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Halifax Live Chat

Halifax Online Chat is open for the following hours:

Halifax webchat is available through its mobile app. Read below for ways to contact Halifax customer service. To connect to the chat, log into the app using the link below:

Online Chat Halifax

Halifax is a banking institute, a division of the bank of Scotland. It is headquartered in the United Kingdom. There are many services offered by their customer service. Online Chat Halifax links can be found at the end of this section.

Contact Center Services Halifax:

This set of services can be done by contacting the Halifax contact center:

  • How to apply for an account
  • Check account balance
  • Changing account details, name, and address
  • Questions and queries about their services

For making complaints, please use the Halifax Email Address for a faster turnaround time.

There are different ways you can get in touch with their support team to get the service you want.

  1. Call them: Their customer service can be accessed through phone calls. contact numbers can be found in their website. Alternatively, call them directly from the mobile banking app.
  2. Tweeting them: You can tweet them on their Twitter account. They usually respond within 1 working day. but don’t Tweet any personal, account, log in, or financial details. We’ll never ask you for this type of personal information through Twitter or direct you to a web page that asks for this information.
  3. Go into one of their branches

To access Halifax support, click on the link below

Online Chat Halifax

If you prefer emails, you can use the Halifax Email Address instead.

Halifax Customer Service Opening Times:

While the availability depends on the service you need help with, for most services, the customer support team is available from Monday to Friday: 7am to 10pm and Saturday & Sunday: 8am to 6pm

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  1. Johnguy Craig

    I would like to order new computers for the Halifax building society royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking group yours faithfully John guy Craig

  2. Johnguy Craig

    dear sir or madam if you ring any inland revenue.and ask when you buy a business how long do you not have to pay the inland revenue tax and when you change the name of the business how long do you have not have to pay inland revenue tax yours faithfully John guy Craig

  3. John guy Craig

    I John guy Craig own a lot of business and buildings and television stations I did not take the money for the declaration grant after I got the new boiler system and heating and new gas meter I took legal advice and told Isabelle I don’t have to take the declaration grant yours faithfully John Craig

  4. brogan brooke

    i have received a new bank with my old pin being the same and i have tried to use it several times and its saying i have put my pin in wrong what do i need to do to activate my new bank card

  5. Nimmy

    Hi team,

    I have one doubt regarding opening an account in this bank. I am a student. I have bank request letter from university with the address which i am stayed. And also i have NI form having the same address. Is this okay for starting account ? Along with this i have BRP and passport. Could you please confirm whether i need to bring any other documents.



    I have been on this dam phone for over 15 min get someone to answer your phone”s I needs to know what a building society roll number is.

  7. Sevket kalayci

    Hi dear

    I have closed my Halifax account long time ago but when I am checking my credit score
    It’s shows Halifax default
    I would like to learn why?

  8. Stuart

    Hello I was meant to be having a refund from yourselves from yesterday a lady said it would take 24 hours but it’s not there cloud someone ring me or let me take out the 100 please 07495445407

  9. Godwin Musulila Govathson

    Thank you for your support , The app on my phone will not let me sign in it keeps saying ‘Halifax has stopped’. How do I get the app on my phone up and running again.

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