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Music Magpie Live Chat

Music Magpie Live Chat Is Open For The Following Hours:

Monday – Friday: 09:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday: 09:00 am – 5:00 pm

Music Magpie Live Chat

Music Magpie live chat is available for all online customers. It is one of the world’s biggest re-sellers of physical media such as games, books, technology, and Phones. They provide great customer service for their users via Live Chat on their website. The service has a friendly and qualified team of operators to help the users resolve any questions they have about buying or selling goods. They also provide information about how to best sell your products, payment queries, deliveries, and special offers. In fact, this completely free live chat service can do everything you would normally do via a paid telephone call.

The Music Magpie web Chat option can be found on the extreme right-hand side of the page in the middle. Click on the yellow Chat button and you will be directed to have an instant conversation with one of the members of the customer support team.

To access the Music Magpie Live chat you can click on the image below

Music Magpie live chat

** The live chat button will appear at the bottom right side of the screen.

Music Magpie Customer Service

You can contact the Music Magpie Customer service team via live chat, phone, and email. The phone and live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Email requests can take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled. Prefer emails? Send an email to Music Magpie Email Address


  1. shane

    i have a barcode scanner to sell dvds to you, it works on various other sites and internet engines but wont work on magpie, it scans barcode fine but just reverts to home screen and removes barcode, i have 1500 to go through for charity, if i type barcode in it works just not with scanner please help

  2. Marion Harding

    Hello I have a problem with my refurbished I phone 8 that I bought from you in March. This phone heats up when I recharge it leaving a note when it gets too hot. Can you explain the reason for this.Order number R0*****6.

  3. Paul Haskey

    Completely useless customer service facility. Impossible to get in touch with you. 1 to 1 chat set up had me talking to people about unrelated issues till I gave up. I will try and sell my phones elsewhere. I’ve already wasted too much time trying to sell through you

  4. Jake

    Poor tryed ordering a phone took 2 lots of money from my account but yet didn’t confirm the order. Still waiting for my money back 7 days later.

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