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Greater Manchester Police Live Chat

Greater Manchester Police Live Chat Is Open For The Following Hours:

8:00 am – 12:00 am – 7 days a week

Greater Manchester Police Live chat launched its new digital communication system to allow members of the public to report non-urgent crimes to the police, in a bid to help keep the City of Manchester safe.
The hope is to not only take pressure off the non-emergency 101 number, but to expand digital avenues for the public wanting to report non-urgent crime to the police.
In case of any emergency call 999.

The Live Chat option can be found halfway down the page on the bottom right-hand side. Once you click on the “Chat to us now” button, you will be connected to one of the operators.

To access the Greater Manchester Police Live chat you can click on the image below

Greater Manchester Police live chat


  1. Gamal Yousif

    hi, I’m a property manager, I found electric bicycle and ID , bank card , credit card in one of my houses. and I need to give it to the police.

    Contact number: 07476550455

  2. Nigel Morrell

    At about 16.15 10 motor bikes were terrorising a number of walkers including myself with my dog as they haired along the bridlepath at Woodtop heading towards School Lane where they turned left. The last bike got stuck in the tiger trap so I could see he had a blue helmet and his motor bike had a distinctive number 39 on the side panels of his bike

  3. Bushra

    Hi I will try many police station of Manchester but they don’t Good response i have domestic violence abuse victim case my husband not give my all original documents are there passport my id card NIN and also my study documents I humble request I need my documents he live in Manchester and I’m live in newmarket with sister i will try also newmarket police he said contact to Manchester police so I don’t understand where I will contact so help me Thank-you very much

  4. Sam Thomason

    Hi there,
    I am a Volunteer at a foodbank along with a few others.
    We have some work that we need to do and feel it would be beneficial if we weren’t restricted by work hours of the volunteers as we all have different work patterns and find it hard to do the things we need to during the day time. Would it be possible for us to do it as an overnight thing as charity events are excluded from local restrictions, there would be 5 people present , and we form a support bubble aswell.
    We will take as many precautions as possible , and we don’t see an issue as we all volunteer together so would be in the same space then anyway , and we aren’t meeting for social purposes, we are meeting to do charity work.
    Many Thanks

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