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Octopus Energy Live Chat

Octopus Energy does not have any live chat feature, but you can contact them online by sending an email to Alternatively, you can contact them by calling them at 0808 164 1088. If you’re hard of hearing, you can use the free BSL service at the end of this article.

09:00 AM to 05:00 PM — Monday to Thursday
09:00 AM to 04:00 PM – Fridays
Unavailable on weekends and other closed holidays


Octopus Energy Live Chat

Besides its energy products and related services, Octopus Energy has also an amazing live call facility on its website. This live call service enables the customers to contact the helpful and supportive team of the energy company for resolving their queries instantly. 

How to Contact Octopus Energy Live Call Service

You can contact Octopus Energy customer service by visiting the contact page of the website. Once you land on the contact webpage, you will find several contact options including their phone number i.e., 0808 164 1088.

For accessing Octopus Energy custoer service, click on the following link.

octopus energy live chat

For Deaf and Hard of Hearing Customers:

Use this link to connect to a BSL interpreter via live video chat. This service is available for free from 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4pm on Fridays, unavailable on weekends.


  1. Jo

    When I try to register for an account, using my normal email address, I get this message:
    “Oops! Some of the data you submitted was invalid. Please correct the error below and resubmit.”
    A very crap first impression Octopus.
    I mean seriously, if you can’t get it right before a potential customer has even signed up, how well do we think you’re going to treat us once you’re taking money from us?
    on to the next energy supplier. Another crap one off the list.

  2. Isabel Perdigao

    I’m not happy, with bulb I had a free customer service to talk to for any issues but octopus took over and now there’s just a paying contract.
    I’m very, very upset.

  3. Robinpreet kaur

    Hi, you send me bill from 29th October to 2 November is £16.96 and i received letter from previous supplier and then they send from 22nd October to 11th November £15.42 . I am very confused I don’t know which is my bill.

  4. Robert

    Why have you adjusted my monthly payment downwards – was paying £110 a month but you only took £93 in October. I have tried to change the payment back to £110 but now it has gone up to £160 and will not let me change it online. This is unacceptable please change back to £110 a month and leave it there.

  5. Amanda E V Bradburn

    I have been registering my interest as I want a smart meter for few months never had no reply.
    That’s not good customer service when people are struggling to stay warm an is on blood thinning medication


    Hello, I want to switch to octopus, I’m already taken the step because I just moved to the apartment and the agency told me I can change from the one there is I want. My question is that will I be entitled to the government energy support if I change? Hope it won’t affect that?

    • Shirley bell Bell

      Hi my name Shirley bell I wood like to no if I can change my gas and lecky over as I lived with my husband peter bell but he as moved out and left det but I don’t what to stay whith this company

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