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XDP Express Live Chat | Customer Service

XDP Express Live Chat is Open for the Following Hours:

24 hours a day – Seven days a week

XDP Express Live Chat

Besides its delivery services, the company has also a helpful and supportive customer support team for the guidance of its customers and you can catch up with the company’s support team Monday to Sunday and 24 hours a day.

How to Contact XDP Express Live Chat

To connect to a live person, follow the link below and look for a “live chat” icon at the bottom right side of the page. Click this icon and a new form will appear where you’ll be asked about your contact information and contact reason. Fill out the form and click “leave a message”

xdp online chat form

You will be connected with a rep of the customer support team of the company. Besides, you can also contact them via email. Their email address is

If you’re facing issues accessing XDP Express Live Chat click on the following link.

XDP Customer Service

You can contact XDP through their live chat service or their email address. Their live chat service is available 24/7, however, availability depends on the number of active agents and your query. If you prefer emails, you can send them an email at for sales-related queries. They usually get back to you within 2 working days.


  1. Marcus Henry Neal

    This company is a joke – they don’t answer phones, do not answer emails and fail to collect. I ordered items through debenhams on line who are equally poor at responding to anything. i am stuck with £250 of goods I am unable to return. Beware of this company and Debenhams online and Living at Home

  2. John winfield Huckings

    THIS COMPANY ARE A JOKE! So far been notified 3 times that have parcel “we”ve got it” but after 3 weeks still hasnt been delivered. Advice any person using this company should think again.

  3. Marian Lupascu

    A £200 sofa that i never received. No way of getting in touch with these fuckers. No valid telephone number, the email address is invalid and on the live chat there is no one. And the app does not work either. On the app it shows that they tried to deliver it but was no one at home. However, they attached a photo of a different address.

  4. Sue Steele

    XDP what a total waste of time been waiting for my parcel and every time they apparently try to make a delivery something stop them…….. both numbers are non existent needs shutting down crap service well not even a service

  5. Mandy

    Be should have been delivered yesterday, hot a text saying I was next drop at 10.30 am, 6 pm still not arrived, no explanation. Today they are queering my address, it’s so simple with sat nav, straight to my door, no one came anywhere near me yesterday, they are a disgrace, make out the customer is in the wrong, not them. Will not ever recommend this company.

  6. Ali Webber

    Absolute disgrace. Xpd will make online retailers lose customers.
    Delivery today van pulled up just alongside our drive took a photo and drove off.
    No answer on phone call ,emails and live chat is dead.
    Then had cheek to claim delivery attempted. Obviously didn’t like the rain suggest he changes career path.
    Retailers beware off this company they will reflect bad on your business and cost you customers.

    • Susan Harr

      I’ve had similar experience. A ‘delivery attempted’ notification, but a photo showing a house that is NOT mine. Now attempted to ‘track my package’, but got nowhere as the site simply goes round in circles. Have you a phone number for them?? I know you said it was not working, but worth a try. Live chat is a bot.

  7. Alex Buchan

    Rcvd email yesterday 15/11/23 @ 17:37 saying Driver is on his way …

    then 2nd email @ 17:41 informing me that ‘A Delivery Has Been Attempted’

    this is an absolute fiction! NO DELIVERY HAD BEEN ATTEMPTED! – your website doesn’ let me reply either!

    I will be here all day today waiting on this

  8. Ms Pamela W Copas

    Waiting for delivery of a chair from Wayfair. Should have been delivered yesterday. Cannot get any information from anywhere. According to the map on xdp, the item was shown to be nearby with driver Sebastian but no delivery. I am still waiting. Where is my order?

    • Susan Ivy Harr

      Similar experience. This is obviously a very, very dogy company. My order was said to have been attempted yesterday, but a photo of two houses, neither of which was mine. No luck with so called ‘live chat’, as i was asked “what language are you coding in?” – Forsooth!!!

  9. Lyubomir

    Ordered a bed from eBay, it was marked as “delivered” without a notification and left at the front of a 4 floor building and obviously it wasn’t there when I checked.

    I order so it is delivered to me personally not a building or a street.

    Been trying to get eBay to resolve this but they need some non-delivery document from XDP, and XDP have not replied to me via email, chat or

    Next steps are small claims court.

    • Susan Harr

      similar experience. A lesson learned – use a reputable carrier. I find Royal Mail is really good, as is Amazon and one or two others. I wouldn’t have picked this company, XDP but the firm from which I ordered my table selected it.

  10. Emma

    Half a bed delivered. When I asked the delivery person where they other box was he said maybe it would come by the end of the week.
    No contact number, no chat available, no response to emails. Absolutely dreadful.

    • Christine Murray

      I am trying to get a hold of someone from xdp to get you to return the bed your supposed to be delivering to me I don’t want it now I will get a refund instead I think its a joke you can’t get a hold of anyone way past the estimated date not many updates on delivery no thank you take it back nothing in sight don’t know when it will come but definitely don’t want it emailed the company I bought it from too

  11. Sally Mckenna

    Expected delivery sofa bed tomorrow 16th June.
    Looks as though tried to deliver today.
    Unfortunately I was out of range with phone and expected tomorrow, will it be delivered as expected

  12. Wendy Hill

    Ordered a tv unit/built in fire from wayfair. I stayed in last night but it never arrived? I tracked the driver who was in the next street too ! Got an email to sign to receive a barcode. After that I couldn’t track my parcel anymore and it showed a picture of somebody else home. I live in s flat so it’s not mine ??? Now it is stating my parcel is at the depot. 4 emails nothing no reply and the phone is just ringing. I am furious at the lack of customer service and I shall never order from wayfair again !

  13. kuldeep Nirmaan

    i have ordered bed from groupon, but it must deliver by you . i had been waiting all the day . but. the delivery did not come and status shows delivery fail

  14. Chad Feldwick

    I have been waiting for a £2500 delivery for 15 days. You have established 3 separate tracking numbers. You have not delivered the previous 2 consignments and the 3rd replacement has been at you delivery depot for 3 days. The items from Abacus bathrooms were picked up by you from Harrogate, 2 hours from our address. This is the worst courier I have ever come into contact with. Neither Rubberduck bathrooms or Abacus who supply them are able to get any guaranteed information from XDP.

  15. shanice

    i have been indoors awaiting a large delivery all day and no one has knocked and now i have missed my delivery. i am bot happt about this already had to wait 2 weeks for the bed to even be dispatched.

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