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Depop Live Chat

Depop doesn’t have any Live chat feature but you can still contact Depop via email. This communication channel is open for the Following Hours:

24 hours a day – Seven days a week

Depop Live Chat

Depop Customer Service

In order to contact Depop customer service, you have to submit a request on their help page. You will receive a reply to your case within 2 working cases unless your case is more complex.

Submit your issues here:

How to Contact Depop via email

You can contact the Depop team by clicking the contact us tab present at the bottom of the homepage. Once you click the ‘contact us tab then you will be redirected to a new webpage where you have to select your desired query topic.

After selecting your query topic, you can then send them an email via the email address provided on their website. As soon as they get your email, one of the customer representatives will contact back to you with a resolution mechanism. Currently, Depop does not have the facility of Live Chat.

Alternatively, you can submit your issues here:

depop Live Chat


  1. Isabel Jones

    I sold an item on depop and received the money in my depop balance around 2 weeks ago. I’ve also linked my card details and am waiting for the money to transfer to my bank. For around a week now, it says it is transferring payout, however everyday it says I will receive the money tomorrow yet when that day arrives the date changes again to the following day. How can this issue be resolved?

  2. Maria

    Maria Halsall
    12:09 AM (11 hours ago)
    to support

    I have lost £184 with Depop when I clicked to receive my earnings a support chat and this other thing appears for my bank and how much is in my bank saying I have to have a minimum of £100 in it. I followed everything Sophie said and the support chat said and they took money from my account as soon as they did this they deleted the link and stopped responding.

    I spoke to other sellers they have never encountered this so why am I?

  3. Carly Wiggins

    I have sold items with you & received the money & client has received items but you have not posted the yellow SOLD sign on some items. This is causing a bit of a problem as people are chasing to buy those items. Can someone please contact me for the item pics that need a sold sign please

  4. Milia Mikaelian

    I don’t feel comfortable providing my social security number in your website. Is there a way to go around it? I have credit in my account that I cannot use or access because of that issue.
    Please, help asap

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