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Natwest Live Chat | Customer Service

Natwest online chat is available during the following hours:

Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week


The Natwest Live Chat team is on hand around the clock to help you. They can support you with things like:

  • Providing Real-time balances and up-to-the-minute statements
  • Any queries relating to online banking and the mobile app;
  • Arrange Instant transfers between your NatWest accounts, also paying bills for you and making payments;
  • Managing Direct Debits Mandates and setting up standing orders
  • Finally, they can arrange a free financial review with your Premier Banking Manager.

All you need to do is follow the link below, and once you connect to the chatbot, ask the bot to “connect to a human” and once you fill in the basic information about yourself, you will be connected to a live agent.

To Access the Natwest online chat please click the image below

NatWest Live Chat


  1. Allen Cole

    My debit card has been used in London for deliveroo, it is not me. How do I cancel my card as I do not do online banking. Iv’ tried ringing but without success.

  2. Frederick Grover

    Tried many times in all lighting conditions to take photo for Biometrics.
    I’m advised “too near” too far” Fit face to frame etc but found it impossible to take the photo required

  3. Marion

    I am currently having difficulties in logging in to my online account, I have just got a brand new phone and I can’t seem to remember my details, please can you help with the steps to create new login details

  4. zaynab

    Hi I am a support worker and I am trying to set up a bank account for a client, who does not have English as her first language, she needs to take a photo of herself but she is struggling with the link because it got sent to a basic nokia phone and she does not have a camera connected to it. please can you advise what to do next, she needs to verifiy her Id via a partner Hoo Yu? or something?

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