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Pokerstars Live Chat

Pokerstars Live Chat Is Open For The Following Hours:

24 hours a day – 7 days a week


PokerStars Live chat is a feature offers by the company in its website’s help page for instant contact. This feature helps to resolve queries of the users and providing them necessary help. PokerStars is an online platform available for poker card-room. It is accessible for users on different operating system like windows, Android, Mac and IOS. The application on any of the OS can be downloaded and then play a series of poker games. It is one of the largest real money online based platform for poker globally and covers more than two-thirds of the whole poker market online. The live chat feature is a great way to get information from the members of qualified support team. The team is quick and responsive while communication.

The live chat option is available when you are logged in to the platform on one of the operating system such as website, desktop or mobile. Go to accounts and then help page. You will have to select a topic you want to talk about, and an adviser of the support team will start a chat with you.

To access the PokerStars Live chat you can click on the image below

PokerStars live chat

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    Hi, yesterday I have made 3 deposits. Two of them came on my account but third one still didnt come. On my bank account I can see 3 deposits. My guestion is can you chack what is the problem with my last deposit. Last deposit was on 240pln it is about 55$

  2. Nicolae

    Hi I play a lot of money and after your site taken money is close my account what is this in my account on this moment is a lot of money and I can’t take out or play what is this

  3. Alvin kallee

    Hi I just joined poker stars and I made a deposit of 10 however they took it twice on my bank account.

    I’ve been trying to count their support team since then but apparently their chat service is not available so I sent an email which I got a reply saying this service is longer available.

    I found this really weird.

    I want to get in touch with their support or anyone there who can help.

    • Richard Waterman

      Hi I’m just wondering if I can find out if my ex-girlfriend has one money on your site by signing me up by using my card details my email address

  4. Georgi

    My account is revoked please help me fix this issue and play on the tables again …………………its been days nobody is answering my emails ……………….

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