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Love Holidays Live Chat Is Open For The Following Hours:

Monday to Sunday, from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm

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love holidays live chat & contact number

Love Holidays Online chat is an easy and instant way of contact that is present on the website for people to get help.

The live chat is available when you log into your account and add your bookings.

Connect to Love Holiday agents here:

Love Holidays live chat

Love Holidays Contact Number

If you are located in the UK, you can contact Love Holidays via their phone number at 01234 975975. This phone number is only available from 9am to 8:30pm, every day of the week.

For new bookings and sales, you can directly call 01234 230 440, the same rates and operating hours apply.

Love Holidays Customer Service

Another way to contact LoveHolidays customer service is to use their Twitter service. To do so, send a message to @loveholidays on Twitter.

You can contact the Love Holidays Customer service team via live chat, phone, and email. The phone and live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Email requests can take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled. If you haven’t received a confirmation email for your booking, you can check this guide and if you still can’t find it, use the link on this page to get connected to a customer service agent.

Why should you use LiveChatDirectory?

We understand how hard it can be at times to get a refund or cancel an order or get compensation for a lost package. We’ve had over 1.7 million users over the past year, trying to connect to more than 800 brands in the UK, we can help you get the help you need as soon as possible.


  1. James Atsu

    I have the same problem here and it seems they don’t answer on purpose. I’m going to take legal action against this company straight away. I’m already in talk with my lawyer. I was 100% I typed my email correct but after the booking it’s showing an extra letter and I can’t get into my booking with the correct reference number.

    • James Atsu

      I managed to get to someone through this number 02081751145 and my email was updated. I have been able to get to my booking finally!

  2. Carissa

    I can’t get into manage my booking as they haven’t sent an email to me with my unique booking reference I’ve tried over 100 times no way to contact anyone its extremely frustrating

  3. Freya Saltford

    My friends and I have recently booked a holiday with Love Holidays, however, my friend who is the head passenger accidentally misspelt a letter in his email address. We have now no booking reference number and are therefore, unable to manage our booking to correct this.

    • Helen maoudis

      Hi there I have unfortunately done the same as your friend and misspelt my email address, I cannot get hold of anyone by phone at love holidays and can’t access manage my booking. I wondered if you can help me did you manage to get your issue sorted out and if so would you mind telling me how to do it please
      Many thanks

    • Helen

      I booked a holiday on sat. Was given a reference and it said that I would receive an email re the booking. Nothing. Tried to contact them all numbers on the web site are out of action or said you have already booked a holiday you need to go on line . Unable to use chat as don’t have the lov ref. I just need to know what is going on This is not giving me any confidence to use the service or feel safe that I go on holiday with them dealing with the booking

    • Vanessa Hughes

      Trying since last week to sort out a booking, online chat is never available with over 100 people waiting ahead of me, what’s going on here? Very frustrating company

  4. Billy Gaskell

    All I want is to book a holiday as soon as possible for next may with a credit note, also I want to know if I can use the credit note I received from Ryanair as part of the deal. As it was when my last holiday was cancelled. Just cannot see to get an answer.

    • sharon weldon

      I can not log into my account it is not working for me can someone give me a number that o can talk to an actual person please

      • Trisha

        I’m in the same boat they have taken down my email address wrong there’s a letter missing so I can’t get into anything to sort it out, you need your verification to do this but it’s the wrong email address so I can’t access it I’m going round in rings getting nowhere I can’t even get into live chat without it.

        • Andrea

          Hi, I’ve done the same given wrong email address and haven’t got reference how on earth do you get in touch with them, iv tried contact with twitter and facebook, still no response

    • James Atsu

      I have made a booking and typed my email wrongly just by adding an extra letter because of that I’m unable to access my booking as I haven’t received my booking confirmation email. It’s extremely difficult and annoying to get through to someone without going through my booking which I can’t access. loveholidays!! I’m already disappointed.

