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DVLA Email Address

To contact DVLA via email, you will need to fill out a form and select your contact reasons first. To start filling out the form, click on the email image below:emailing dvlaClick here if the link did not open.

You can use this email to contact DVLA about

DVLA emails are usually replied to within 2 days but in some cases, it might take up to 1 working week for them to get back to you. Want to get a faster reply? Try DVLA Live chat.

DVLA email service has been recently revamped and they are open to new feedback. To submit feedback, send an email to: You can only use this email address to submit feedback and suggestions as they do not offer customer care through this mail service.


  1. Ioan


    In order to obtain the driver’s license for an automatic car, I would like to know what conditions a car must meet in order to be admitted to the category B driving test? Can a car with a semi-automatic or steptronic gearbox be accepted?


  2. Roger Pass

    My UK driving Licence expired and as I was living overseas with no UK residents address I was not allowed to renew.
    I am now going to return to retire in the UK but have no driving licence and I am now over 70 years old.
    I need to be able to hire a car on arrival from the airport though I will not have a residencial address until I find a place to live .

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