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Ladbrokes Live Chat is available for the following hours:

24 hours a day – 7 days a week

Ladbrokes Live Chat

The Ladbrokes Live chat support team is committed to providing their players the most efficient and professional service around the clock. The Free web chat allows you to ask any query or question. Including, Login or registration problems, and questions about your account. offers and promotions, technical problems, your account and banking, and any query relating to any of the betting services that Ladbrokes offer. To access the free web chat, simply tab down to the bottom of the page on the right-hand side. There you will see to the green ‘chat to us button’ click it, and the chat will be launched. When you get to the page, select the category your query relates to and you will be directed to the first available advisor

To access the Free Ladbrokes Live Chat click on the image below

ladbrokes live chat

How To Contact Ladbrokes Customer Service?

You can contact the Ladbrokes Customer service team via live chat, phone, and email. The phone and live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Email requests can take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled.

Ladbrokes Contact Number (for UK customers): 0800 777 888

Ladbrokes Email Address:


  1. kevin eve

    why have they stopped the wow pot machines and not told any one. i have been playing them for nearly a year now and tried to open them up and cant find the games no more ..can you tell me why this is and also when playing on my phone at night when working the games always freeze when its close to a mini or major jackpot an hourly or daily jackpot payout

  2. John Dowling

    Hi I sincerely hope you can give me some information about facilities if any at the Curragh racecourse (R Ireland). I do all my betting at Ladbroke where I live in Londonderry N Ireland I have been betting since they bought over a local bookie ( W Duffy ) who had about 20 betting shops in the city . That must be 30+ years ago at least , I am 80 years old and my daughters have bought me a weekend for the Curragh racecourse on May 1st . I have never been there before and I was wondering if Ladbroke had any facilities at the racecourse . I have been loosing money for most of my life on horse racing and almost 50 of those years to Ladbroke, I find it passes time picking out losers getting dud tips and watching them fall or fail on the TV. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and would be grateful for a reply and a few tips, Ha Ha . I am so much looking forward to going on this weekend and if your company Ladbroke have facilities there great . I intend to try out the Jackpot etc whatever is available, It will be my last Hurrah as time is ticking in my life so I would love to have a memory of maybe coming out a winner which doesn’t happen too often . Thank you for taking time to read this ,and maybe your advice as to any facilities Ladbroke have at the racecourse. Wishing you a happy life , Healthy and Prosperous.

  3. Eionne Greenough

    Think ladbrokes really need to rename there Big wins & Instant spins- A £15 taxi voucher as top prize is not in my opinion a Big win, considering you need to gamble £100 to be entered- Mediocre wins & Instant spins would be more appropriate & honest !

  4. Bob Matthews

    I was cheated out of £3 today by the chap in Ladbrokes, Shaftesbury, Dorset. I know its only £3 but if they do that to everyone it can soon add up. I am not happy.

  5. james McNiven

    I asked about playing a UNION JACK ONLINE and for someone give the link to play it i cant find any reply THANK YOU.

  6. Dave Kelly

    This morning I had a message when accessing that there had been some suspicious activity on my account. There is only a small amount I’m in credit so nothing much to lose at the moment. Will you please clarify?

  7. Raymond Mitchell


    The Free Ladbrokes Live Chat link needs updating as you end up with the following:

    Sorry, the page you requested was not found.
    We might have moved the page or somebody produced an invalid link.

  8. Michael

    Two of my bets have won but are showing that I have lost and have not paid out. This appears to be a glitch. The bet receipts numbers are 0/167354871/0000661 (placed at 11.02 on 3rd Oct) and 0/167354871/0000662 (placed at 11.05 on 03rd Oct).

  9. Paul Jenkins

    I have 2 football bets that I can’t get paid out on because the original branch I placed them on as closed. After contacting customer care and sending copies of my slips they informed me that I had £19.00 coming back to me. I still have not been paid out as a different branch refuses to pay out as the slips are for the end of last season and were put on in a different branch. This as been going on since the 8th Sept and it is now the 30th, it is only £19.00 and Ladbrokes made millions in profit last year, not very happy with their service 👎👎

  10. John Cumming

    Put a Bet on with My Grid Card Yesterdaygot 2 Winners £27 to get back,,Shop assistant says I can’t pay u out as your account Blocked,,How can it be Blocked when I don’t even have one,,This is a joke tried Calling them there all shut help lines,,Tries Live chat no Response,,I’ve never had an account with Ladbroke and I’m a Pensioner and £27 not a Lot to some people it’s a lot to me,,Disgraceful way to Treat People..Mr Cumming…

  11. HELEN

    Leaving Comments will they get your Money you won owing to the mistake of Staff that needs Training properly and not blame Customers you Pay for their Service so they should do the Job their Paid to do.

  12. Theresa mcglen

    I have been in store today put my 49s on as I do everyday, and I have come home to find that cashier again give me the wrong date again I’m really sick and tired of it now this has happened a number of times. If my numbers come out at teatime tonight I will no longer been coming to any of the shops again .

  13. Andre Wilkins

    I won on Southall races March 2019
    Tiger Roll won plus a number of others
    I cant see the winnings (around £250) in my banks account and your live chat doesn’t work neither does your phone I’ve been trying for months can you please give me details of date and time and value that went into my bank and under which reference

  14. Mick Cotterell

    I placed a bet over 40 hours ago & is still not settled & I can’t get to speak to anyone about it & am so frustrated. M

  15. Martin Holloway

    I had bet on-hosea Burton 6 months ago bet never being settled.can I have money back please.also keep getting free spins but won’t go to slots

  16. Jennifer conlon

    Hi, every time I try to put my receipt code number into the grid it keeps coming up as bet receipt not recognized,my son who also has an account has the same problem….this is going on for weeks now……I already got onto live chat to be told use a different browser…still doesn’t work

  17. Sukhbinder Uppal

    Why have i been charged extra a.outs of money when i deposit money into the account. E.g £30 becomees £30.92 + extra 0.51pence this is day light robbery. Nothi g has been mention that you will be taking extra moey whats going on you have take a least £200
    I want compensation for this incorrect procedure without consultation. Its ridulous to get through to customer services it just might as well not be there. I will be refraining fron playing on your website in the future its daylight robbery!!!!!!!

    • Helen

      My Sister and I put 2 Bets with the same 3 Numbers but the Staff only put 3 Numbers on 1 of the Tickets the Slips we put in Definitely had 3 Numbers on both Slips we showed the Proof to the Staff but without successes we had never done 1 Number Draw and used the same Bookies in West Ealing for 3 Years so thought we could trust the Staff as they did know us but it shows Trust no one theseDays especially Ladbrokes.we were done out of £300 we are old aged aware everyone.

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