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Talk Talk Live Chat

The Talk Talk Live Chat Service is Open For The Following Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9 am – 9 pm
Saturday: 9 am – 7 pm
Sunday: 9 am – 6 pm

Talk Talk Live Chat

The team of customer service agents at Talk Talk Live Chat are on available to answer your queries or concerns.  There is little or no waiting time when using a free web chat service, and the team can answer the same questions you would ask in a call centre.  Including, discussing your account or payments, technical issues with your phone or broadband service, and new accounts.  The live chat can be found towards the bottom of the screen on the right-hand side. Once you click it you will be taken to the next available agent who will be able to answer your questions.

To access the free Talk Talk live chat service click on the link below

Talk Talk live chat


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  1. Archie Young

    Talk talk have the absolute worst customer service in the country. Been trying for a whole week to contact them in relation to my bill. Have cancelled my contract. They are the last company I would recommend to family and friends. Virgin media are far superior.

  2. Sammy Gould

    Talk talk is the worst company I’ve ever come across. Customer service is appalling, internet is sh#te. Paying for internet that i barely even get. I work from home and when the internet goes down, you get zero compensation. You call them and they say ‘sorry we don’t offer that’ what a joke !! You dont actually offer anything, apart from hours on the phone and when you eventually get through, the staff cant find your account and tell you to log in to your account and change your personal details. Well im sorry if your staff dont understand the basics ‘B for Bravo’ !!! May as well speak to a 5 year old. USELESS!

  3. Stuart Davies

    Sick and tired of the my internet connection failing, had enough of this s***e provider. Can’t wait for contract to finish to move to someone decent.

  4. Lynn Farrow

    I received an email saying by I get a reward for being a loyal subscriber saying as a talk talk customer I have five minutes to claim a prize all expensive prizes asking me 3 questions about talk talk I’ve got the same message again today is this a scam

  5. margurete hollis

    I have been trying for 4 days to report a fault on my line I am an 83 year old with life threatening illnesses yet they are unwilling to help or send an engineer as I cannot remember my old phone number will not be renewing my contract and would never recommend this company

  6. Mike Spence

    To anybody wanting to get any sense out of TalkTalk abandon all hope.
    My wife has been trying to cancel her 100 year old mothers account for 3 days now,it’s just like groundhog days.

  7. robert nolan

    i have had trouble getting through to anybody at talktalk because i am leaving on 19/3/2021 so i can tell them i have canceled my direct debit but i cant get intouch i would not RECCOMEND TALKTALK to anybody not even my worst enemy.

  8. Valeriya Georgieva

    Extremely unloyal company! I been charged for 2 months, after I left the property and let you know about that in advance. Your last step suppose to be a final letter, confirming sending you back the device required.

  9. Antony John Woodhams

    You are meant to be forwarding me details on my right to close my tiscali account.Please do this ASAP as it is now two days.

  10. Dale Charles Knell

    Once again internet has failed, the telephone and TV have problems. This is becoming monthly. Thinking of going to Sky.

  11. Mario Diclaudio

    July bill received – no compensation, discount for NO INTERNET SERVICE FROM YOU in JUNE and numerous telephone calls and computer checked by outside company as Talk Talk said our computer at fault.

  12. Peter Mehaffey

    i keep getting phone calls saying my internet will go off in 24 hrs and then press 1 to speak to an engineer. Is this call genuine

    • W.winwright

      I have spent days trying to contact you ref my account, I find it Totaly impossible to reach anybody on this matter. I would li!e one of your staff to contact me you have my telephone so please call me !!!

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