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Shelter England Live Chat

Shelter England Live Chat is open for the following hours:

9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Shelter England Live Chat

The Shelter free webchat service offers all people living in England the opportunity to speak to trained housing advisers on your concerns. Most chats them usually take around 10 minutes, but they can be shorter or longer depending on your own personal circumstances or issues. Before talking to them, please have any relevant paperwork, information or details about your situation to hand. If you are living in Scotland or Wales, you will need to speak to the representatives at the following organisations. Shelter Scotland and Shelter Cymru.

To access the Shelter England live chat please click on the image below

Shelter England live chat


  1. stephen lapworth

    hi got problems with council me my wife live in a caravan im 65 dibectic 2 on tabs its getting me down as moving around in van every 14 days i do work gave council imformation that they want now their asking for 5 address that we dont have as moving around all the time the van is damp and gets cold all im asking is for a bungalow in coalville whitick where i work can you please help mr stephen lapworth mrs caroline lapworth

  2. Tammy Vaughan

    Hi there
    I’m just wondering if you can help me as Iv going through domestic violence with my ex husband I have got police crime references from all the times my ex partner as come to my home address causing issues, my kids are scared to leave the flat just incase he is around, I have spoken to the council about a move as I have got a non molestation going in place just waiting on the email about it. The council have said they can’t help me as my ex partner is on the tenancy still as he won’t remove his name off it and now I don’t know what to do, almost I’m in a 3 bed flat which is covered in mould and I have got a disabled daughter, my son sleeps in the living room as I have nowhere else to put him, the council knows all this and still won’t do any thing to help me

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