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NHS Live Chat

NHS Live Chat is open for the following hours:


24 hours – 7 days a week


Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 10.00pm
Saturday and Sunday, 9.00am to 5.00pm

NHS provides live chat for patients who are experiencing an emergency. The service is available in England and Scotland, each of them has their own portal. The online chat service is a fast and reliable solution for people who need urgent help. The alternative is to call 111 directly.

NHS has been providing different services to facilitate the caretaking of their patients across the United Kingdom. The tool used in Scotland is named “webchat” and it can be accessed via the links mentioned below. Please note that all the information you share through live chat will be kept confidential as part of their terms of service. The average queue wait time is less than 6 minutes and you will be connected to a support team member as soon as possible.

How to do a live chat with NHS:

Through using their live chat you can:

  • find a way to get healthcare in your area
  • get advice from professionals on self-care
  • in emergency cases, get help from professionals

To access the live chat in England, click on the link below

NHS Live Chat in England

To access the live chat in Scotland, click on the link below

NHS Live Chat in Scotland

If the NHS online chat is offline, you can use the NHS Email addresses instead.

You can alternatively contact NHS via phone:

NHS England Phone Number: 0300 311 22 33

The information above is gathered by the LiveChatDirectory editorial team. If you have an emergency issue please directly call 111 to get support. If there are any companies in the UK that we have missed, or if we have missed your company, please let us know by contacting us via email. The contact information can be found in our contact us page.


  1. Andrew Osborne


    My friends son has a diagnosis of ASD and has eating/food problems. He is unable to take tablets so has been prescribed liquid vitamin D. We have been to pretty much all of the major pharmacies in the area and none stock this at all and have not offered to order this in for him. Could you advise at all please?

  2. Danielle Poolton

    Danielle Christ pain Danielle coming now cut myself shaver very bad today Danielle helping me Danielle ambulance today visit me now Danielle

  3. Anonymous

    Hi. My mum has been on trulicity injections for diabetes type 2 since June 2020. Anytime she administers a dose (every Tuesday) she feels really sick on Wednesdays and has an ‘eggy’ taste when she burps. Is there any advice you could provide which may help her situation? Thanks

  4. Trudie Potter

    I took my husband to A&E on Sunday early morning as he was c/o pains in his abdomen, sharp griping pains, they gave him morphine and sent him home later that day. that evening he began to shiver uncontrollably c/o chills although he was very hot, this lasted about 15 mins it then calmed down and he was able to sleep. today (Monday ) he has been ok although woozy and tired c/o pains all over his abdomen although not serious. He went to bed at 8pm this evening , then it started again , same thing lasting about 15 mins, he was c/o pain all over his body,I thought he was becoming delirious, but again it calmed down, what is the cause of this and is it serious as I am worried he is 64?

  5. Rachel JARVIS

    i have been having a painful migraine for the last 24 hours and no painkillers seem to help, i also take levothyroxine which can cause head aches but theyve only seem to make it worse so i was hoping there could be some tablets that could help

  6. Tracy Cartwright

    Good Afternoon, My daughter after showing covid symptoms had a test last Friday 25th September at Willenhall drive through centre, as of today we have not received any result. Is this normal ? when can we expect the result please. Her name is Emmy Phillips DOB 22022000

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