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Kent Police Live Chat

Kent Police Live Chat Is Open For The Following Hours:

24 hours a day – 7 days a week

Victims of crime can now report offenses via the Kent Police Live Chat feature on the force’s website. This service will let people report non-emergency crimes happening around them without calling on emergency numbers.
In an emergency case, directly call 999, such as when a crime is in progress, violence is being used or threatened or where there is a danger to life.

To connect to an agent, follow the link provided below and the Live Chat option will be found at the bottom right-hand side. Once you click on the “Live Chat” button, you will be connected to one of the operators. If no agents are available, the chat button will disappear.

kent live chat

To access the Kent Police Live chat you can click on the image below

Kent Police live chat


  1. John Boyman

    My elderly neighbours (100 and 102 years respectively ) have been harried for payment by two men for something the neighbours are not aware of. The neighbours did not pay anything and the men said they would be back this Thursday, however these men turned up today and again asked for payment of a bill. The neighbours told them they would not pay without a proper bill. The man became aggressive and one went up stairs on the excuse of needing the toilet but only looked around presumably to see if there was anything he could take. At this time the Sainsbury’s man arrived and the men left . My neighbours were shaken up but OK

    Has something similar happened in the area previously?

  2. Carmel Jane Bailie

    Hello how do I get a x boyfriend to leave my flat when he says he isn’t going. I am uncomfortable in my own home and scared to leave the property and go out with him still there

  3. Florence MESSETER

    I reported an incident on the 25th december after 12.30 am and was told to look at my emails or phone 101 once i received a message from the Police.
    My reference is 26 0044
    Look forward to hearing from you in early course.
    Many thanks.

  4. Paul pring

    Hi reference 11-0999 ive spoken to you before and was told to report it if it continues,I’ve spoke to the neighbour about the smell of dope just over a week ago and she went in and shut the windows,then Wednesday my wife spoke to her and she again shut the windows then the following night it was the same stinking the house out so in this heat we had to close all the windows and doors again tonight it was the same while we tried to have a bbq then they opened the window and it stunk she did shut the bedroom window and it cleared then they opened the small toilet window letting the sink blow right across to our garden,forcing us to go in and close up windows and doors again.tomorrow we have the grandchildren here and it’s not right that they have to smell it and I have to tell them to stay indoors. While it hot in the evening you need to have the bedroom windows open just to sleep. This is now beyond a joke and causing us stress

  5. Lin Kemp

    I have been conned, fraudulently, by a woman called Kirri Wilson, from Watford, via Marketplace. Stupid, I know, but I took her word, when she said she had transferred money to my account. I don’t have online banking, so I couldn’t check immediately, I look after my parents and was there at the time, I live in Ramsgate, so the item needed posting. It was £141.85, with postage. I have all her details, but she isn’t answering any of them. She obviously has no intentions of paying.

  6. Daljit Brinkley

    Hi reported a rta on 9th October about 11.00am, which involved myself and my 2 yr old granddaughter.However the police did not come out to the incident, at the time there were no injuries.
    My insurers are asking for a crime ref number which I was not given.
    Please could you provide this.

  7. Erik Gorol

    Hello I have moved from house where I used to live and I have applied for Learner Driving License but before it came I have left the house so I would like to report it to not let someone use it. Please contact me by email.

    Thank You

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