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Openreach Live Chat

BT Openreach doesn’t have a live chat feature but it does have a live call service which is Open for the Following Hours:

24 hours a day – Seven days a week

BT Openreach Live Chat

Besides the company’s amazing telecommunication services, it has also an amazing live call service feature on its website. This live call service enables the customers to contact the customer support team of the company and they will clarify and resolve any of your queries.

How to Contact BT Openreach Live Call Service

You can contact BT Openreach’s customer team by clicking the ‘contact us’ tab present at the bottom of the homepage. Once you click the ‘contact us’ tab then you will land on a new webpage where you will find different categories like fibre checker, unsafe or damaged, etc.

For initiating the live call, you have to click the desired category and the respective phone number will show up. Now dial the given phone number and you will be immediately connected with a customer service representative of the company.

For accessing BT Openreach Live Call Service click on the following link

Openreach Live Chat

Openreach Contact Number: 0800 023 2023



    this indian or paki ingineer was extremely rude and aggresive … i have no choice but to give a false name and email as i am a weak and elderly person and worry . may the lord forgive,the open reach engineer spoke to me with such aggrevisness and rudeness unbelievable. the worse thing that hurts is i my self was an openreach engineer long long time ago… all i have is the registration number of his vehicle …LB67 EUP , THE ENGLISH ENGINEERS DID NOT BOTHER ME, but this indian or paki engineer started interigating me over a simple issue that does not warrent such action. and i am a collegue of theirs…. long long time ago. an old timer as you call it.i pulled in to an open bt car park as car was giving trouble.. and called the breakdown to come. HE MADE SUCH A BIG DEAL OF IT……

  2. Angelo Martinoli

    Recently i have had the cellar in my restaurant flooded again, by a leak from an old style foot way cover made of cast iron & concrete on the pavement outside Casalingo Restaurant at 29 Preston Street, Brighton, B*****P, East Sussex. This keeps happening and I would like to have this problem solved once and for all. I would like something done before all the rain of the Autumn.
    On the cover there is this writing: Post office Telegraphs
    You can contact me on 07*******52 or by email: mar**********d****com

  3. jacqueline scott

    Where is my WiFi box? I’m sat here with no Internet. Now I’m going to find a new provider since there’s no way of contacting you to speak to anybody. What a total waste of time.

  4. Susan MANNING

    How can I get an engineer to me my phone box on the outside of my house as its in the way as ime having building work.g

  5. Susan MANNING

    How can I get an engineer to move my phone box on outside of my house as its in the way as ime having building work.

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