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Paddy Power Live Chat Service is available for the following hours:

24 hours a day – 7 days a week

Paddy Power Live Chat

The friendly fellows at Paddy Power Live Chat are waiting to help you with any problem that you need sorting out. Including, payments and banking queries, depositing and withdrawing funds. Registration and access issues and free bets and promotions. To launch this free web chat facility, tab down to the bottom right hand corner of the page and select the category that applies to you. You can then click the ‘Message us’ button and you will then be taken to the next available customer service agent.

To access the Free Paddy Power Live Chat Service click on the image below

Paddy Power live chat

How To Contact Paddy Power Customer Service?

You can contact the Paddy Power Customer service team via live chat, phone, and email. The phone and live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Email requests can take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled.

You can text PaddyPower for bets at: 51465


  1. Alexander Hardingham

    cannot place anymore bets as peer-to-peer not taking bets from tsb bank card which handed unblocked. therefore if this is not sorted i will have t o leave peer-to-peer unfortunately.

  2. Chris Chilton

    Why is it I only got paid 9/1 on ‘ Best Odds ‘ when I placed a £2.50 win at Newbury in the 13:40 on Saturday 2nd December 2023 – winning £25.00 – when with ‘ Best Odds ‘ I should have won £72.50 as the winner came in at 28/1 ??
    Surely as a very loyal and long-term customer of Paddy Power for so many years – you can help a pensioner out when’s he lucky enough to win at 28/1 and ‘ honour ‘ you Best Odds offer ?
    Please would you help me, especially at an age of 73 and a pensioner going through a tough time..
    Hope you’ll find it in you – to honour your offer – dosen’t happen to me much – normally just a £5.00 or £2.50 win better.
    Many thanks in anticipation.
    Chris Chilton

  3. S.Harrison

    Why did Paddy Power void the Aussie Open mixed doubles between N.Skupski & D.Krawczyk / J.Peers & Storm Sanders on the 20th.Jan. Replaced it with same players, except ,changed Storm Sanders to Storm Hunter ( now her married surname ) . The entries for Tournament show Storm Hunter , why did Paddy Power not use the name on the entries list ???? Trying to cheat punters out of legitimate winnings .

  4. Eugene Heavey

    Why does your belligerent representative in the Dublin Office blatantly refuses to accept the official result of the 12-40 race at Pau last Saturday in spite of having the outcome of the race posted on the monitor of the Limerick Roxboro Branch whose autonomy is stiffed by central control that is totally unreliable.
    Thankfully, there are more competent bookmakers.

  5. Eugene Heavey

    Consistent incorrect payouts at your Roxboro Office in Limerick City.There is always an issue with a winning bet which is so frustrating especially as I have been patronizing this establishment for many years. Incidentally,there is never a problem with losing dockets ONLY winning ones!11

  6. Eugene Heavey

    Could you please resolve my r/f/c bet at your Roxboro Office in Limerick and talk to Sarah who will explain the inexplicable behavior of your representative in the Dublin Office who blatantly refuses to accept the result on my laptop and her monitor in Roxboro office.and reuses to pay the bet!!! How ridiculous is this?

  7. Eugene Heavey

    Having regular problems with my bets at your Roxboro branch in Limerick City.As a very long patron of this particular office to find my bets are always less than the actual return is extremely frustrating.Today I Had a reverse forecast on the 12-40 at Pau on Saturday with a 50 c trixie. Paid out on the trixie with a rule 4 but said there was nothing on the r/fc.The bet was on 2 and 3 which was the actual result,displayed on the monitor, but your representative in your Dublin office disagreed.Having waited for over thirty minutes at the have this resolved decided to report this shameless behavior to your department.Phone Roxboro asap and correct this ridiculous debacle.The persons to speak to are. Sarah or Michel.Your representative said that the result on his screen was at variance with the result on both my computer and the monitor in the Roxboro Branch..

  8. David smith

    I placed a 6 team accumulator the one team that let me down were 2-0 up I thought you settled bets when the team went 2goals up if this is not the case I will place future bets with bet365

    Please advise

  9. graham taylor

    on your home page there is a free bet builder for tonights football, however this is not showing on my home page.
    i’m using a pc but my friend is using his phone which is how i know.
    is there a problem with your site or is it only for phone users?

  10. David Wilson

    Why will paddy power not pay out on 4th place in English derby when they advertised it on the day of the race

  11. Cassie fletcher

    Paddy power how come same names win constantly every night it’s not fare on us who play and never get close but these constant same winners are winning every game it needs sorting seems like it’s just a fix and needs checking out I can name who’s gonna win every night

    • Cassie fletcher

      Paddy power how come same names win constantly every night it’s not fare on us who play and never get close but these constant same winners are winning every game it needs sorting seems like it’s just a fix and needs checking out I can name who’s gonna win every night

  12. Richard Hunter

    Hi, Paddy power will not allow me to withdraw my winnings from my account. I use two accounts one I use only for betting on the Presidential election and the other for mainly Football betting. Your message says that I have lost 2.563.07 net, now that account CARD I lost two months ago, so I applied for a new card and it is this new card that Paddy Power will not allow me to withdraw into. Can you sort this out if not can you give me the contact no for the Gambling commission. thank you.

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