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Think Money Live Chat

Think Money Customer Service is open for the following hours:

08:00 am – 06:00 pm – Monday to Friday
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Think Money Live Chat

How to Contact Think Money Call Center?

You can call Think Money’s customer team by clicking the ‘contact us’ tab present at the bottom of the homepage. Once you click the ‘contact us’ tab then you will be redirected to another webpage having their phone numbers.

You can email them at: – Emails get a reply within 48 hours.

To contact them via phone, you can use the numbers below:

If you’re a new customer, dial: 0161 672 8910

If you’re already a customer, dial: 0161 779 5000

For accessing Think Money live chat click on the following link.

Think Money Live Chat


  1. Norris Murdock

    I have been trying to activate my new card since the 6th November to no success as the new app would not recognise my old passcode. I have tried right up to the 16th November when the new app was supposed to be live and still no luck. I have tried calling the helpline and have not been able to get through. I now cannot access my account (old or new). I have had to take the day off work today in attempt to contact a human who will speak to me. I have currently been waiting on my mobile for over two hours. I need to get this sorted as many of my current payments are linked to my debit card and not to mention I am unable to buy food etc.

    • Kenneth Woods

      We obviously have all been robbed 😡😡haven’t got a answer for over a week I’ve been calling think money.. worst bank ever 😡😡

  2. Celia Cusack

    I am trying to open a link for you’re new app and it won’t open. I have a current card which does not exp until 2026. I’ve phoned but can’t wait for hours can you please call me today as I need to shop. My original phone no xXxX 884 but want new app on my new phone HELP

  3. Mrs L Coleman

    Please HELP, for 4 days I have been trying to phone thinkmoney!!!

    Have my new card – have downloaded the new app as requested to do so – new app has my OLD mobile number on it – DESPITE MY NEW NUMBER HAVING BEEN IN THE CURRENT APP FOR MONTHS NOW- I cannot activate my new card in the new app – as it has my old mobile number !

    Please advise as this friday 17/11/23 our old cards stop working.

  4. Francesca Westhead

    I get paid on 24 november can i get paid on my old card still please and how do i do my new thinkmoney card i dont have the old thinkmoney app

  5. Clive mills

    Since my phone was lost NYD I’ve not been able to access my account online
    Now I’ve found that on the 11th when my normal universal credit was credited and at 8am at the post office it about £240 has gone?????
    I can’t use the banking app as done it too old

  6. Marie Taylor

    Hi Money has been taken out of my account into my bills account can u please transfer it back as its not mine to be put into the bills account £41 is in the bills account and I want it back into my card account

  7. Raymond Steven calmus

    Why isn’t there a 24hr customer services number available so when u are doing maintenance work on the think money app which has been unavailable since early this morning customers can get help with their balances /transfers etc.

  8. Mary alarape

    Hello can you pls blocked all the money taking out for my account from this company, and the other games company who takes out £8 every week. Thanks

  9. alexandra

    Hi there From the Bill’s they Took my 40£ And I’m not happy with that Can you please send me back my 40£ in to my account its happened 14 April

  10. susan ann hayes

    I have paid for an item through online banking for £1240.00. The recipient is saying it has not been received although it has left my account? I a, trying to check whats happening and if its been paid or not? i have been trying to call for over 30 mins

    susie 074xxxx5812 account number 23xxx448

  11. alexandra

    hi my name is alexandra madarova I’ve got bank card From think money But I put in my bank card 5£ And it’s went to my bills I went to Transfer back to move back to my card but its not working and I’m not happy with that I want you to cancell The Bills

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