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One Call Insurance Email Address

One Call Insurance does not offer customer service through email. You can, however, use the email address below for submitting a complaint against the company.

emailing one call Insurance uk


One Call Insurance Email Address for making complaints:

For complaining directly to the financial ombudsman:

Based on the reports, 69% of the insurance-policy-related complaints are resolved within 3 working days, while 35% of credit-related complaints were handled within 3 working days. The time it takes for your complaint to be reviewed depends on your case. Make sure you include all the supporting documents in your email when registering your complaint.

If you need help with your policy or if you want to register your complaint directly to the company, you must use the One Call Insurance Live Chat instead.

LiveChat Directory is not affiliated to, linked with, or otherwise endorsed by One Call Insurance. All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.


  1. Sophie

    I have been in the web chat queue for 2 hours now, stuck at No. 5. My current insurance with you expires on the 23rd, but the money (annual) was taken out on the 8th. This is a scam. I have no choice but to complain to the ombudsman.

  2. Susan Mary Rae

    I have received a note from you regarding cancellation of the car insurance. I dont think you have your information correct. I never asked you to insure my car for another year. I had already taken out an insurance with another company. Just so you understand the direct debit which you continued to charge me ,without my permission has already been cancelled. I shall not be responding to you any further regarding this matter.

  3. John kelly

    Ridiculous service, Live chat doesn’t work tried to change over insurance to another car, no use all one call does is screw you money wise then don’t want to know you,

  4. Josephine Fitter

    I want my renewal insurance cancelled immediately I was not contacted about it to give me a chance to look elsewhere you just took it out of my account I want the money returned to my account by tomorrow if not I will contact the bank and put the payment you took in dispute, and I will not come back to your company.

  5. STEVE

    I tracked down the email of their CEO Nik Springthorpe, emailed him personally, and he replied and then put me onto a member of his care team. There was a long (and pretty frank) conversation, but the crux is that as of now (Aug 2023) it turns out that there is a LiveCHat link which I have tested (it seems to work OK) and it is

    ALso, the current customer care phone is 01302 567800, open Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm. The former number, though still connected, is defunct.

    Hope this helps someone.

    • Jim

      Steve, I think you work for one call. I’ve just used the live chat,it took me just under an hour and a half, then they couldn’t help-through to the wrong dept I’d have to start all over again. Usual excuse phone lines are particularly busy at the moment!! More staff then to cope with busy times??
      The phone number is for bereaved and vulnerable people only and they won’t deal with any other query.
      Portal only for everything, if your query isn’t on the list you’re stuck.
      Unfortunately your email wouldn’t help anyone.

  6. k payne


    Ive never come accross a company that has zero human interaction before .

    Took out a policy paid in full , nothing showing on the portal the next day , so much for 2 hours .
    Try to ask whats going on , portal only and as i `have no policy` i have no access
    ok lets call , no , portal only
    ok then email , no portal only
    complain , portal only
    Called the only number thats around , its claims only and no direct contact …………

    Found an email address , no idea if its used or ? complained but not holding my breath

    what can you even say ………….

  7. Adele Swift

    My car insurance has been cancelled with you for well over a year if not 2 years but I can see from my banking that you are still taking a direct debit payment of £3.99 on 10th of each month. I don’t know what this is for? When I login, there is no active policy and no way to view my old policy. There is no contact number to reach you. I can’t access live chat. I am really annoyed. I am about to go to financial ombudsman with a claim if you don’t respond to me urgently.

  8. Clive Peglar

    Cannot contact ONE CALL INSURANCE -no phone no LIVE CHAT -appalling service!

    I wish to cancel home insurance renewal immediately.

    Contact: c****

    please reply!

  9. andrew mccowan

    I have been trying to contact one call through the customer portal to no avail as I wish to cancel my policy as I have sold my motorcycle. The live chat does not seem to respond and there is no phone number to call and speak to an actual human. This must be the worst insurance company I have dealt with in 60 years of motoring.

  10. P. Reed

    0******5 this policy should have finished October 2022, we have not renewed , no contact has been received from one Call. No policy received for 2023.

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