  5. Gillian

    Hi were still waiting for our flight refund Ryanair has said they have refunded it to u in Aug when will we get it refunded back from u

  6. Yvonne Barrett

    I have had confirmation from Ryan air that my flight refund was sent to you on the 7th August but I have still not received this from you. This is unacceptable. Please can you contact me asap to arrange to get my money to me. surely this can now be classed as theft! You are withholding my money!

  7. Glen Dodd

    I have had confirmation from Ryanair on the 10th September that my refund has been paid back to LoveHolidays but i have had no money as of yet and no confirmation that Loveholidays have received the money from Ryanair, I cannot get on to livechat at all and am getting very frustrated. The service of this company is great when they are taking money from you but getting it back is terrible.

    • Paul Cullen


      My flight departed in July this year. During lockdown when the government specifically specified that non essential travel was prohibited. Why have Ryanair not issued a refund for this departed flight? And why when the holiday was booked through you guys have you not chased for this refund. Its beyond ridiculous. Can you please contact me as soon as possible.


  8. chris wild

    I am due to go to Malta on the 5th . Problem is my partner now has Corvid and in hospital very ill . I am trying to defer the holiday until another time or get a refund . We can provide hospital documentation. Also been told it will weeks before she could even get better .like you all getting no reply .Any advice as this for us is a lot of money

    • Gill Briody

      I was due to go on holiday in March, the week after all flights were grounded. I received a refund for he accommodation but was told it was in the hands of Ryanair to make the flight refund to them. I contacted Ryanair and was told that the flight refund had been made to Love Holidays on the 8th August and Love Holidays advised me that once they had received the money it would be refunded to my card. Unfortunately my card was cloned and I have a new one but I cannot contact Love Holidays to advise them of this. Any ideas?

  9. Donaldson

    totally disgusted with the service received from loveholidays. been on chat line no end of times left mobile number and still had no response
    tried telephone number for sales and got through and girl asked for my details and said other people were travelling to the destination. she was putting me through so like a fool i held on and on and no response. tried again and girl said hold and still no response.
    had email on 14th august re our holiday for next week and email said they would be in touch within 10 days but it is essential travel only to our destination and i am 70 and so do not want to travel against gov advice. what do we do now

  10. Rita Jones

    I have the same Problem Sean, my flight out has been cancelled and I have tried for weeks to get in touch with them. I will never book with them again.

  11. M Evans

    WE booked a holiday through love holidays to go June29th but this was cancelled .We have been treated excellent the people on the chat line were really good we had e mails to say what was happening we have had all our money back and also the money off Easy Jet . Thanks very much was really pleased .

    • David kirby

      I have had to cancel my holiday booked for September 21/9/2021 due to an operation scheduled sometime this year. Love holidays told me we can only get a refund for the whole of our booking if it’s cancelled by them. The airline JET2 IS REFUSING to refund money for our flights and told us if our booking was placed under a package holiday it was down to L H to give flight money as well as their contribution. Could loose over £600. on flights. Could you help/give any advice on this?

  12. John

    They may be the fifth largest tour operator now,but if they maintain that position in future,it will only prove what a nation of MUGS we are!
    Boycott this shambolic company now and forever.

  13. Eric

    This is second go at chat site and seem to be cut off message will not send and still no answer to my question complete disgrace

  14. David Graham

    why can no one get in touch with love holidays this is bad due to go on holiday on the 19th september tryed for days to get in touch with no avail but they e mailed me saying they were going to change our hotel so frustrated

  15. Alan mawson

    I endorse all the above remarks regarding this supposed company, I am due to fly next week, but heaven knows now, after trying to contact them (in vain)
    they do not answer to see how covid prevents this), and getting through requires an ouija board. Its a pity reputable firms as Thomas cook, went broke
    These won’t…. they have our money to prevent this. Legal action is the way forward

  16. Sean Breen

    My flight for going on holiday has been cancelled have tried numerous ways of contacting love holidays no reply as for live chat they could not help so how do love holidays resolve this.

