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dvla live chat

DVLA Live chat service support is one of the easiest ways of contacting the agency. DVLA stands for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. It is one of the many organizations under the government of the UK. It is specifically responsible for keeping complete records of drivers and vehicles all around the UK within a database. The agency also deals with issuing driving licences, offers personalized registrations, and manages the collection of taxation on vehicles. It has records of around 50 million drivers and more than 40 million vehicles. The Live Chat service has qualified operators to help people with their inquiries.

The Live Chat option is available in the link below. Once you open the link using our service, you will need to scroll down to the bottom and click on the green “start chat” button. Then a pop-up will appear and you will be able to enter your details and speak to an agent.

To access the DVLA Live chat you can click on the image below

DVLA Live chat

As a reminder, the web chat will not help you with making payments, ordering licenses, and medical applications.

How to Contact DVLA?

You can contact DVLA through their live chat service or email. Live chat has less than 3 minute waiting time and can be used for a faster turnaround time, but if you prefer emailing them, you can use the DVLA Email Address.

DVLA Phone Number: 0300 790 6801

LiveChat Directory is not affiliated to, linked with, or otherwise endorsed by DVLA. All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.




    i just wanted to let you know that i have not gotten any response since when i sent my BRP via post,
    see my application reference number below

  2. paul Robinson

    hi good morning to you , have sent in the d1 form with photo and postal order for the change of my lost paper licence, for my new card licence, could i just have an update to see if in progress or has been sent out thank you so much and for your support in this matter.

  3. Jamie

    I applied last October for a provisional I sent off my medical condition report over two months ago because I ticked the box for having mental health problems. What I have my doctor said wont affect me driving that report was sent a while now an still I haven’t heard anything back. Everytime I try to call the dvla they cut me off. Can someone help. Thanks.

  4. Ian sugden

    I’ve sent my medical report to dvla yesterday you should get it Mon or Tues could you please gmail me back when you get it. Ian.sugden

  5. Ciprian

    I sent my driver license with my passport in December and i didn’t received any answer from DVLA till now ( 2 March) . Can’t contact them in any way ,i need at least my fucking passport back to can go home.was the worst decision to send my fucking documents to you.

  6. Les Weddell

    I have sent my log book V5 to have my name added to the car since the passing of my Wife and I have not received it back, I am now the owner because I get the tax payment notice but no paper work. I have tried for 2 years and still not an answer from anybody or a actual person to talk to. It is very frustrating

  7. David MacKinnon


    I sent i my driving licence and my Medical documents to have my HGV2 added to my licence.
    I sent it recorded delivery on the 17th Nov 2021 and it was signed for on the 18th Nov 2021.
    Can you please update me on my application and when it will be sent back to me with the new driving entitlement added.

  8. Cleveland Fennell

    My driving license have been received by DVLA for over three and a half months now and no response from DVLA . I try contacting them via phone call and live chat but no joy. This is unbelievable. I need my driving license to be able to get a income. I do think there is a real cause for a protest as this is causing a serious problem in the country


    Anthony Moxon, I have applied to renew my licence MOXON401275AP9KM-60 frst to renew over 70 years old! I was told there was a backlog and received an extension to november 1921. I then applied on line, as directed by the letter two months before the end of the extension. I had no return from the DVLA. I applied again no return. I applied again and was informed that I could not renew on line. I went to the post office completed the application and poted it to the DVLA early in November the 8th I think, just as my extension lapsed. I tried on line again and was informed that my license had expired, surprised, no! What am I to do next? I have had sight problems for which I provided a letter from my ophthalmic consultant, I sent you his letter confirming I was fit to drive. I informed you that as of your directives that I have onset of Alzheimer diesis in May 2021. No response. I would like to inform you that I am a perfectly viable man. Wasting away at 76. I have no Motability physically or financially I am dying of being invisible partly by obeying the rules of dvla ,corbid. Kind regards Anthony Moxon

  10. norman ferguson

    We all know that cova 19 has caused many delays, but many have had a lot more to put up, as i have only been waiting 6 weeks, my doctor had retired and my medical records had not been sent, i have a new Doctor now, and the records have been sent, then they will tell me i need to send in my licence to have it updated, as i am 79 years old i use it as ID, as i have no passport, this can be a problem, so, in reading your comments, i can only hope i get mine back before Xmas 2022

