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Barclays Live Chat | Customer Service

Barclays live chat is open for the following hours

24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays and Christmas day

barclays live chat

The live chat facility is accessible for most areas of banking, simply select your query from the menu and it will tell you if you are able to use live chat to answer it. Like most banks within this category, it is great that the service is 24 hours a day.

In order to start a chat, you need to download their mobile application from the link below and go to the support section.

To access the Barclays Live Chat click on the image below

Barclays live chat


  1. Juned Amin

    Hi, Im going abroad on the 1st of June and I just wanted to clarify that will I be charged if I transfer money abroad to an another account through my online banking? JA

  2. Mohammad Mahmoodzadeh

    I applied for 50k loan during coronavirus for my business.
    I am not in the UK anymore but I have money in my account.
    I would like to pay back the grant.
    What should I do?
    Let me know please.

  3. Neil Airstone

    3 times I got through to Barclay’s & spoke to someone & 3 times I get cut off,
    Barclay’s need to sort out there customer care service prompto, it’s an absolute fucking joke, yes I am swearing because it’s so damn frustrating the fact is not once do I get an apology or any response, Barclay’s one of the biggest banks in the world is a complet joke, sort yourself out dick heads!!!!

  4. MAY YAP

    Hi can someone help me to solve because my account already suspended due to security purpose. Kindly have someone to help me to solve this issue

  5. Aaron Joseph

    I need help to get back on to my on line banking because Iv done a factory reset on my I phone and it’s telling me that I need to re do one but I need to get back in to it and it keeps saying that I’m blocked out from it can you please help.

  6. rohit shindhe

    Dear Barclay Team,
    I was using Barclays app but now I have formatted my phone and unable to use app and I have my money in it.
    Unfortunately, I have moved to India and i don’t know i will return back or no.
    Could you please help me to activate my Barclay app on my Android phone.

    Rohit Shindhe

  7. Melonie Glyn-Woods

    Good morning – I live in Mozambique and I need to up-date my current account details to enable Barclays to send me a Barclaycard

  8. william gillan

    hello there
    my mother mrs beryl gillan of 1 rhoda court clifton drive south shore blackpool
    passed away last sunday night at the age of 97 she was born on the 8/9/1923
    my sister mrs susan severn of 249 waterloo road south shore blackpool told me she had cancelled the card and closed her account
    i am her son william james gillan of 2 elizabeth cottages maulds meaburn penrith,i want to check up on this as i am concerned weather or not her card might still be used for things

  9. Lucy riach

    Hi I’ve been waiting for my code to get sent through post for about 2/3 weeks now I was just wondering is there any chance I could know how long it would be to get my card

  10. Dieter Debergh

    Hi, I’ve used the chat on January 8th to get more information to close my account, since I’m a EU citizen. I’ve completed the form and I’ve sent it by post. Today I receive the statement that my account is closed, but the money has not been tranferred to my belgian account?! Please advice.

    Dieter Debergh

  11. Kimiko Ito

    I have problems.

    1. I cannot open Barclays online service. Did you change the display?

    2. I want to change my address. (But I cannot open the online service.) Can I change the address to Japanese address from British one. My Japanese address is in Takarazuka-city, in Hyogo Prefecture.

  12. J Rees

    How do you open Iive chat? Have been scammed and on top of that sainsburys said my pay!ent was declined but payment taken from account? They wouldn’t give me my groceries and Manager just had a smile on his face and reg to look at bank transaction. Waited 3 and a half hours to get through to no avail.

  13. marie-goretti moffatt

    I opened a current account with you’s for my childcare business and would like to apply for a bounce back loan to get things up to full working order again can I apply with this current account.

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