    • beckie

      the same here, our flight has been cancelled and cannot get hold of loveholidays to see where I stand, I bet they still take the last payment from my account next week

  17. Leila

    I have tried for over 3 months to get onto Livechat about my air line refund. what the hell is happening at love holidays not happy have heard absolutely nothing from them .disgusted really doesn’t cover the lack of information, I know people who was going away after us and they have all ready had there money back


      • gillian

        I have booked a holiday and not heard a thing I am ment to be travelling on the 9 th of September either phone me or email mail me

    • AL

      Karl, Well done, I got a result thanks to you giving the number after no response from Loveholidays and hardly any help from ABTA. I phoned that number twice and although nearly got fobbed off(as it was for an existing booking) I think I have finally had a result from them. Cheers. Oh, that has taken about 7 weeks for an answer.

  18. Richard Barrow

    I actually want to contact to give them my money but there doesn’t appear to be anybody there to talk to! Doesn’t inspire confidence. Maybe I should cut my losses and rebook elsewhere, when I can actully speak to a real human being. Old fashioned travel agent?
    How can covid stop you speaking on the phone or answering an online chatline. For goodness sake Love Holidays pull yourselves together.

  19. paul baker

    I have tried for over 3 months to get onto Livechat about my air line refund. I spoke with TUI about my refund and they informed me that the air fare had been returned to Loveholidays on July 7th to card number ending 4499. I then when you could get through was put onto credit control I was informed that my details had been upgraded and my refund would be forth coming which has not occurred, now you cannot get through on Loveholidays phone line, as it tells you to go to Live Chat which you cannot get on , does or has anyone got onto Live Chat and how do you get to speak with Loveholidays about your refund which they have had returned by the airline, the polite word I use is Shambles.

    • Helen Osborne

      I would like someone to ring me about my flight refund off ryanair i have been waiting since 6th may when my hoilday was cancelled due to covid 19

  20. james

    we are due to go on holiday with love holidays from glasgow on the 9th september have attempted to contact them on the chat line will little response can get a similair holiday to the same destination £ 400.00 cheaper but am concerned if I will get my money back from love holidays for the original booking


    what the hell is happening at love holidays .no contact from them re request or refund despit promise someone from cancellation department would contact me .cannot get through by phone and live chat always busy. i feel like seeking legal advice as to what i can do. they can always e-mail me to demand payment . but nothing else/.i feel like swearing but i know the e-mail would be taken down

  22. phillip lee riley


    I have an holiday booked for the 3rd October to Spain but has they are in lock down would it be possible to change the destination to Turkey I have found one for the same dates 4th -11th Oct for Pineta Club Hotel Marmaris Dalaman Turkey would this be possible?


    love holidays have made asecond attempt o day to take final payment from my bank account ie£600 + despite making several attempts to cancel my booking .i was promised a week ago that someone would contact me from cancellations dept,but still no contact and it is impossible to contact them either by phone or live chat which is always busy.their latest e-mail seemed threatening demanding payment.jet cancelled flights by e- mail on 3d july so no flights available anway .love holidays customer service stinks it eems they are happy to take your money and then dont provide a service

  24. AL

    I have contacted LOVEHOLIDAYS numerous times by email,phone,messaging and finally got an automatic email(5 weeks from original contact) from them saying they know my flights are cancelled, they will be in touch in due course but this could be 5 days before my hols. I have reported them to ABTA, but pretty pointless. Airline cancelled my flights and refunded my money but Holiday is still supposed to be going ahead. Extremely stressed keyworker in desperate need of a holiday.

  25. Catherine Pritchard

    What is the cost of a name change?
    When is the last day in which a name change can be done?
    How much notice will we receive if our holiday is cancelled?
    Also, on another note I had request from Loveholidays to request a refund from Easyjet ref: K177BLZ (LOV1672056U) on 23 July 2020, I sent a request on the Easyjet site ref154309381 – they said can take up to 28 days, but a got an email back to manage my booking for this holiday back in March 2020. I didn’t know what this was for? and there was nowhere on the email referring to a refund. What would I normally get from Easyjet? A confirmation email to say that the refund was accepted and would they contact Loveholidays?