  11. Suzanne

    I applied online and paid for a new provisional licence for my son who lost it, this was the 4th October – received an email to say had to fill in form & send new photos, I presumed as his passport had just ran out – ref 20212771740496 – form filled out and photos counter signed – posted registered post and still waiting for the licence – shows online as still pending awaiting documents – There is no way of contacting online, phone or webchat – This is a disgraceful non service and do not insult the public that due to Covid – I have been working and serving my customer throughout the pandemic – there are many people lost their jobs because of Covid and would love a job even at the DVLA – Please do the jobs you are paid to do – I do not know if to resend the documents however, I have paid and should of been easy as I attached the REF number all over the envelope and form

  12. Patricia Irene Dupuy

    Hi I am waiting for my over 70’s driving licence, it was sent in back at the end of September, and is due to run out on the 19th December. As I am a diabetic wondering what is happening, I know there is the Covid arround, but even an email to say it is in the pipeline as the Doctor is quiet happy for me to be driving. My insulin is low imput compaired to other people who take twice what I take and they have their licence back. I am 76 and I would really like to keep driving. PLease can someone at the DVLA just email to say what is happening with it.DUPUY462205PI19CD, and like the previous email from Barry I have tried to look on line for the status but as I do not have all the details that is been asked for.


    I’m a disabled driver ,the last 6 months I have had 50% reduction on my road tax,A reminder to Tax my car has arrived but for full price of Tax,My circumstances are the same and on your records ,I get PIP at the lower rate,So what do I do Now ?

  14. Siew Gek Burton (Teresa)

    I applied for a new licence in August and as requested included my Singapore passport as proof of identity. Over 3 months later I am still waiting for my new licence and return of my Singapore passport. Without my passport I cannot travel outside the UK especially to Singapore in the event of a medical or family issue. Why does it take so long to just confirm my identity when you have the documentation in your possession. I really need the return of my passport asap as I am now in limbo, stressed with worry and unable to travel.

  15. Rebecca Aston

    I send my son’s DL for a change in name 9 weeks ago and have heard nothing. I have tried and tried to contact by phone and just get cut off. Please could you tell me where we are in the process.

  16. Iris Martins

    I send my provisional driving license photo copy change new address date on 17th september 2021 by post courier services.
    Now i am waiting more weeks passed no reply by phone.
    Please help me send as soon as possible.

  17. saira safdar

    Hi, i need to apply for my provisional licence, In application they ask for address where you live for three years, I moved here in December and lived here from 9 months, I came from Spain, If I mention my previous address of Spain it show error, So please help me.

  18. Simon Rowcliffe

    I have an “abandoned car ” in my road it has been there for 3 months. It is a white Ford Transit Connect. It is taxed and MOT , but it appears to be abandoned . Can you DVLA confirm that it has all the right insurances?
    licence plate HV06UKF. It is badly parked on a bend in Church Lane , Albury, and quite dangerous.Thanks.


    My license number is RUSSE408167R99SS. Sent license renewal form D1 some 5 months ago (for renewal at 73), it was returned some 2 months back as I’d failed to sign it, and have heard nowt since. Now grace period has expired and thus illegal to drive on road, which is of serious concern as I struggle walking! It seems an impossible task to contact anyone at DVLA, any chance this matter can be resolved swiftly?
    Raymond Russell.


      This service is one big joke, I can’t renew my licence on line so I posted it, now I’ve been left with no licence for weeks, the cost of calling dvla is also a joke, and live web chat is no good at all it just passes you on to one thing then another. The whole system is a disgrace to the public

  20. Jeffrey Wood

    This contact number and chat on line Is a joke.I have been trying for three hours to get through to someone/anyone who can answer my problem
    I applied on line to renew my over 70 driving licence I had a reply that it could not be done because part of my signature was not in the white line ,also I had not sent a photograph (which isn’t required) and a repeat form to fill in! The form I received wasn’t the right one ,I needed a D46P firm I was sent a D1 form which is an application for a driving licence. I can’t speak to anyone or on line chat so how do I solve this problem?
    I now have no driving licence after sending my old licence with my renewal form. Frustrated

  21. Debra Robinson

    I sent my application form and photo to DVLA 16 July 2021 for renewal driving licence and have not received it yet, everytime I phone DVLA it said with high demands all our operator’s are busy please phone back later, that is not good enough I would like to change my car next year but I cannot without my driving licence and I would like to know when will I receive my driving licence.

