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O2 Live Chat

The O2 live chat is open for the following hours:

8am – 8pm, every day of the week

O2 Mobile Live Chat

The friendly and experienced team of agents at O2 Mobile Live Chat is available to help you with any of your queries or concerns. This includes questions about your account or billing and payments.  They will also support you with questions about a product you have bought or you are looking to buy and any technical help or support you require. The free webchat button can be found in the top left-hand corner of the page.  When you launch the webchat, you will be taken to the next available agent in little or no waiting time.

To access the O2 Live Chat, Click on the link below 

O2 Mobile Live Chat

How to Contact O2 Customer Service?

You can contact the O2 Customer Service team via live chat, phone, and email. The phone and live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Email requests can take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled. You can call them at 0344-809-0202 or call 4445 if calling from your O2 phone.

How do I speak to someone at O2?

O2 live chat is a service that allows you to connect to customer service agents online. The service is available to all UK users and is available from 8am to 9pm on weekdays and 9am to 5pm on weekends. Follow the instructions provided on this page to connect to 02 live chat. If you want to make a complaint, you can submit your letters to O2 email address.

O2 Customer Service Opening Times:

The customer support team is available from Monday to Friday: 8am – 9pm Weekends: 9am – 5pm. You can also contact the customer care team through the live chat service to reduce your waiting time.

Why should you use LiveChatDirectory?

We understand how hard it can be at times to get a refund or cancel an order or get compensation for a lost package. We’ve had over 1.7 million users over the past year, trying to connect to more than 800 brands in the UK, we can help you get the help you need as soon as possible.



    There is something wrong with the signal in Coton in the Elms, DE12 8EZ and your response to my status issues are not helpful

    The signal is never good, but lately worse than ever. O2 completed improvement work on the mast a couple of weeks ago, and we were without signal for 5 days. It then came back on but was worse than before and then over the last few days appalling. No signal most of the time and then when having managed to find a signal have been cut off mid conversation.

    Coton in the Elms from a signal point of view is like living in the dark ages! I don’t have problems anywhere else.

    I have recently posted on the village facebook chat. Not one person has said they are happy with the service they receive from O2 whilst in the village and all say they are experiencing problems.

    Please, please get it sorted and stop telling us there are no issues.


    I tried to cancel O2 Contract. I sent text to cancel on November 6th 2023. I received the confirmation from o2 that the case will be process within one working day. However, o2 still charges me and sends me bills. I dont live in the UK any more and won’t be able to make calls for cancellation. Hence, please assist my case so that o2 dont charge me. The number I want to end the contract is 07*****9. Just end the contract please.

  3. Lipschitz Binyomin

    Hi my mobile number is 07******9 and I can call out and text out but unfortunately I can’t receive any calls and text please help me.

  4. Tiffany

    When is live chat gonna be on says it starts at 8 and not on our joke. I struggle to hear and need to speak to them by live argh

  5. Kathleen T Cook

    Not happy been in now 4 days on the run waiting for my Samsung to be delivered to 8 noble street Sunderland sr2 8lu could u please ring me on 0790xxxx51 if been trying all day to get hold of yourselves but carnt as not on 02 network so it’s difficult thanku please ring as feel waiting for nothing

  6. Bernadette P Brown

    I am out of the UK and need a direct email address for Moorcroft, in order to bring closure to this situation. Please.


  7. Bernadette P Brown

    I visited the shop before leaving UK to cancel my contract. Was told to do so online. Found the webpage confusing. However, replied using previous emails from 02 but heard nothing. Case has been referred to Moorcroft. Moorcroft Ref. 003263457702. Client Ref. 1042335020.

  8. Lucy Davies

    Hi, I need a new Sim as had phone replaced today but Sim did not arrive. My home no is 01978 355618. My mobile no for my o2 acc is 07973865729. But this has gone with DPD delivery guy. This was explained when i made my claim, that i could not get Sim out. Please contact ASAP xx Thank Lucy 🙂

  9. leslie darby

    my personal mobile has been turned off ,my bill was paid on tuesday ,i have no means to contact you about this as i do not have an alternative number,my mobile number is 07715339845

  10. shawn leech

    cannot access to cancel my tariff 09/11/20 O2 shops say need to do on line but WILL NOT let me to sign in absolutely rubbish service its is my sons phone and as I am also with O2 will not be staying with you when my contract ends

  11. Anita Law

    I have just received my first monthly airtime bill (a new contract) and it is more than agreed on my new contract. I entered into a £16 per month airtime inclusive of VAT and I have an airtime bill for £18 96 not what was agreed or signed for. Can someone explain why I am paying more ?

  12. Fiona West

    I am so very tired of trying to pay a bill…someone please CALL ME.
    I simply want you to make my last payment… has been impossible to finalise my bill.
    I am now with plusnet therefore cannot connect to anything o2 related..especially since your emailing support has closed.
    I received an email from mycare Friday 28th August & have been trying to pay since Monday 31st when back in a good phone service area, unfortunately my bank does not feel the banking information given to pay online is safe! so I have reinstated my direct debit… payment due is
    The mycare reference is
    I owe £18.63
    You will find from your recorded Live line chats how often I have tried…Yet today I cannot get a live chat, only the most unhelpful computerised one!

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