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Parcelforce Live Chat

The Parcelforce live chat is open for the following hours:

Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm
Saturdays and Sunday from 8am to 12.30pm

parcelforce live chat

Parcelforce customer service is ready to help you with any queries regarding your order, service interruptions, delivery problems, and account issues. ParcelForce delivers internationally and is managed by Royal Mail.

To track your package online, you can go to this page: Parcelforce tracking. If you still wish to contact their customer service, use the chat link below.

To access the free ParcelForce Live Chat, Click on the link below 

Parcelforce live chat

ParcelForce Customer Service:

You can contact the ParcelForce Customer service team via live chat, phone, and email. The phone and live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Email requests can take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled.

ParcelForce Contact Number: 0344 800 4466

ParcelForce Email Address: Online form

For deaf and hard-of-hearing customers, you can use the relay service by dialing 18001 03447480019. The service is available from 8am to 7pm from Monday to Friday and 8am to 12:30pm on Saturdays

How do I speak to someone at ParcelForce?

ParcelForce live chat is a service that allows you to connect to customer service agents online. The service is available to all UK users and is available 24/7. Follow the instructions provided on this page to connect to ParcelForce online chat. While the link is not verified by our team, their official help center recommends this link to start a conversation with a customer service representative.

Why should you use LiveChatDirectory?

We understand how hard it can be at times to get a refund or cancel an order or get compensation for a lost package. We’ve had over 1.7 million users over the past year, trying to connect to more than 800 brands in the UK, we can help you get the help you need as soon as possible.


  1. Frank O'Keeffe

    Hmmm… Daughter in Germany waiting on Christmas parcel which cost £50 to send. Tracking says waiting at depot as unable to deliver. Address of depot on card which was left. Only it wasn’t. So she doesn’t know where to go to collect it (and doesn’t want to risk delivery issue again). So rang the “customer service” line. Only no option to actually speak to someone, and at the end of all the non-applicable options, automatic termination of the call. No option on the website to find out the address of the depot. Found a number for HO in Milton Keynes. Gave the lady the details, whereupon she said “Oh! International. I’ll put you through”. Was just about to give up when a real person answered! She was brilliant. I explained the problem, gave her the tracking number, she looked on her system and gave me the address of where the parcel was being held. Took less than five minutes.But what a seriously, seriously flawed system around her. Thank you unknown lady for being a helpful person, instead of an uncaring and unhelpful robotic system

  2. Jackie Campbell

    Hi, we have been informed that a parcel was delivered at the London Central Depot, could you let us know where the London Central Depot is as we have not received this parcel and we have checked with all possible venues that it could be with but to no avail, We have a pic but it does not help at all. It says that it was signed by a Ben Stff, we have no idea who this is or where he works. The H******5, Its for a company called Fidelis and its a vital important parcel. Please could we find out where this parcel is. Jackie

  3. Sally Smith

    I log on to my account, click cancel order. States to refund we need to run a few more checks…..Click on button below to discuss your refund with a member of our live Help team. There is no button to click!!! When I go on your website and click on ‘Chate Agent online’ takes me to contact us page but no live link, when I phone the number it give me automated responses that doesn’t give information to resolve my issue. Please help!

  4. Gill Wicks

    EH543477710GB your tracking systems states this was delivered 27.9.23 14.40pm with a photo of printed note saying customer refused photograph taken, this is a total lie as we were not at home. All other deliveries take a photo of either where left in our porch or the address of the neighbour they left it with.
    Could you please look into this. I have contacted FineNordic who sent the parcel o/n 921760 and have them to contact you as well.
    Please acknowledge asap


    Gill Wicks

  5. Audoen Healy

    I cannot comment on this appalling service because when I do I get a message saying “comment awaiting moderation ” and then it doesn’t get published.
    They are acting as a law unto themselves.

  6. Audoen Healy

    Parcelforce were supposed to deliver essential machine parts last Friday. I paid an employee to stay at my home all day. They did not deliver. Message said they could not find my house. Royal mail have been delivering to this house for over 100 years. Amazon and everybody else can find it. They were supposed to deliver today. They did not. Same lame excuse. Employee time and wages wasted. They have my phone number. They never bothered to call. They are criminally useless.
    There is no way to contact this Royal Mail company when they let you down.
    I am down 2 days wages and my equipment lies idle for another week.
    If I wasn’t so busy I would take them to court and sue them for my losses.
    AVOID this company.