  22. Geoffrey Shaw

    I changed my car at the beginning of August through a ford dealership but have still not received my V5 logbook. According to my vehicle details one was issued on 3rd August but has not arrived. i spoke on web chat 3 weeks ago and was told the error would be corrected as a priority, but still no sign of the document. I have tried webchat again but told no advisors available, tried 2 or 3 phone numbers but been told no one available, so how i’m supposed to contact anybody is anyones guess. The fact that there is nobody on the phone or webchat i’m wondering if they’ve called a national holiday and i’v missed it. Please respond, if there’s any one there.

  23. Dorothy

    waited 9 months for D.V.L.A to sort out my paperwork to get a appointment with Doctors, and now they have, the Doctors are saying no appointments with them. This is all a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Laura Ross

    I have sent away to have my personalised reg plate removed from my car to be put on to my new car which is sitting waiting in the car dealership. I am looking for an update on my application but can’t get through to anyone.

  25. Brij Patel

    So as you’re “busier than usual” I can’t chat to anyone… and get disconnected so I can’t even leave a message… your live Web chat is busy too so I can’t get speak to anyone there… and your answer phone claims s the information I need can be found on your website… but it can’t… all I needed to know was if my provisional license has expired (which I’m sure it is!) …then a driver number… and I needed all this information months ago!!!
    Sort your phone lines, webcam and website out and provide me with a better service please… you’re a government website for heavens sake!!!

  26. angela clarkson

    Phoning a waste of time , Either an engaged to or if I get through cut me off , If you are not up to the job quit & let others do it or have more phone lines & call handlers . Taking the piss , 22nd May first applied still waiting

  27. keith Michael Miller

    The problems that DVLA are having needs to be addressed by a MP, the whole thing is a joke, both myself and my wife have license renewells in the system and nothing heard for months,this issue seriously needs addressing as DVLA are failing the people of England


      I need my driving licence where is it, that’s the only I’d I have , it’s a joke the system the calling to Dvla, no one can answer they are all to busy, no on line chat to a human adviser, it’s a disgrace you need your system sorting out, a lot of people are with out there driving licence because of this

      • norman ferguson

        I have to send my licence to Swansea medical department which is yearly as i am 79 yrs old, but in fairness to Swansea, i e/mailed them, they replied that the cova 19 had created a massive back log, and my doctor had retired and the delay was not down to them, but i do agree that there is not enough staff, even before cova 19. i do know that Swansea has always been very difficult to deal with. i have to send my licence to them, and they update it, so i might still be able to drive, if they confirm i can, in writing, which i have now. but when i have to get my licence back, getting it returned may mean a wait of can not win, or contact them, you can do nothing .at all

  28. Martha Charlton

    Hi. I applied for a provisional licence at the beginning of April 2021 and still haven’t received it. Please help as I am really needing this now

    • Denise

      I think we should all get together and protest outside Swansea office, maybe then they will get their fingers out, This just isn’t good enough.

  29. Stephen Harris

    we are a car dealer and have registered a car in the correct name but wrong address and cannot retrieve the V5/c the address tells me it has not been delivered there. how can I re-register the car in the correct address without incurring a second owner on the V5/c please help.

  30. Amthul Azeek

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I sent my expired driving licence and my driving licences renewal application form with a photo to be renewed on the 25th of June at the post office with recorded post but I have not received my driving licence yet. I also paid a fee of £17.

  31. Elayne

    All I want is to change my direct debit but the website is awful and I don’t think I can do it from there? I waited a ridiculous time for a webchat response – no indication if I was still connected, I gave up, but I did try to call and that wasn’t even connected. I’ve no doubt I will be contacted at lightning speed when my car tax payment fails from a closed bank account. Appalling service!!

  32. Shelby

    I sent my driving license off 6 months ago or something and it’s came back with the wrong name on even tho I sent my name in with the forms it’s came with mrs on instead of miss what can I do about this problem

    • Sharon Cumberbatch

      It’s impossible to get hold of anyone at DVLA !

