiting for a £45 refund. I ordered an appple I phone and it arrived with a phone case I never ordered. I returned this too the driver.
    Mu order no is 1584166949. I have tried so many times to contact customer services.
    So disappointed in the service please arrange my refund soonest.

    Thank youm

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