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John Lewis Email Address

You can use John Lewis email addresses for contacting their customer service about your order delivery, returns, refunds, stock availability, or to make a complaint.

John Lewis Email Address


John Lewis Email Addresses:

For general queries, go to the page below, and select your contact reason:

For online returns, follow the link below:

For refunds and refund queries, fill out this form:

For making changes to your order or cancellations, fill out this form:

While each case is unique, the company tries to respond to all emails within 2 working days.

If you need urgent help with your orders, you can use John Lewis Live Chat instead.

LiveChat Directory is not affiliated to, linked with, or otherwise endorsed by John Lewis. All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.


  1. Mr D Wells

    I tried telephoning John Lewis at Cheadle earlier today & was connected to a central call centre. They wanted lots of personal information before they could assist me, which to be honest was completely unnecessay as all I wanted was to speak to a staff member based at their Cheadle store to see if they had a certain fridge freezer in stock that I could actually view instore.
    Why, why can’t you speak to the store that you want too; John Lewis are not alone, lots of big names retailers adopt this frustrating & annoying procedure.

  2. David Sutton

    I read recently in the local press of a group that paid a visit to your distribution warehouse in Nursling. I would be interested in arranging a similar visit for a group I belong to who I am sure would find it most interesting. Is this something which could be arranged in the coming year please? If so, how many people can be accommodated on a visit.

  3. Mr JA Milton

    CASE-2*****47, 38*****8, 21:01. 2023 jn*****, Jonathan A Milton.
    Waitrose sent a wrong colored bed sheet. Excuse me your invoice says 605274 EG COT DP FTD 135CM LATTE 1 £22 40. A white sheet was ordered. Excuse me last year I bought an item at Oxford street and it was delivered to my flat by a black man who did not knock on my door but, pounded my door with his fist.
    When making purchases at waitrose I am subject to psychological abuse and now it is also the case that John Lewis also subjects my purchases to abuse. I am now making a complaint and I demand to deal directly with the delivery manager that controls deliveries because he is responsible for deliveries.
    You must link my above statement to the complaint so that the team knows what I have said and will then know that I am subject to abuse at John Lewis and the delivery manager is responsible for that, is that clear?
    Thanks for your assistance, I will now make a complaint.

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