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One Call Insurance Live Chat

One Call Insurance Live Chat Is Open For The Following Hours:

From Monday to Friday: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturdays and Sundays: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm


Once you land on the page below, scroll down to the stage 1 segment where the “start chat” button is. Click on “start chat”. Fill in the form and you will be connected to the first available agent.

To access the One Call Insurance Live Chat, you can click on the image below

One Call Insurance live chat

One Call Insurance Customer Service

You can contact the OneCallInsurance customer service team via live chat, phone, and email. The phone and live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Email requests can take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled.

One Call Insurance Phone Number: 01302 567800

One Call Insurance Live Chat is a feature for its customers to get in touch with them instantly and for no cost. The experienced customer support agents are on hand to answer your queries. This includes changes to your vehicle, changes to your personal details, adding or removing a driver, and payment and claims questions. They also help in documentation checking, general inquiries, and policy cancellations. The Web Chat cannot be used for canceling automatic renewals or to start a new claim.

To complain to them via email, use the One Call Insurance Email Address. *The email can only be used for complaints, and they do not offer customer service through email at the moment. Looking for a One Call Insurance guide? read the most common queries and answers here.


  1. Arkadiusz Zak

    I have cancelled my car insurance before renewal date and I hava twice chat with people on they live chat no one has cancelled now send me a bill to pay over £200 for cancellation. No more with this company. No support line available and chat is not good people not listen other people on that chat you are asking for cancellation and they talk to you for another renewal.

  2. Anthony Platt

    I had an email from One Call on 21 November on: “Could you get from A to B without a car – Guarantee a replacement vehicle for as little as £2.95* a month or £28.95 annually” Could you let me know on this?, as although I do have a courtesy car included on my policy with Sabre Insurance, they are saying I am no longer entitled to a courtesy car as I have already been compensated on my claim of 3 October.

  3. Ian Briggs

    need to change details of present van insurance. Please advise how to contact anybody frone one call insurance about this. No my concerns are not on your portal. “one call insurance” ajoke “no call insurance” more like as you never answer. maybe i should stop payments and see how fast you answer then.

  4. Donald Alexander Redmond

    Insurances: 00*****0 Car Insurance S****D I would like to cancel my car insurance from 20/10/2023 as I no longer own the vehicle.

  5. Brian Richards

    Hello, I wish to cancel my car insurance on skoda citigo VN62 GUD. My address is The Castle Cottage, Holme Marsh, Lyonshall,Kington, Herefordshire Hr5 3js. Brian.

  6. catherine anne bowen

    i have been trying to make contact to cancel automatic renewal because the car has been SOLD, but unable to contact anyone either by phone or webchat which waiting time seems to get longer not shorter. Option to call back seems to take forever .HOW DO YOU CONTACT SOMEONE TO RESOLVE QUERY? RIDICULOUS SITUATION.

  7. Rose-Marie Corrin

    The police say that my car is not insured. I know it is but I changed my car in June 23 and the number plate was WN71 XGT. I have since changed to a private number plate RO5 PTR. Would you check whether you have the later plate on my insurance please.

  8. Hilda McPherson

    I recently moved house and wished to cancel the present policy and transfer it on to the new property, however it turned out it was going to be dearer, so I advised the member of staff that I would get back to her. My policy does not end until November, and I moved in July. I have now received a cancellation letter asking for a payment of £56.76 to be refunded to them due tome cancelling the policy. The premium for the year was £56.76 for house contents cover only. I cannot get through to anyone by telephone. I cannot get in touch by e-mail, so this is my last resort. Can someone please call me to talk this whole matter through and come to some conclusion as I certainly not paying back the premium when I only had a few months left before renewal anyway.

  9. Liz Gordon

    This is the most frustrating site ever. First I tried two phone numbers on my documents but a recorded message said this service was no longer available, and I was to use the on-line Portal. I spent hours trying to find a way, via the Portal, to present the matter I wanted to discuss but it only gives FAQ s, none of which applied to me. After about 2 hours I eventually found a way to contact the supposed helpline, by pretending that I wanted to change my policy details, to find that I was number 47 in the queue. I waited almost a further hour. Then I was told I had contacted the wrong department. However I was put through to another. Who knew that there were different departments? Does it tell us that anywhere? The discussion with the agent went round and round (does anyone know the song “There’s a hole in my bucket? ” it was like that) without me getting what I wanted to know. The only useful information the agent gave me was a phone number which linked me to an actual person, though I had to wait a while, was informed twice by an American automated voice that I was number 0 in the queue but nothing happened. I was wondering if being 0 in the queue meant I was nowhere and wouldn’t get an answer, then a nice man with a northern accent actually spoke to me, clarified my situation, which was not complicated, and answered other questions. It is actually quite hard to find the relevant documents from the portal. The only advantage of this company is that it is relatively good value, but I have not needed to contact One Call in an emergency and am rather worried about potential lack of availability if I were to be in trouble needing assistance in the dark on a lonely road with a poor phone signal. I tried to leave a message on their site but it was blocked. I see from the documents that the company is registered in Gibraltar. Does that explain why it’s so hard to contact?

