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Royal Bank Of Scotland Live Chat | Customer Service

Royal Bank Of Scotland Live Chat is available for the following hours:

Monday to Friday 8am-8pm (except Bank Holidays) and 9am-5pm on Saturdays.

Royal Bank of Scotland Live Chat

The Royal Bank of Scotland live chat service is free for all of its customers. This allows you to discuss most queries online instead of using a telephone or sending emails. Including,

getting Real-time balances and up-to-the-minute statements, Mobile app and digital banking queries, Instant transfers between your Royal Bank of Scotland accounts, paying bills and making payments, Managing Direct Debits and standing orders; and Arranging free financial reviews with your Premier Banking Manager.

You will need to be an RBS customer to use this service, as you will need to log on prior to launching the web chat. When you open the page, click on the “help button” on the right side of the page at the bottom to initiate a chat.

To Access the free Royal Bank of Scotland Live Chat click on the link below 

Royal Bank Of Scotland live chat

How To Contact Royal bank of Scotland Customer Service?

You can contact the Royal Bank of Scotland Customer service team via live chat, phone, and email. The phone and live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Email requests can take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled.

How do I speak to someone at RBS?

Royal bank of Scotland live chat is a service that allows you to connect to customer service agents online. The service is available to all UK users and is available from Monday to Friday 8am-8pm and 9am-5pm on Saturdays. Follow the instructions provided on this page to connect to RBS chat


  1. Robert Bamford

    Kilsyth Royal bank of Scotland, banch closed, but ATM, left up and running, , for some time now the ATM has been down, out of order, not working. when can we see issues resolved, and ATM, being able to be used .

  2. Robert Bamford

    The Royal Bank of Scotland (Kilsyth,top of main street) is out of order, and has been, for too long. this ATM, is required, by many, as branch closed, but ATM, left up and running. can anyone say when issues will be resolved, fixed, sorted out, and ATM, can be re-used thank you

  3. Mary Steele

    I put my card in the cash machine this morning and it snatched my card and immediately shut down,

    I immediately called 03457242424 and the operator cancelled my card but said I had to go to either Meadow hall Sheffield, Rotherham or Sheffield Town Centre to get a new card. I am 82 years old and had a cataract operation yesterday so am not in any fit state to travel around. Could you send me a replacement card by post please.

  4. Brian Leighton

    My RBS mobile banking app on phone no 07954196108 has changed from biometrics to codes which I confess I have forgotten my account no is00191511 and the sort code is83 16 15. I need help to revert to biometric log in thanks
    Aye Brian

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