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British Airways Email Address

You can contact British Airways ( email addresses for booking-related questions and queries. The email address is for non-urgent queries, so if you’re flying with British Airways in the next 48 hours, please contact British Airways Live Chat instead. 

british airways email address

Use these forms to contact British Airways using their email address:

  • For complaints or claims, you need to fill this form first: BA Complaints Email Form 
  • For questions about packages/trip planning/BA Services and routes or any other queries, please use the email form on this page: BA Email Form – Once you land on the page, click on the “Email Us” button and fill in the form.

You will get a reply within the next 2 working days.

  • While writing a complaint or email, please make sure to include your booking details, the email address you made the booking with, and the card number you paid for the booking with
  • Complaints and claims are only open to users who have already had a booking with BA – The booking must be under your own name



  1. Richard Wilson

    I had a week in Mexico, departing the 5th Dec and returning on the 11th arriving on the 12th early morning back to Gatwick. About 3 weeks before the flight I requested to add a hold bag onto my booking and was charged £55. On my return on check in I was told there was no bag in the hold on my booking and that I would have to pay an additional £70. This I did.My complaint is that I was never informed that the original £55 only covered one way, and there was no prompt at the time suggesting that as I was taking a bag out that I would reasonably like to bring my bag back! I was told several people on my flight had fallen for the same scam. I expect this from Ryan Air not the UK’s supposed flagship carrier. At best it is incompetence on your web design and at worst it is a shameful grab of extra money when the passenger has no option but to pay up! I remember when travelling on BA was simple and pleasurable, when even in economy on long haul you had a hold bag – no longer it seems. Have you descended to this low? I think you should refund part or all of the £70 I incurred at CanCun airport on the grounds of deception (whether deliberate or not) – BA should be above these sharp practices

  2. P. Maguire

    Insurer’s Request for a Cancellation Invoice following a Medical Cancellation

    How can I obtain documentation from BA to confirm the cost of the cancellation ?

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