    • Gaynor Rustage

      Total waste of over an hour just trying to change my address on my car insurance. When I try to log on portal it tells me to register. When I register it tells me I already exist. When I use my passwords it says my credentials do t match. When I go on chat they ask for payment to speak to an engineer. Terrible customer service.


    Not able to get communication with this company by live chat , some automation service which does not cover issue. Not able to change myself in portal , have changed name by deed poll and legal document sent to the company recorded delivery and signed for but no notification, or acknowledgement , and so far just despairing at the hours and many attempts to sort. Advice re how to would be much appreciated, but meanwhile just due to this sent a complaint by post re issues.


    I have tried for several hours to get through to One Call car insurance so can advise change of name by deed poll. Also sent recorded delivery legal document of same 3 wks ago but no direct live chat communication and left with autominated service that does not give answers for this, just keeps on making irrelevant suggestions. I despair at all these failed attempts , can someone who may have had to change their name on documents for any reason, marriage, etc, please advise. Thanks Jill

  12. Steve Merrigan


    I have broken down and you are sending a recovery out to me but I also have breakdown recovery with the RAC who can be with me sooner than your estimate. can you cancel your recovery please. The recovery reference is B9*********1, this was requested a few minutes ago. Please confirm via my mobile 0**********3.

    Many thanks

  13. Roseanna White

    I went on live chat earlier this afternoon,to ask why my monthly payment hadn’t been taken out this month,& she asked was there anything else the technician should know ,& I said my insurance expires next month & could I be sent some quotes before then,so she asked me to pay£1to fill in a form & put in my card details in,why would I have to do that,when I’m only asking a simple question,when yr office opens in the morning Saturday,could u please ask a member of staff to call me my mob is:07******4.

  14. steven pulsford

    i cannot get any details for my no claims bonus.i have not had an accidentfor 8/10 years.i rarely drive far ,i have had my van over 2 years and only added 50 miles.

    please quote price without bonus thanks

  15. scott

    LIVE CHAT = unable to chat, sending me letters, i am trying to provide what you need but seems impossible to do.

    please contact me or just take what i’ve sent which has everything on it.

    • Live Chat Admin

      Hello Scott, The live chat button will only appear during working hours. If the live chat service is offline, you can try sending an email by logging into your customer portal.

      • Oliver Belson

        I have to say the hardest people to communicate with and somehow i get less than a 1/6 of my policy premium back after less than 2 months of cover when I finally managed to work out how to cancel my policy. Live Chat? Its just a button that goes nowhere – even in the middle of the working hours presented on the website.

  16. Ms Audrey Marshall

    Why has my home insurance policy been cancelled, you have been paid by direct debit for April, when the new 2023 policy started and have now sent me a threating letter??. I have checked my online account and the direct debit is there for the year.

  17. Sue Taylor

    One Call Insurance couldn’t be crapper. Should change their name to NO RESPONSE INSURANCE. They have cancelled my home insurance because I enquired about ocver for when my extension is being built. The Live Chat is a joke. They hid the link in the COMPLAINTS SECTION OF THE WEBSITE, otherwise you’ve got a million to one chance of finding it. What a bunch of jokers.

  18. Stanley Swinn

    I have received a cancelation notice for my car insurance policy 04*****63 and its not the first time. The payment should be taken by direct debit for some reason this isn`t happening and the problem is not at my end please resolve thankyou.
    P.S. We do not have a problem with our other policy on the same bank account.


    I do not wish to renew my car insurance due for renewal on 14th April.
    I have received a better offer for the same cover.
    Please contact me on 0*******5 to discuss.

  20. Shona e mackay

    Can u please get in touch as I’ve tryed getting threw to company one call I renewed my insurance we u nothing has been send out to my house as I don’t do the portal stuff x I’ve always been sent by post please get InTouch 0*****78

  21. nigel duckett

    The Website is useless, I wanted to contact them, the site says use “live chat” but it just sends you around in circles and is incredibly frustrating. If you advertise “live Chat” you should have it! Then if you try ringing them the message takes three minutes until you can get any options. This is enough for me to stop using them, the slightly lower price does not make it worth all the agro!