    I wait to here from you.
    Catherine Pritchard

  26. Rachel Thomas

    totally agree with all the comments. the stress created by not being able to get in touch with Love Holidays is immense. There is not even an email address and love chat is never available. They are still selling holidays and so have staff to cover this so why not ensure they can answer queries. My holiday was cancelled but they have not refunded me all of my money and it is impossible to get in touch with anyone about this. I will never book with this company again and will advise all my friends not to do so either.

  27. mr j rawlings

    like many others we are due to go on holiday in september booked flights , transters and accommodation through love holidays we were email by the hotel in july informing us that they were not opening this term heard nothing from love holidays this company should have its licence revoked

    • Eleanor

      I’m trying too speak too someone for help Ryan air have cancelled my return flight but don’t know if the outgoing flight is cancelled can’t get on to love holidays link they sent what can I do next

  28. julie douglas

    this is ridiculous I have been trying for days now, come on love holidays you have taken money, I just want a conversation with somebody


    i am very confused with love holidays .i had a e-mail from jet 2 on 23rd july to say flights are cancelled.tirid for many days to contact love holidays to find out present situation re holiday booked for 18tth otober .now extremely concered as i received e-mail fform love hholidays to say my next payment is due on the9th aug .i simply dont have this money to pay them.cannot get i ouch with love holiays even on live chat which comes up as always busy try later .any suggestions as what i can do will be gratefully welcome

  30. Justine Baroux

    I have been trying to contact someone since 1st may. When our holiday was cancelled the only option was a credit note. In the terms and conditions clearly states that you can exchange this at any point for the cash refund but nowhere does it say how you can do this. Have tried webchat, letters directly to head office and finally found email address. When tried a phone number it cuts you off. Shocking customer service!

  31. sandra

    loveholidays r a joke my holiday was 16th may still not got flight refund easyjet saying u need 2 do it though loveholidays they r saying u need 2 contact easyjet my god my head is bursting with it just want my money back that they have had 4 over 6months

  32. Anna Zadora

    I tried contact with them. I booked my holiday on June. I arrived to Venice and I had big surprise. My hotel was close. I stayed on the street at midnight and I had a big problem because I did not have place in the hotel. Love holiday did not sent email with information about cancellation. I want sent complaint about this situation.

  33. Gerri

    Booked via Love Holidays, we were due to fly to
    Malta on 13/8 but Ryan Air cancelled our flights. With the airline we moved our flights to 12/8 and I called the hotel who also changed our hotel booking to 12/8.
    THEN I received a generic email from Love Holidays stating my
    entire holiday had been cancelled! Even though my flights and hotel were fine??? Now I can’t get through to them, no live chat box, no phone facility! NOTHING!! Terrible customer service!!!

  34. Margaret Perry

    Been trying to contact but you cannot get through .Now its telling me that my Booking reference is invalid ,not happy have heard absolutley nothing from them .disgusted really doesn’t cover the lack of information .

  35. shirley neofitou

    My holiday was cancelled and after speaking to customer service after weeks of trying, i was told i would have a refund next May 2021. i certainly did not accept a voucher and after so many emails i’m now taking the legal route..

  36. Joan Mullally

    Im due to go on holiday on the 04/08/2020 and I have had no correspondence what so ever I have called all the numbers i could find but you are not allowed to talk to anyone so tried the online chat all you get is a message saying busy constantly. Im working 8am until 4.30 and it takes me 20 mins to get home so not a chance of getting on line then as they close at 5pm so im trying on my phone while at work. My holidays should not be going ahead as my insurance wont cover me because the government says its non essential travel. Absolutely disgusting crowd to deal with

    • Dr I H Ibrahim

      After the airline cancelled the flight I tried over 3 days to contact on lines for hours every day, when I found that more than 500 before me on line I started to take screenshots
      I cancelled the holiday because the flight was cancelled then when I managed to get in touch I was told no refund
      I am seeking legal course now.

