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Think Money Live Chat

Think Money doesn’t have any Live Chat Facility; however it does have a Live Call Service which is Open for the Following Hours:

08:00 am – 08:00 pm – Monday to Thursday
08:00 am – 06:30 pm – Fridays
08:00 am – 04:30 pm – Saturdays
Unavailable on Sundays and other bank holidays

About Think Money Live Call Service

Financial services are the most critical components of the current economic dispensations in every country of the world. And banks whether public or private are there to serve the respective publics vis-à-vis financial services.

Think Money is one such fintech entity that is serving the UK population and is headquartered in Manchester, UK. The bank offers a range of banking and financial services like current accounts, credit cards, loans, and insurance. In addition to traditional banking services, the bank has kept an impressive innovative spirit and now it also offers internet banking and mobile banking. Especially its budgeting service under which a customer’s money can be splited into two accounts – one for spending and other for bills – is simply amazing.

Think Money Live Chat

Also, the banking entity has a helpful and supportive customer support team for the guidance of its customers. Whether you are living inside the UK or any other country of the world but if you are one of its customers then you can catch up with the bank’s support team via its live call service.

How to Contact Think Money Live Call Service

You can call Think Money’s customer team by clicking the ‘contact us’ tab present at the bottom of the homepage. Once you click the ‘contact us’ tab then you will be redirected to another webpage having their phone numbers.

You will find two separate phone numbers on the contact page of Think Money – one for new customers and other for existing customers. For initiating the live call service, you have to dial the given phone number of your desired choosing. After dialing, you will be immediately connected with a customer service representative who will ask you some questions for establishing your identity as the bank’s consumer. Once your identity is established then you can go ahead with your query.

For accessing Think Money Live Call Service click on the following link.

Think Money Live Chat


  1. alexandra

    Hi there From the Bill’s they Took my 40£ And I’m not happy with that Can you please send me back my 40£ in to my account its happened 14 April

  2. alexandra

    hi my name is alexandra madarova I’ve got bank card From think money But I put in my bank card 5£ And it’s went to my bills I went to Transfer back to move back to my card but its not working and I’m not happy with that I want you to cancell The Bills

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