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Devon & Cornwall Police Live Chat

Devon & Cornwall Police Live Chat Is Open During These Hours:

8am – 4am – 7 days A Week

Devon & Cornwall Police Live Chat

Please note that his live chat is not to be used for emergencies, if you do have an emergency, please dial 999

The team of customer service agents at Devon & Cornwall Police Live Chat are able to help with any general enquiry. including, lost property,  noise issues you are having, lost and found animals, reporting a crime online and reporting a person as missing.  The free web chat icon can be found on the bottom right hand corner of the page.

To speak to an advisor at Devon & Cornwall Live Chat, please click on the image below 

Devon & Cornwall police live chat


  1. Anonymous

    Good evening. Two days ago one dog bite to death other puppy from same leasehold. Place take 2 days ago in the morning on McKay Avenue in Torquay TQ1 4FD. Owner of american bull terrier Marek Piewiszko live on flat number 55 or 57 take his dog and bite to death another dog on same leasehold from number 53 (owner Wiktoria Pacholska, 14 yo. At this moment we scared to go outside as this dog is to dangerous and owner (mr. Marek Piewiszko) had previous violence history recorded by Devon Cornwall Police. Please react before will be too late.

  2. Benita Payne

    Dear Sir / madam, I received a call reference a home visit regarding fraud from a male. PC Bowers kindly contacted me last night around 7pm, I requested the visit to take place today after 1 pm. Could you confirm I’ll be receiving a visit today please and if possible a rough estimate of time. Sorry to trouble you, thanks in advance. Mrs Benita Payne.

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