  37. robert ranson

    ive tried live chat numerous times always busy had me holiday cancelled in june still no refund for flights or accommodation why cant they answer the damn telephone to reassure people they are shocking will never use this company again in my eyes its theft

  38. Franco FIORENTINI

    Love holidays emailed me yesterday saying that urgent action was needed , tried to log on and surprisingly my name and reference number was not recognized ,therefore I can’t contact them, I used the same reference number and name printed on the travel confirmation and atol certificate , emailed them but no response, I think we are all being taken for a ride , come on Love holidays face up to your duty , after all you took our money !

  39. Mike Thorne

    Likewise. TUI have cancelled my flight and sent my refund to Loveholidays on the 15th July. I`ve not been able to call or Live Chat anyone for the last 2 weeks.


    I had a full refund for my Holiday straight away but when I went to rebook Love holidays said my flight Refund as not been refunded so I could not booked but I have a print out to say it was fully refunded on the 17th July & I have been trying to contact Love Holidays since then with no joy. Terrible help support.

  41. E Austin

    My flights have been cancelled by Ryan Air Direct but I haven’t yet heard anything from Love Holidays. I waited 3 hours on chat and no response. Holiday booked for 2nd Aug and we have to just wait for somebody to contact us – not good service

  42. george ian e selby

    with the new rules on spain will my holiday to tenerife 29/09/2020 to 05/10/2020 still go ahead,as i cant aford to self iceolate.

  43. Valerii Subaci

    I have booked a holiday on this website with the transfer to the airport and back. Unfortunately no one was waiting at the airport for us… I tried to call on Friday evening, also all this days no one answered my calls.
    Today, after so many calls and lot of waisted time I had the chances to speak to some people but I was passed from one department to another one – no one really cares about this. I’m very disappointed, this isn’t customer service at all. No one wants to help, just washing their hands by explaining “It’s a wrong department”. I really hope someone to get in touch with me and to help me get my refund back for the service I have paid and didn’t have.

  44. Kathleen Clarinda Owen-Sevilton

    I have re booked my holiday from May to 13 September via manage my booking. I have had no correspondence what so ever I have called but you are not allowed to talk to anyone so tried the online chat all you get is a message saying busy constantly. Please can someone reply also the new booking is less money so I am due a refund of the difference.

  45. Grzegorz Marynowicz

    Im go same date on holiday to alicante I cant get in touch now spain is in high risk on covid 19 And I dont know whatsoever I will go or not is save go there now or not no body contact me and is actually no possible to contact with them so I dont know what I have to do

  46. Sarah Harvey

    Received an email confirming security had changed on manage my booking. Filled out the required information, received the email to update ‘My bookings’ with A BROKEN LINK unable to update, unable to view my booking details, unable to speak to anyone, unable to live chat with anyone. Outrageous.

  47. Antoinette Sweeney

    Hi I would like to request a voucher for my holiday , I have diabetes and asthma and a lot of illness and cannot travel and my dad is 83 and my husband has asthma to , we need to change the holiday as arelingus is in the process of giving a voucher for the flights

  48. Janet MARIE Arrowsmith

    we were meant to fly out today, the holiday has been cancelled by yourselves but have no info as regards to if we have to request a voucher from the airline. been trying to contact you via live chat for weeks and constantly busy. on easyjet flight details its saying outward flight cancelled but return one not really frustrated at lack of customer services

  49. Paul Hook

    Im due to go on holiday on the 02/08/2020 and I have had no correspondence what so ever I have called but you are not allowed to talk to anyone so tried the online chat all you get is a message saying busy constantly. So no idea if my holiday is going ahead or not

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