      I applied to change my paper licence on 8th August online – money taken but no new licence has arrived.

      Get your act together this is not acceptable to not even have the web chat available

  33. Anne Hardy

    You are holding my only original marriage certificate as i sent it with my forms to change my name on my driving license. I do feel this is something that could be done on line and l could print my own license instead of by post as obviously you don’t have the man power to cope with all you have to deal with.

  34. John Anthony Hughes



    Dear DVLA Workers,

    Sadly, the only way that the Government gives the public what it was initially in place to do so, is to strike. I am a Pensioner and have supplied all documents, Doctors statements and Fees and after 15 months have still not received my Driving License reinstatement and although my life has became very difficult, I am with you all and if necessary bring the country to a standstill until they listen.

  36. Ms Toyin Job

    I resent my renuewal licence70+ including some documents and I have not get a reply from you office and I have email you on the 22/06/21 regarding the same as above.
    Could you please let know the out come thanks

  37. Sami Lee Ward

    My son needs his provisional licence as a photo form of ID for jobs if he hasnt got it the DWP will sanction him also the only paper ID he has is his Birth Certificate and Guess what you have that as well this is getting so stupid i need his licence before the end of the month you take payment quick enough and there is no way of contacting you it pre recorded message on phone sending you to web chat and then you have to try and get past that idiotic bot and still no luck as they say you need to hold for the department you need to talk to so yeah sat waiting for over 2 hours and got disconnected this is definately not good enough

  38. Callum Cochrane


    I have tried emailing and phoning DVLA. It is urgent that I get my replacement driving licence back from DVLA – it was returned to you sometime ago as the photo needed updated.

    Can you please post it out to me asap!

    Thank you


    My licence is due for renewal 10/07/21 due to being 73 and I thought had done it online( had great difficulty completing as wouldnt accept me ) but no licence has arrived as yet, so in the process of sending itvia post and wondered if need to send my licence no changes noted

  40. Jasmin Jones

    I have been waiting for nearly 6 months to get my license back! It is impossible to talk to anyone, the phone has a recorded lady, sending you to web chat, then webchat is not available! How can a country run with communications like this! I need to talk to someone and get my driving license asap D’lva please reply!

  41. Alexandru Craciun

    I made an ONLINE application to change my address and was told to cut my license and send it to them. I did that 3.5 months ago and the application still shows as “in progress”. I tried calling, using the webchat, any form of contact with no avail. Someone please help! This is becoming absurd, some people depend on their license for a living!

  42. Lyndell Slater

    I sent my application for my licence renewal together with my recent photo and the required payment postal order as well as my drivers licence card by post on the 10th May. I know that there are delays with postal submissions due to Covid but nearly a month seems to be excessive. I am particularly concerned as I have to drive to Yorkshire on Thursday and feel insecure not having my licence. I don’t know the licence number but I am Lyndell Jane Slater DOB 11/09/1951 110 Rowe Court Grovelands Rd Reading RG30 2HZ Please can you let me know what is happening. Thank you.

    • Ronald WEIR

      Application 4th July 2021
      Email acknowledged by DVLA
      Tracking says licence issued but I have not received it
      10 weeks later phone calls no response and very expensive
      Chat line not available

  43. Ellis

    Good Morning. I’ve been trying to get in touch with DVLA regarding my driving but with no luck. The court has granted me to drive, they sent an email to DVLA and I was told by the court to check with DVLA before I could drive. I’m a key worker who works nights, I need the car to get to work as no transport goes to my workplace.

    Please help me as I don’t want to lose my job. These are hard times.

  44. Isla Davidson

    My client has an international license which has ran out. With very little hope of getting a test in months… during COVID is there anything h can do – were these licenses extended like a UK one was?

  45. cosvin kenny courtney

    hi good afternoon i am making inqueries about my driving licence renewal. drivers number COURT 503237 CK9TS

  46. Micheal Allmark

    I am still waiting for my car licence, I have been waiting since 9/3/2021been trying to contact DVLA but to no avail, please HELP.

  47. barry

    I have been trying to find out were my driving license is i sent of for it last june and i still have not got it.could you please help. every time i go onto the DVLA web page it just sends me around and around and on you web site it keeps asking for details that i don’t have as i need the license.

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