  7. Roger Moore

    From previous experience I can vouch that Parcel force are not fit for purpose and from my prospective it would be a blessing to see this branch of the post office go into administration with another company taking over their role. Allegedly they stated they had tried to deliver but no card was left, so after no parcel delivery I contacted the company and had to speak to the computer which stated the parcel would be re delivered on 5/9/2023 so I stayed in all day to receive it, by 6pm it still hadn’t arrived so I checked the tracking system and it stated it was out for delivery, however it never arrived. The next day I checked the tracking and the entry for the 5/9/2023 had been deleted but it now showed it would be delivered on 6/9/2923, again I stayed in to accept it but of course no surprise here as it didn’t arrive. DO NOT USE THIS RUBBISH COMPANY.

  8. Mrs Jenni Dowson

    How can I actually get to speak to someone?? The numbers Iv tried are automated option to speak to someone.I bought a shower from eBay parceforce attempted delivery twice and couldn’t?? This is a shop open 7-am-9pm!! No text to say it had arrived ..I ended up contacting the seller if the shower who gave me a reference number managed to get it redirected to a post office to get there and nothings been sent…I can’t get in touch with no card or text ..and no parcel..

  9. Sandra Hall

    Hi Parcel Force, my delivery is making a 4th attempt today. The message on your site & GLS site states the consignee was not present. That can not be the case as the delivery address is an office with at reception desk which is operational during working hours. Can you please urgently get back to me.

  10. Carol Burrows

    Paid on Thursday for next day delivery, waited in all Friday and no delivery.
    Looking at my tracking…
    Friday 0407 Received Leeds.
    Friday 0453 Prepaired for delivery
    Saturday 0358 Received Leeds
    Do they deliver in a van or use a Horse like other cowboys

  11. Natasha sheldon

    You have delivered my parcel to completely the wrong address! The photo is not my house! Where is my parcel? You apparently tried to deliver yesterday and the parcel was refused. I have been in on both days!

  12. Paddy

    Took the day off work to wait for a parcel that was supposed to be delivered before 12pm, it got to 6pm and still no parcel, tracked it and they said they tried to deliver and left a card what a total lie I have cameras on my door and was in all day no one came near my house, then I tried to speak to someone and was on hold for 45 mins and then cut off because they had closed, what a joke I will be avoiding any business with this company in the future, I’ve got to take another day off work tomorrow to wait for the parcel again I’m so mad 😡

  13. Allan Hinchliffe

    HELLO PARCEL FORCE !! is anybody there ? When can I expect this parcel picking up from 14 Hubert Street Withernsea HU19 2AT. I’ve never come across carp like this in my entire life !!

  14. Allan Hinchliffe

    Can someone from Parcel Force just ring me please ? It’s dead easy. Just Key into a phone 0*****4 and ask for Allan Hinchliffe. We will take it from there. I have a dead alternator to return to Portsmouth, it’s boxed up ready with its return label which was sent to me. Regards Allan HInchliffe Withernsea East Yorks.

  15. Bruce Dunham

    What a truly terrible company !!!, waited in all day for a parcel then got a txt msg to say they attempted to deliver the parcel THEY DIDNT I WAS SITTING THERE WAITING !!!!!, no card was left as the msg stated so now have to wait two days and go to the nearest post office which 5 miles away !!!!.

    To say I’m angry and frustrated is an understatement !!!!, and to make matters worse you cant even talk to anyone !!!!! PARCELFORCE your FOOKING TERRIBLE !!!!!!!

  16. R Parrett

    Parcelforce waste of time, cannot speak to anybody without having to pay them first!!!! Had no knock on the door, no card left, a big inconvenience on a print item for a client I’ve paid for rush turnaround with delivery next day

    • Paddy

      Exactly the same as me mate and there seems to be a hell of a lot of other people with the same complaint, this company are scammers making millions by taking money for a 24hr and 48hr service that they don’t then live up to!,

  17. Karen Pollen

    Parcelforce said they tried to deliver. They did not and therefore there has not been a card left. How do I get to talk to someone to sort this out. The online service is diabolical!

  18. b coleman

    was told by parceleforce woman she told me it would be a pick up on Monday witch was a lie no parceleforce did not pick up caused me a lot of time waystead 4 days would never use them again when the employ liars

  19. Guy Walker

    Dear sir
    I am trying to send a large box item through Parcel Force. I can’t complete the form because I don’t have a mobile telephone. How can I proceed? Regards. Guy Walker

  20. P. Boucher

    Parcelforce gives you several texts when your parcel will be delivered, but driver comes out of these times, cannot speak to anyone, very very annoying, when waiting for the parcel

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