  22. Peter Watkinson

    Absolutely appallingly run company with no regard whatsoever for the small person (general motorist).
    My vehicle run into over xmas by a policeman who immediately admitted liability. I had dashcam footage. No support, No back up, No offer of hire car, Couldn’t contact anyone at company, Couldn’t get a straight answer on live chat. No car over xmas. Ended up fixing it myself and now I’M RECORDED AS BEING AT FAULT!!!!!
    I wish I’d read these comments before taking insurance out with them.. Going straight on google now to give a bad review. My advice STEER CLEAR or if your caught in a wrangle with them already Complain via company ONCE then get onto ombudsman..

  23. P.Reed

    Would not recommend one call, no telephone contact details, no contact to renew policy, no one to deal with on a personal level.

  24. Jannoth

    So many new friends !!!! I thought I was alone in struggling with One Call, but everyone else in the same boat.

    Dear One Call: you are a disgrace and should immediately be closed down by FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service). Taking customers’ premiums then running away when it’s time for Service is tantamount to theft. There are laws against that. If you pay for petrol you expect petrol; if you pay for window cleaning you expect cleaned windows; if you pay for car insurance you expect to be able to notify the broker of a claim, explain details and ask questions, seek guidance and reassurance at an extremely stressful time.

    My car got damaged when it slid off the road (caused by ice / diesel spillage) and you were NOWHERE!

    Will the car be collected and repaired, will I get a courtesy car as per my policy and when, what about the excess payment .. what is the point of a insurance broker who hides from customers???????

    Just look at all those complaints and change your approach (but if course, you merely avoid feedback).

    • Valentina Isabella Laios

      I’ll try to contact one call insurance fro 3 days but is impossible,I can’t in to chat online, nobody answer the phone…nothing!!!, is a ghost company. I don’t want to renew my car policy. Not recommend 😕

  25. Sarah S

    My car insurance was renewed without giving me notice and without a renewal quote. I have made no claims at all yet my policy was renewed at an extra £60 cost!!
    One Call tried to take it directly out of my bank account, but fortunately I hadn’t set up a DD so they couldn’t do it.
    I’ve tried countless times to get in touch with them – I even tried through Paypal’s dispute system, but as I no longer have any documentation or emails from OC, I can’t even log into their “portal” to provide my (now lapsed) policy number to tell them that I DON’T WANT TO INSURE WITH ONECALL EVER AGAIN.

  26. Eileen Pinfold

    I need advice as my car has been declared cat N but all I get is messages about electronics.
    UNBELIEVABLE!! I just want to talk to somone

  27. C Uwins

    Oh my god, I have made a mistake taking a policy with them. They charged me extra money with out my authorisation and there is no one to talk to. My policy is not on the portal so it says there are no live policy. Do not insure with ONE CALL. They were excellent before not amymore.

  28. Jackie

    For anyone trying to get on the live chat,I got through by pressing complaints,then scrolling down and it should say start live chat click on that 😁

  29. Jackie

    Right I need to get hold of someone asap this is serious for me! Your stupid portal is not working!!!! How are people supposed to get hold of you!!!!! I have under a week to get hold of you!!! There is no phone number nothing!!! DO NOT BOTHER USING THESE USELESS INSURERS!

  30. P Guppy

    Have been trying to contact your company for a renewal quote for our 2 cars. Have now been trying for 2 days, is the company still in existence. If NO answer by return will go elsewhere.
    Reg of cars HGxxxxTB …….HGxxxxB
    2nd car MTxxxxK

  31. Josephine Woodward

    This company is a joke! All phone numbers are now closed, no email address anywhere, and LiveChat doesn’t work. These people should be prosecuted as they are obviously crooks. Renewal home insurance premium is printed on my Policy Schedule but amount taken from my bank account £20.50 more than stated premium! No way to contact them for an explanation or refund. It’s disgraceful that these shysters are allowed to trade as they are fleecing the public.


    i wish to cancel an auto renewal on march first 2022,can’t get the registration system portal to work,can’t use live chat,please advise,yours d dooley

  33. Eric Swift

    I would like to cancel the renewal for my One call house insurance, as I have just taken a house insurance policy with AXA.

    One Call Insurance policy number: HE20313137996

  34. Anthony Okoye

    I want to cancel my insurance I took which started on the 28/10/2021 which I paid in full.
    What is the cancellation fee and how do I get my money credited back

  35. william galashan

    How can you run a business like this, no way I can contact you regarding my car insurance which is due for renewal soon. Don’t blame covid now.

  36. Gary Cotten


  37. Mr David Edwin Price

    I have taken out a new carinsurance policy with Portal Onecall Insurance but not been notified if the cover has been started-as my previous insurance ends on 10October 2020

  38. Angela marnoch

    I’m disappointed as I’ve not been able to speak to anyone. All I want to find out what price is my next car insurance which is due next month

  39. Pete 2262

    I am having no luck at all using the on line portal to upload my NC discount. I have just phoned customer services at 0925 am today (Friday) and its saying that you are closed? Really? Very disappointing to say the least

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