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Three UK Email Address

Three (UK) email can be used for making complaints to the company as well as getting help with your services.

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Three Email Addresses:

For general queries about broadband/5G/mobile, send an email to:

For making a complaint to the company, send an email to:

While each case is unique, the company tries to respond to all emails within 1 working week.

If you need urgent help with your services, you can use Three live chat instead.

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  1. Jay Griffin

    Hi, the stupid internet is awful! It hasn’t been working for 2 hours and it says the wi fi is on but whenever i try to load something it dosen’t work! Not even on other devices, if you do not fix this i will sue the company for taking my money!

  2. Zoe Bolt

    To whom it may concern,

    RE: Three UK System Migration Consequences

    I know this is a long shot but I am hoping that somewhere within your Three UK organisation there is just a small piece of humanity existing.
    I have just been tremendously let down by your organisation and I can’t seem to get anybody to understand the enormity or emotion behind the mistake that has been made. To summarise what has happened, I had an account that expired on 09 May 2004 (yes 2004!), it was clear no money owing and long forgotten, that was until Wednesday 18th October when our mortgage broker advised us that funds will now not be released as I have an outstanding debt with Three. After much searching and a lot of help from the manager at your Basildon office it is found that you carried out a system migration earlier this summer and it has reactivated a number of ’dormant’ accounts thus generating non DD fees of £5. I was never informed of this and subsequently I ‘owed’ back payments to Three totalling £20. This being enough to trigger alarms on my previously accepted mortgage. So now 2 weeks before completion, after contracts have been signed and the possibility of financial penalties, not to mention the stress an error by Three – nothing to do with me a person who has never missed any payment in all my life – is deemed a bad enough credit risk for Barclays to withhold funds.
    This is where I am appealing to a piece of humanity instead of processes and rules. In order for my mortgage to be reinstated I need a letter (or email) saying the balance was in error (your call centre team have zeroed the balance already), the credit company will be informed of the error so the report will be corrected (call centre has said this will be done) and that the account has been cancelled (call centre confirmed this has been done). All the processes have been enabled but not one person can write an email or letter for me to give to my mortgage broker. A simple old fashioned act that sadly seems to be a step too far for the Basildon branch, Basildon area manager, Call centre staff and complaints team.
    By the time you get this letter through no fault of my own I would have lost the house, negatively impacted the lives of all the people involved in the chain and probably liable for thousands of pounds in penalties so you can forgive me for being angry and taking my plight to all that will listen – certainly the ombudsman is my first port of call and if I don’t get the mortgage I will be holding Three fully liable and will be looking to them to meet any losses I incur. I have never been one to complain or write letters but I am 100% disillusioned with how little, us the normal people are looked after.
    Like I said it would be great that I get a response from you or your team, even if it is just to say you will look into this migration issue and stop any other unsuspecting people have their credit scores take an absolute mauling.

  3. Blessing Friday

    Dear 3 Team,

    I am writing in displeasure as I wish to discontinue my contract with your network. My Line was purchased February 9th, 2023 at your store in Birmingham city center under Oluyomi Akinbo who stood in for me to start my contract as I was new to the UK.
    The sales person that attended to us said we were to be charged 24 pounds monthly for both sims that was purchased after three months of using the sim. In less than three months, I have already started paying for my sim. One of the sims has been out of use since February due to terrible network from 3. Asides this, change of ownership has been a hell of a coaster ride. I have been calling and I refuse to speak with any customer service representative any more concerning this issue.
    I have complained to your team severally that I am a student and I cannot afford to pay 24 pounds for just my sim but can afford 12 pounds and i was told nothing can be done. I believe we were lied to and I consider it deceitful as I did not even see the contract for myself but merely dwelt on word of mouth by a deceitful sales representative. I believe you have my records and call history and before the end of this week, I am taking this time out to inform you that I am moving to another service provider that is willing to charge me 10 pounds monthly. As far as this issues raised is concerned, I am willing to escalate the matter.

    Best regards

  4. Amanda Barnes

    First of all I am very angry on the way I have been treated, I cancelled my contract with you on the 1st April as I brought a new phone, you sent the pac code over to EE so I could keep my number.

    Then on the 15th April you sent me a letter saying you have set up an account, with a new number why? I did not ask for this I am so angry, when I called you I could not understand a word they were saying.

    Eventually he said I had to email you so you can go into my account, WHAT ACCOUNT?????????

    The letter was sent to my old address, I have since moved, and also change my surname so I was lucky to get this letter as I know the family who now live in my old address.

    My new details are

    Amanda Barnes
    4 Lechlade Court
    GL7 3JS

    Amanda Restell
    My OLD address
    1 Utah Close
    SN5 8ZF

    I want this sorted ASAP, or I will personally take this further

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