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Premier Inn Email Address

Premier Inn email addresses can be used for making a complaint or sending feedback. emailing Premier Inn uk

Use the email address below:

They will try to get back to you within 2 working days, however, depending on the case and their availability, it might take up to 7 days.

If you need urgent help with your policy or your claims, you can use Premier Inn Live Chat instead.

  1. Use a Clear Subject Line: Make sure the subject line of your email gives a concise summary of your complaint. For example, “Issue with Order #12345” or “Concern about Product Quality.”
  2. Be Polite and Professional: Even if you’re frustrated, it’s essential to remain calm and courteous. Avoid using aggressive or accusatory language.
  3. State the Facts: Clearly and concisely explain the issue. Include relevant details such as dates, times, order numbers, or any other pertinent information.
  4. Be Specific: Clearly state what you’re unhappy about. Instead of saying, “Your service was terrible,” you might say, “I waited for over 45 minutes on hold without getting a response.”
  5. Include Evidence: If possible, attach photos, screenshots, or any other evidence that can support your claim.
  6. State What You Want: Be clear about the resolution you’re seeking. Whether it’s a refund, replacement, apology, or some other action, specify your desired outcome.
  7. Include Your Contact Information: Make sure the company can reach you if they need further information or want to discuss a resolution. Provide your phone number or an alternative email address if necessary.


  1. Tim Radcliffe

    With the current situation of an extreme rise in bed bugs in Europe and the UK, how is Premier Inn dealing with this issue. Am looking at using Premier Inn to stay in Manchester, Chester, Earls Court and Canterbury. We have previously used Premier Inn at Earls Court and Exeter St Davids, and have always enjoyed our stay.
    We will be coming from New Zealand in May 2024.

  2. John Kenneth Wilson

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    The attached email was sent to Putney Bridge Premier Inn on 6th July and so far I have not received any acknowledgement or refund. As a regular user of Premier Inns I look forward to your help in this matter.
    Thanking you in anticipation
    Yours faithfully
    John K Wilson

    From: Ken Wilson
    Sent: 06 July 2023 10:59
    To: lo******************m
    Subject: Charged Twice for drinks

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Stayed with you at Putney Bridge last week in room 115 and had an enjoyable stay with all staff being extremely helpful and welcoming. On Thursday evening we had a drink in the bar/restaurant and having checked my bank statement I find that I had been charged twice. The time of this transaction would be between 8 and 9pm or there about’s for the sum of £9.13. This was taken from a Virgin Money Mastercard with last four digits 9758.
    I look forward to you help in this matter
    Thanking you in anticipation
    Yours faithfully
    Ken Wilson
    John K Wilson

    Sent from my iPhone

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