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Boots Live Chat

Boots is famous for medical care products like medicines and skincare. Boots offers live chat support for all their customers to ease their shopping experience. The live chat is operated by a virtual assistant who can answer all the basic questions and give special assistance.

The chat icon is available on the right bottom corner. Once you click on it, the virtual assistant window pops up. Make sure to keep the wording short and straightforward for the AI to understand. You can type your question in the window. The virtual assistant is available for help 24×7.

Boots Live Chat

If you cannot express your question or cannot find the answer, you can simply type “Help” and get a range of options to select from. It will take you through a few questions to clear your query and give the best solution. If you’re still unsatisfied, you can call Boots Customer care.

What All Queries Can The Virtual Assistant Answer?

The virtual assistant can answer the basic questions a customer could have.

  • To check your order, you can type “Where’s my order?” and then fill in your order details to get the complete update.
  • Type “I Require Advantage Card Assistance” to check Boots Card Advantage. Fill in the required details for further information and guidance.
  • Type “What pharmacy services do you offer?” or “Can I get pharmacy services?” to check pharmacy services.
  • Type “Where is the nearest store located?” to find the store. You will get instant answers.
  • To check your account, you can type your query like “How do I update my account details?”, “Where can I fill in my account details?” or “ Need a new account”.

It is pretty easy and ensures it is simple for the AI to pick it up.

What Are The Other Alternatives For Boots Customer Care Services?

If the live chat is unsatisfactory, you can call their helpline number: 0345 070 8090. For enquiries, call 0345 609 0055. The customer care agent will help you with Boots account enquiries, orders, deliveries and other details.

To connect with Boots Opticians, you can call and make appointments or amend an existing one. Call 0345 125 3752 to create a new appointment.

Boots customer care is available from 8:30 am to 7 pm on weekdays and from 8:45 am to 5 pm on weekends. It functions from 9 am to 4 pm on bank holidays.

How To Contact Boots Customer Service?

You can contact the Boots Customer service team via live chat, phone, and email. We recommend using their online chat service as it has a much faster turnaround time. Email requests can take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled.

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