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Marks and Spencer Email Address

You can contact Marks and Spencer email address for a variety of reasons. Emails are usually replied to within 2 working days. 

To contact their customer service via email, you can send an email to:

Alternatively, you can fill out their online form using the links below:

For order-related queries, it’s best to contact them via M&S Live Chat

marks and spencer email address

For stock checks, store inventories, and other branch-specific matters, you will need to contact them via phone. Their email team is available from 10am to 8pm daily, except for public holidays and sundays.


  1. Annie Reynolds

    I fell in love with a beautiful pair of white pyjamas.
    Size 8. I’m 8 stone. My husband is 12stone .The
    They fit my husband.!!!!

  2. D. Mitchell

    My wife received a bouquet of flowers as a birthday present delivered by DPD. The box was fine but the flowers inside,,roses and hyacinths ,were terrible. Roses were crushed and unlikely to open. Hyacinths were in poor condition.

  3. Annie Maureen McDonald

    I have two sparks card account , please merge into one.
    I am not happy with your phone service you just hag on then you are cut off.
    The other stupid girl was asking me abound my credit card then I was cut off

  4. Michael Brooks

    Hello I purchased a £ 100.00 voucher for my wife for Christmas, unfortunately it has been lost or she just cant find it , having looked everywhere ,Your customer service say nothing can be done without the number that’s on the card. If I had that then I would have no reason to ask for help regarding this matter.


    F.A.O. Food Buying Department.

    Reference: Ready to roast BONELESS BACON LOIN JOINT with a sweet & sticky maple glaze.
    This is the description on the front of the packaging, nowhere on the front does it state that it is smokey. only when the reverse of the packaging does the information about that fact become clear, however, who normally examines the pack on both sides when purchasing in the shop, very few if any at all.

    Now, my wife is not really partial to smokey foods therefore it was unfortunate that this was not discovered until during the cooking process.

    May I suggest that your buying team and marketing team get together to address this situation and maybe make it clearer on the front side of the cardboard sleeve as to the actual contents of the product being purchased.

    I look forward to your comments upon this in due course.

  6. michael iberry

    Hello on visiting M&S on monday at cardiff we thought we would have breakfast in the cafateria upstairs on arrival we were told only take away cups we could not sit down and then to be told the toilets were not working no reason given so we left and done our christmas shopping elsewhere very poor show you should have informed people at the front doors.

    • Annie Reynolds

      I purchased a pair of pyjamas and a shirt. Both size 8. Unfortunately they fit my husband who is
      12 stone. I’m very upset .I can’t change them as I have thrown receipt away. Why is this happening

  7. nicola thomas

    15 denier ladder resist sheer tights matt colour rose quartz
    always buy these but they have a fault when I bend down the seam at the back of the tights splits and leaves a gaping hole not very good I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter
    nicola thomas

  8. Henry Barrett

    Hi. I work for Marks and Spencer in Queen Street Oxford store number 2011 as a customer assistant and i have done for the last fifteen years now. We have a very big visit this coming Saturday as Sasha and Dean are visiting the store. At the moment FOTM and Deli are outperforming Fruit and that should not be happening and that is due to the very poor availability on soft fruit, stoned fruit and prepared fruit. Since we landed the SRD’S we have 6ft of nothing. No peaches, Nectarines, Cherries and Strawberries, Blueberries and Raspberries. Is there anyone in the company that can help me resolve this issue before next Saturday as i don’t want them to get a bad impression of the zone that i poured my heart and soul into over the last fifteen years And i’am very very concerned that since we landed the latest SRD’S on cold chain none of any of the new lines have come in. They have resolution dates for the end of October some even early November and surely we as a company need to better. Please can you get the head of foods to look into this. Many Thanks Henry.

  9. Pauline Thompson

    My 2 Seater sofa was delivered without any legs , I chose this sofa to give me lift as I suffer from back and hip problems .I was told the legs would be delivered in 2-3 days but now it’s 4 weeks .I’m so disappointed.I feel I’ve been put off and no one is bothered I have been passed from one person to another

  10. Anita English

    As an elderly lady who has complained before about this subject. Again this season cannot find any pretty or unusual cotton t shirts with sleeves to the some-one not liking my tops of arm showing i did find some plain the dyed but they were plain and poor quality,there are plenty of blouses with elbow length sleeves which is in fashion the year.but no smart t shirts.
    Also have had difficulty with cotton trousers. This year as some one who does not like chino,s

  11. Mary Lesley Moore

    Good morning I was given a leather bag from my daughter for mothers day and unfortunately some cotton has come away. I took it back to the store where it was purchased and was told by a manager to cut the cotton off as it doesn’t affect the bag which is still useable. Whilst i can appreciate that I am really not happy if I purchased a car and the windscreen shattered do I just remove the glass as I can still drive it. I was so disappointed with this reply

  12. Victoria jarvis

    Walking around your Canterbury store today it was very noticeable with your advertising and shape of models that you feel you cater for the more younger age market. On looking around at the women ( mainly) shopping there it is on the contrary. Your fashions do not fit with the shape and age of your clients. Some of the dresses in the store are almost embarrassing to people of my age ( 70) who would look ridiculous in them . Try going for the more French look less fussy and flouncy.

  13. Lesley Ong

    I would like to make a complaint re your range of Ladies Summer Patterned Slacks / Trousers.
    I am 5ft 3in tall. The summer slacks available from £25.00 and upwards in price in your stores would have to be turned up at least 8 inches for me (which would incur additional costs to have a seamstress do this, as locally it is between £11.00 to £19.00 per item). I have spoken to several other lady customers, in your various stores and we all agree that we do not know of any 7 or 8 feet tall women, who could wear these summer trousers.
    My question is why can’t the trousers be offered for 25in, 27in or 29n inside leg, like they used to be. They would then sell better for sure, to the vast majority of normal height people. You are not alone in this practice. Supermarkets do the same. I liked a white pair of cotton trousers in Morrisons, which had a pretty pattern on the bottom of the legs.
    The sales assistance suggested ” I have them turned up”. I said if I did that I would not have the pattern. Oh Yeah she said. I rest my case. Please let me know why M&S especially do this, as the items will not sell like that I am sure.
    Thank you

  14. Ann Fletcher

    I rec,d confirmation of order but cannot get into account it sends me to another app saying M&S have changed their app. I think this is a scam. are saying that they are your new app?? Help

  15. Mrs Pat Powell

    I have 3 items of clothing purchased late Sept to return for my disabled daughter. She wasn’t able to try them on, they are still in their original packs, untouched. PLEASE help me support her and let me know how she can receive a refund or voucher. The leggings are still stocked so they’re in season and should sell easily, especially during these weather conditions.

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